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Control accurate incremental voltage steps with a rotary encoder

Experimenting with an HF oscillator, I needed to control the varactor diode voltage in precise increments over a 2V-10V range. A buffered potentiometer was the obvious choice, and connecting two pots in series to give coarse/fine control (or using a multiturn pot) would offer improved control over the varactor voltage. However, this approach still didn't allow me to generate uniform increments and decrement ...

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Voltage indicator transitions between colours

This Design Idea gives two versions of an indicator light that changes from green to red as a battery discharges. There are many circuits that do this sort of thing, but all the ones I have seen are too complex and costly for my taste. This DI shows a method that uses an absolute minimum of low cost parts: a dual-color LED and four other parts. Figure 1 shows the simplest version. With 9V on B+ only the gre ...

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50,000V High Voltage Power Supply

DISCLAIMER: This is an extremely dangerous project, and it should only be attempted by people with experience in electronics, and specifically, High Voltage. If it's your first time seek help for your own safety. Homemade High Voltage supplies are unlikely to meet any international standards, the safety and correct operation is NOT guaranteed at all, and will depend on the skill level of the builder, the ef ...

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TMH 0515 – when one voltage is equal to two

If you need an isolated power supply for some part of your device, Traco TMH series DC/DC converters will create this second voltage to you. Imagine, that in the whole device we only have 5 Volts but for one integrated we need a higher voltage. Or we even have a suitable voltage, but for a protection of input voltages, suppression of disturbances etc. we need an isolated power supply for a given part of our ...

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Generating High DC Output Voltage from Low Input Supply

Whether for driving white LED backlights or powering RF and analog circuits, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices often require voltages that are much higher than the input supply voltage. Consequently, step-up or boost DC/DC converters generate output voltages that are several times the input to serve a variety of circuits and functions in these systems. For instance, in battery powered systems, the i ...

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Convert any input voltage from 2.8V to 80V into a fixed output voltage or output current

Linear Technology Corporation announced the LT8705, a very high efficiency (up to 98%) synchronous buck-boost DC/DC controller that operates from input voltages above, below or equal to the regulated output voltage. This device has four feedback loops to regulate the input current/voltage, along with the output current/voltage. The input current and voltage feedback loops can prevent overloading of solar ce ...

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