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Control accurate incremental voltage steps with a rotary encoder

Experimenting with an HF oscillator, I needed to control the varactor diode voltage in precise increments over a 2V-10V range. A buffered potentiometer was the obvious choice, and connecting two pots in series to give coarse/fine control (or using a multiturn pot) would offer improved control over the varactor voltage. However, this approach still didn't allow me to generate uniform increments and decrement ...

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New Berkeley Nucleonics’ Digital Delay Generator Provides 250 fs (Femtosecond) Incremental Time Control

San Rafael, CA (PRWEB) February 15, 2012 Berkeley Nucleonics' has just release a brand new Digital Delay Generator for 2012. The Model 745 is the latest version of BNC's DDG / Pulse Generator line. The latest Digital Delay Generator from Berkeley Nucleonics (San Rafael, CA) gives users the ability to step delays in tiny increments. (In a femtosecond light travels 0.0003 mm.) The Model 745 Digital ...

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