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Thin Film Circuit Maker Targets Hearing-Aid Market Needs

Wilmington, MA (PRWEB) September 21, 2011

Metrigraphics LLC is putting its thin film circuit technology to new uses as hearing aid manufacturers adjust to the demands for smaller hearing aid devices.

As the device size decreases, the traditional hearing aid flex circuit cant meet the tighter package design demands, company President Randolph Sablich said. But Metrigraphics thin film coating technology allows manufacturers to design a custom hearing aid circuit with micron-size traces and spaces.

Metrigraphics thin film capabilities include a variety of sputtered materials and polyimide films as dielectrics. The Massachusetts firms thin film circuits can be engineered in shapes to conform to many hearing aid designs, Sablich said.

The advantages of Metrigraphics micro flex technology provide many benefits to design engineers that enable them to better control both package size and electrical characteristics.

Wilmington-based Metrigraphics designs and manufactures micro flex circuits using a wide range of technologies, including thin film coating and precision electroforming. Besides electronic components like hearing aid circuits, Metrigraphics thin film circuits are used in an wide spectrum of medical devices and bio-medical/pharm applications.


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