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An AVR Atmega based PID magnetic levitator

This is a magnetic levitator implemented using Atmega8 microcontroller. Magnetic levitation is a method by which an object is suspended with no support other than magnetic fields. To make a magnet levitate, an hall sensor is attached to a coil. The coil acts as an electromagnet, and the hall sensor measure the distance of the magnet from the coil. The coil it is driven by PWM impulses, the closer the magnet ...

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InLinea01: A PID controlled line following robot build on an ATmega 8

InLinea01 is a simple PID controlled line following robot. This is not speed oriented line follower, this is just a prototype I built to experiment with this type or machines, though it can be the first step to build a faster one. The goal of a line following robot is follow a line that is draw on the floor, usually this line is a black on white floor line, or a white on black one. A sensor is needed to det ...

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