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Slaveflash with Attiny24 ver. 2.0

You might have noticed the Slaveflash I built with an Attiny 24, the instructable can be found here: Slaveflash-trigger-for-digital-with-Attiny24   After building the first prototype I collected all my old flashes I got over the years and had four more slaveflash-triggers to built. I already figured out an PCB-Layout for the SOIC-version of the attiny 24. But the biggest parts in the design are actuall ...

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SD/SDHC Card Interfacing with ATmega8 /32 (FAT32 implementation)

Here is my project on interfacing of SD Card (microSD). microSD cards are available very cheap nowadays, a great option for having a huge memory in any embedded system project. It is compatible with SPI bus, so the interfacing is easy. SD card adapters are also easily available in market, one can easily make a bread-board adapter by soldering few pins on it. Following figures show the SD card pin-out & ...

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microSD FAT32 testing using Visual C++

This post presents a way for testing and learning the FAT32 system on microSD/ SDHC cards without building the hardware with microcontroller, thanks to Henry Yiu. This project uses the FAT32 library available in my previous post, but does away with the microcontroller part. So, you can use this code with a PC and USB card reader and get insight of the FAT32 data structure by accessing data from the card in ...

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microSD ATmega32 Data-Logger

Aim of this project is to present a way to store a large quantity of data into microSD card in files with FAT32 format. Here, ATmega32 is used for data collection and microSD interface. The data is received from in-build 8-channel ADC of ATmega32. One channel is used for reading temperature from LM35 sensor and remaining channels are used for simply reading voltages and storing them. This project can be use ...

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