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Microcontroller Based Electronic Voting Machine

Whenever we go to vote for elections we come to see electronic voting machines. In this project we are going to design and develop a simple voting machine by using ATmega32A microcontroller. Although we can use the controller to get more than 32 people voting machine, to keep everything simple we are going to make a voting machine for a size of four people.We will have four buttons for four people and whene ...

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RFID Based Voting Machine

We know in offices, shopping malls and in many other places where only the person with authorization card is allowed to enter the room. These systems use RFID communication system. RFID is used in shopping malls to stop theft as the products are tagged with RFID chip and when a person leaves the building with the RFID chip an alarm is raised automatically. The RFID tag is designed as small as part of sand. ...

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Voting Machine Using Atmel Mega32

Introduction Our project is an electronic voting system. The system allows for quick and accurate voting electronically. The system uses a client/server architecture, which allows voters to cast ballots on the client terminal. Each client interfaces with the server, which keeps track of the entire system. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Voting Machine Using Atmel Mega32[/caption] High Level ...

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