List of Projects using Atmega Microcontroller with advance view:

  1. Basic Mobile Phone Using STM32F407 Discovery Kit and GSM A6 Module
    Have you ever wanted to create a cool embedded project?. If yes, how about building one of the most popular and everyone's favorite gadget i.e Mobile Phone!!!. In this Instructable, I will guide you on how to build a basic mobile phone using the STM32F407 Discovery…... Listed under:
  2. MicroPython Program: Is the Toilet Occupied?
    Our office is a large group office with limited bathroom space."I" often find that I have no room to go to the bathroom, so I have to wait so long that I feel embarrassed. The experiment used MakePython ESP8266 to set up a detection server…... Listed under:
  3. AVR Dual RGB Matrix Driver
    A friend of mine had a great idea for an awesome project. He wanted to create a pair of servo rigs that would mimic the movement of his hands using a leap motion. On top of the servos would sit some lasers so he could create some…... Listed under:
  4. WiFi RFID Reader
    The main idea was to read in 13.56 MHz RFID (tags / tokes / stickers / wristbands / cards) by a magic box and post the RFID UID to a local database by WiFi network. This instructable builds the base of the whole system -…... Listed under:
    The present PROJECT describes a design and implementation of an infrared (IR) remote controlled RoboCar which can be used for various automated unmanned control applications. I have designed remote controlled RoboCar(left-right/front-back motion). The entire system is based on microcontroller (Atmega32) that makes the control system…... Listed under:
  6. Using a Quadrature Encoder With an ATtiny 2313 and an OLED Display
    In this instructable you'll learn how to use a rotary encoder (see ) with a microcontroller and how to display the numeric value as a bar and a numeric value on an OLED display. See the video below for the project in action. The…... Listed under:
  7. 2cm Height 7 Segments 6 Digits AVR Clock With 4 Digits Thermometer
    This project is explaining how to create yourself a 6 digits 7 segments clock with AVR microcontroller Step 1: Prepare the Parts for This Project We need to prepare a parts for this project, 6x 7 Segments Common Anode 6x PNP transistors for driver, I…... Listed under:
  8. Temperature Control System Using Labview (Atmega32)
    This work describes a framework of ON/OFF, proportional and linear temperature control systems. The design and implementation of this process is done using LABVIEW, virtual workbench software. The project involves includes data acquisition, data processing and the display of data. At the initial stage Data…... Listed under:
  9. Firmware Upgrade for USBASP Clone – Fixing Error Setting USBASP ISP Clock
    USBASP is one of the most popular programmer for AVR Microcontroller by Thomas Fischl. It is one of the oldest programmer for AVR. And very common being used with AVRdude software. There are many GUI based on AVRDude, such as: embedXcodeAVR8 Burn-O-MatAVRDUDESSBitBurneravrdude-guikhazamaeXtreme Burnerand many more In this…... Listed under:
  10. Low Speed AVR Oscilloscope V2.00 (Is Updated on 19 Mar 2011)
    >> The firmware was updated on 19 Mar 2011 << A few months ago a friend of mine -car mechanical at profession- told me that he had problem with some car sensors. He couldn't check, with a simple multimeter, if a sensor was working properly.…... Listed under:
  11. Learn About Microcontrollers
    This Instructable was designed to answer the question: how do I get started in microcontrollers? Now, in clear, simple English, you can learn what a microcontroller is, and how to use one. You will learn how to make everything that you need to get started.…... Listed under:
  12. Homemade Battery Monitor Using AVR
    I want to share my experiment with voltage divider, ADC and AVRHomemade battery monitor using AVRIt's pretty simple the sensor are only two resistors and zener diode with capasitor, I don't buy them, I've found it in my box.We can use it for monitoring our…... Listed under:
  13. Measuring Tempurature Using Sensor(LM35) and Atmega32
    A digital thermometer is a good project in microcontrollers because it provides an opportunity to learn using sensors to measure the real world signals that are analog in nature. I am trying to describes a similar project based on a Atmega32 microcontroller and an LM35…... Listed under:
  14. Temperature Sensor(LM35 ) Interfacing With ATmega32 and LCD Display| Automatics Fan Control
    Step 1: In this project, You will learn How to interface a Temperature Sensor(LM35 ) with AVR ATmega32 Microcontroller and LCD display. Before This Project you have to need Learn about following articles how to add lcd library in avr studio| avr microcontroller tutorial introduction…... Listed under:
  15. Debugging AVR Code in Linux With Simavr
    I recently started programming AVR chips, namely the ATTiny85.  They can be programmed using C, compilers are readily available in Ubuntu, and you can do a LOT with them - just search for avr on this site!  Anyway, I was having some trouble with my…... Listed under:
  16. Interfacing PS2 Controller With AVR -Bit Bang
    Hey friends in this instructable I will show you how to interface sony PS2 controller with AVR microcontroller .This will be your handy code which you can  be used in future to control robots .You can get analogue value from joystick  which can be used…... Listed under:
  17. Swiss AVR Knife
    The Swiss AVR Knife bundles a number of AVR programming projects together in a single convenient Altoids Gum Tin. Because of the flexibility afforded by microcontroller programming, it also provides a starting point for any number of projects based on LEDs and sound output. The…... Listed under:
  18. How to Use the Dragon Rider 500 With Your AVR Dragon
    This instructable is a crash course in how to use some of the features of the Dragon Rider 500 from Ecros Technologies. Please be aware that there is a very detailed User's Guide available on the Ecros website. The Dragon Rider is a interface board…... Listed under:
  19. AVR Microcontroller. Pulse Width Modulation. Сontroller of DC Motor and LED Light Intensity.
    Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a very common technique in telecommunication and power control. it is commonly used to control the power fed to an electrical device, whether it is a motor, an LED, speakers, etc. It is basically a modulationtechnique, in which the width…... Listed under:
  20. Introduction to ADC in AVR Microcontroller | for Beginners
    In thid tutorial you will know everything ADC in avr microcontroller Step 1: ​What Is an ADC? An ADC, or Analog to Digital Converter, allows one to convert an analog voltage to a digital value that can be used by a microcontroller. There are many…... Listed under:
  21. Getting Started With Atmel AVR and BASCOM
    I have seen plenty of Instructables showing how to work with microprocessors, but they all assume that you have worked with them before and know what you are doing. I have not seen an Instructable that takes you from nothing and builds on each step.…... Listed under:
  22. Cheap STK500 AVR Programmer for Atmel Studio
    Atmel Studio is a powerful tool for making AVR programs, but writing a program is the first step. To use your program, you must make a circuit and transfer your code into the microcontroller. You can program your AVR from Atmel Studio by the use…... Listed under:
  23. AVR Microcontroller Fuse Bits Configuration. Creating and Uploading in the Flash Memory of Microcontroller the LED Blinking Program. In this case we will create simple program in C code and burn it into the memory of the microcontroller. We will write our own program and compile the hex file, using the Atmel Studio as the integrated development platform. We will configure fuse bits and…... Listed under:
  24. AVR Microcontroller. Toggle LED’s Using a Push Button Switch. Push Button Debouncing. In this section, we will learn How to make program C code for ATMega328PU to toggle the status of the three LED’s according to the input from a button switch. Also, we have explored a solutions to the problem of is ‘Switch Bounce‘. As…... Listed under:
  25. Density Based Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller
    Nowadays, controlling the traffic becomes major issue because of rapid increase in automobiles and also because of large time delays between traffic lights. So, in order to rectify this problem, we will go for density based traffic lights system. This article explains you how to…... Listed under:
  26. Microcontroller Projects: Home Automation System
    In this era of digital revolution, we are surrounded by smart devices that are capable of making decisions on their own without much human intervention. Our home can also be made smart by implementing a real-time home automation system that monitors parameters like power consumption…... Listed under:
  27. Line Follower Robot using Microcontroller
    Have you ever made your own robot? Here is a very simple and easy robot. In this project, I will explain how to design and build a Line Follower Robot using microcontroller. The Line Follower Robot is a basic robot that follows a specific path…... Listed under:
  28. Temperature Controlled DC Fan using Microcontroller
    A Temperature Controlled DC Fan is a system which automatically turns on a DC Fan when the ambient temperature increases above a certain limit. Generally, electronic devices produce more heat. So this heat should be reduced in order to protect the device. There are many…... Listed under:
  29. Microcontroller Projects: Sonar Water-Level Meter
    Three-fourths of the earth is water, out of which 97 per cent is saline (in oceans, seas and groundwater). The remaining 2.5 per cent to 2.75 per cent is fresh water, out of which 1.75 per cent to two per cent is frozen in glaciers,…... Listed under:
  30. RFID based Attendance System
    Most educational institutions’ administrators are concerned about student irregular attendance. Truancies can affect student overall academic performance. The conventional method of taking attendance by calling names or signing on paper is very time consuming and insecure, hence inefficient. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an interesting solution in…... Listed under:
  31. Ultrasonic Radar Model Using Microcontroller ATmega128
    The circuit described here demonstrates the working of a radar system. It uses ultrasonic waves to detect an object and measure its distance and angular position, and displays the same on a 20x4 LCD screen. -- Ashutosh M. Bhatt is an M. Tech in embedded…... Listed under:
    The presented project is a function generator for sinusoidal and square signals production. The output frequency covers the range from 10 Hz to 100 KHz with a step of 2 Hz. The waveform synthesis... Electronics Projects, AT90S1200 D.D.S. Function Generator "avr project, microcontroller projects, " The presented project is…... Listed under:
    Gas sensors are employed in a wide range of applications in the fields of safety, health, instrumentation etc… Common examples are domestic/commercial alarms for explosive or toxic gases or in automotive application, as gas... Electronics Projects, Gas Detector Circuit ATtiny45 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Gas sensors are employed…... Listed under:
    PWM with AT90S8515 a good practice to understand the logic can give 200w Power should be developed for more The driver circuit method used in section H-Bridge driver integrated HIP4080 I have in the... Electronics Projects, Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS AT90S8515 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " PWM with AT90S8515…... Listed under:
    Now quite a popular topic with Cell Phone Control with Microchip pic series for those who want to do these types of projects that could give clues will limp a few projects, including projects... Electronics Projects,Microcontroller GSM Alarm and Control Circuits "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Now quite…... Listed under:
    NXP80C31, PIC16F876, PIC12F629, PIC18F452, PIC16F876, PIC16F870, PIC18F252, HC908QT4 made with integrated power sources in various voltage and power MCU of microcontrollers in power electronics used always been interested 🙂 Unfortunately this type MCU, PIC,... Electronics Projects, Microcontroller Controlled Digital Power Supply Circuits Archive "avr project, microcontroller projects, " NXP80C31, PIC16F876,…... Listed under:
    PIC Series Microcontroller ATMEL etc. Battery battery charger integrated circuits made using the PIC16F819, PIC16F84, PIC16F876, ATMEGA32, AT90S4433-PCR, AT90S1200-P, based on the ATmega8’s 7units applications Microcontroller controlled battery charging circuits all files: microcontroller-controlled-battery-charging-circuits.rar alternative... Electronics Projects, Microcontroller controlled battery charging circuits "avr project, battery charger circuit, microchip projects,…... Listed under:
    Multi-robot projects have been realized with the microcontroller. In addition to professional practice ‘projects have simple robot Most of the projects in the PIC16F series microcontrollers used ATMEL series over with no project varieties... Electronics Projects, Microcontroller Controlled Robot Projects "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Multi-robot projects have been…... Listed under:
    Old Cd Rom in handy if you want to make a Track Player PIC16F877 and AT89C51, AT89S52 controllers are made with good projects. Add to My Cdrom the features of the project with PIC16F877:... Electronics Projects, Old Cd Rom Track Player with Microcontroller "avr project, microchip projects, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Atmel AVR, Atmel microcontroller series with a super “Temperature Control Measurement System” 16 sensor inputs 4 alarm inputs and the computer’s connection. Temperature measurement, alarm, an exemplary application in the PC communication This measuring... Electronics Projects, AVR Temperature Measurement System "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Atmel AVR, Atmel microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Atmega8-16 ac circuits with LEDs monitor the spectrum vu-meters of the advanced state of our LCD and LED spectrum analyzer circuit looks very nice variety of testing everything in the middle video There are...Electronics Projects, Monitor Audio Radio Spectrum Atmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, " Atmega8-16…... Listed under: ,
    ATTINY2313 a flashy accessory for your bike 74LS595N 25LC080P a good practice based on the software with all the details have pcb diagram hex code schema (schema) and PCBs (br) Latest eaglecad prepared by...Electronics Projects, Wheels bike light circuit "avr project, microcontroller projects, " ATTINY2313 a flashy accessory…... Listed under:
    A very nice project cost is a bit high in our country, even hard to find parts Atmel AVR microcontroller series dealing with this type of project is ideal for those who want to... Electronics Projects, ATMEGA162 LCD Oscilloscope Circuit "avr project, microcontroller projects, " A very nice project…... Listed under:
    And a beautiful project with ATmega8 AT90S4433 your computer from a remote location with the location’s wireless RF system temperature data come Mailbox temperature measured in the test program with garden-temperature condition is displayed... Electronics Projects, ATmega8 AT90S4433 Wireless RF Temperature Transmitter "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under: ,
  45. LM3886 TDA7318 DIGITAL AMPLIFIER AT90S8535
    AT90S8535, TDA7318 and LM3886 have been realized with digital amp system LED Indicator-signal input selection can be made, unfortunately explanations could not solve in a language 🙂 but ATMEL microcontroller dealing with people a... Electronics Projects, LM3886 TDA7318 Digital Amplifier AT90S8535 "audio amplifier circuits, avr project, ic amplifier,…... Listed under:
    “Polycontrolled Interactive LED Mood Light” is based on Atmel ATMEGA168/88 quite a strange RGB LED application design professional as well as various modes, speed, the program’s options. I hope I know the main parts... Electronics Projects, ATMEGA168 Mood Poly Controlled Interactive LED Light "avr project, microcontroller projects, " “Polycontrolled…... Listed under:
    Atmel ATmega series of projects have been realized with the speedometer and LCD display are the different indicators used circuits. Display circuit used Used atmega8l-8P. Hex file and prepared by Proteus. Dns file there.... Electronics Projects, Speed Indicator Circuits Tachometer Atmel atmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    NTC Thermistor Thermometer based on AT89S52 circuit and HIH 3160 humidity sensor humidity and temperature information is given. Display LCD display circuit and there are two versions of the C source code and schema... Electronics Projects, AT89S52 Thermistor Circuit Thermometer LCD Display "avr project, microcontroller projects, " NTC Thermistor…... Listed under:
    Different models of the project Model Aircraft Model airplane models, drawings, model details, sample circuits, fan motors, etc. .. as well as stock control circuit microchip PIC16F microcontrollers made with a variety of serial... Electronics Projects, Model Aircraft Projects "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Different models of the project…... Listed under:
    AT90S2313P 200 watt dimmer circuit is controlled from RS232 port with MOC3021 opto isolated triac driver control program running on xp pretty simple hex to asm code pcb diagram AT90S2313P There have also dosyalarıda... Electronics Projects, Computer Controlled 8-Channel Dimmer Circuit 200W AT90S2313P"avr project, microcontroller projects, " AT90S2313P…... Listed under:
    ATtiny2313 microcontroller circuit with MAX232 PC connection can be established based on the pc program with wav file loading the output of the power amplifier TDA2003 integrated amp Atmel Wav Player Circuit Test The... Electronics Projects, Wav Player Circuit with Atmel ATtiny2313 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " ATtiny2313 microcontroller…... Listed under: ,
    Converter from USB to LPT parallel port (25 pin SubD receptacle) with hardware virtualization at input/output instruction level Supports all parallel port modes named SPP, EPP and ECP, 16 Byte FIFO depth USB Low... Electronics Projects, USB to LPT Converter Circuit with Atmel ATMEGA8 "atmega8 projects, avr project,…... Listed under:
    Serve to control the 128×64 graphic LCD with a preview of the contents of the array and menu graphics. The heart of the controller is Atmega 128 CPU for communication with the PC corresponds... Electronics Projects, ATMEGA128 ATMEGA32 PC Controlled LED Matrix Animation LED Signs "avr project, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Wireless within a certain area with a control circuit for controlling the speed of DC Motor. Work, should I use to reach my goal I began to identify materials. These materials AT89S52 microcontroller, our... Electronics Projects, AT89S52 8051 RF DC Motor Speed Control "8051 example, avr project, keil…... Listed under:
  55. 89C51 8051 VOLTMETER THERMOMETER DS1621 ADC0808
    ADC 0808 standard data acquisition systems many components on a single chip host is a member of ADC 0808 8-bit flip makes the process and addresses from input latch 8-channel data selection (multiplexer) and...Electronics Projects, 89C51 8051 voltmeter thermometer DS1621 ADC0808 "8051 example, avr project, keil example,…... Listed under:
    In this project, which is designed using DALLAS DS89C430 microcontroller (in simulation AT89C51RC2) circuit and a marching band, calculated on the length of the body, the LCD display was performed. Circuit consists of three... Electronics Projects, Calculation of Body Length with 8051 and DS89C430 "8051 example, avr project,…... Listed under:
    GLCD Animation circuit voltage is applied to the currently displayed map of Turkey comes first. Subsequently, the Turkish flag and a picture of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the next step is to come. Art world... Electronics Projects, AT89C51 8051 Graphic LCD Animation "8051 example, avr project, keil example, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    The main purpose of the circuit is to control the gate of the house. This DC motor and provided with two limit switches is provided by mechanical parts. The two buttons open and close... Electronics Projects, AT89C51 L293D DC Motor with Door Control Circuit "8051 example, avr project,…... Listed under:
    Signal generator test is often the recipients of the amplifiers used in the test and repair of this equipment. Used as the signal source. Wave detector, radio frequency used in places such as bridges.... Electronics Projects, AT89C51 Square Wave Signal Generator "8051 example, avr project, keil example, microcontroller…... Listed under: ,
    This device is designed to help define the way DiSEqC-switches to the working protocols 1.0 and 1.1 and the number of entrances to 4 – x. It feeds the unit from the source of... Electronics Projects, DiSEqC Tester Circuit with Atmel ATtiny13 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " This device…... Listed under:
    color image of a classic test circuit will monitor the audio output of this circuit in addition to the music in the game are from the old ateri amp could work in the test... Electronics Projects, Monitor Test Circuit with atmega88 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " color image of…... Listed under:
    8-channel approach to IR detector sensor circuit is realized with ATmega8 microcontroller. I2C bus (TWI, SMBus) are measuring through the obstacle detection, designed for mobile robot. Approach reflects the beam of infrared light detector... Electronics Projects, Atmel ATMEGA8 IR detector circuit "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, " 8-channel…... Listed under:
    Analog Clock GLCD We use 128×64 pixel graphical LCD having “HY-12864K” is. This adds the file extension of the LCD connections are provided in PDF. 128 × 64 graphic LCD s have the same... Electronics Projects,AT89C51 Microcontroller Analog Clock for Graphic LCD "8051 example, avr project, keil…... Listed under:
    AT89C51 microcontroller controlled Animated BMP project usnig Graphic LCD Display 128×64 project keil source code and proteus isis simulation schematic files Graphic LCD Animated BMP Schematic project files: at89c51-animated-bmp-graphic-lcd-display.rar author: Cihangir Kılıç... Electronics Projects, AT89C51 Animated BMP Graphic LCD Display "8051 example, avr project, keil example, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    PS / 2 protocol used text via a keyboard microcontroller applications that perform printing text on the LCD The goal here Text via keyboard microcontroller to print text on the LCD. Through keyboard microcontroller...Electronics Projects, 8051 PS2 Keyboard with LCD Writing Text "8051 example, avr project, keil…... Listed under:
      PID Temperature Controller Max232 PC via RS232 serial port connection can be made According to information I found PID Temperature Controller is accurate temperature control system i AT90S2313 control system with high mains voltage... Electronics Projects, AT90S2313 Computer Supported PID Temperature Controller "avr project, microcontroller projects, " PID…... Listed under:
    10 Ampere circuit Ampere meter based on ATmega32 128×64 large LCD display it measures 10 amps in 2 channel AC DC used sed1330 Automatically Detect This project is a 2 channels amp meter. Those...Electronics Projects, ATmega32 10A 2-channel meter with LCD display "avr project, microcontroller projects, " 10…... Listed under:
    ATmega128 microcontroller based on the ATmega128 a quality marquee project instead of text information stored on the MMC card codes shared resources At the beginning this project was to buy a led sign to...Electronics Projects, ATmega128 MMC Card Supported 3-Colors LED Sign Message Board "avr project, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Separate power supply. Signalling on mobile phone call.This function has only a few hundred euros more expensive equipment. motorcycle into the phone by calling The digital alarm input is a normally closed contact. The... Electronics Projects, ATmega8 Motorcycle alarm circuit "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, " Separate power…... Listed under:
    In this 8051 Robot ARM application I use for robot arm 3 stepper motor design, study and is to be informed about the expulsion. Stepping motors to provide work, applied to the ends of... Electronics Projects, 8051 Robot ARM Stepper Motor Control "avr project, microcontroller projects, " In this…... Listed under:
    This application step (step) motor control, input and output ports through 8051 will examine the circuit by providing lift. We use our stepper motor circuit. As we know, certain steps of the stepper motor,... Electronics Projects, 8051 Elevator Project Stepper Motor Control "avr project, microcontroller projects, " This application…... Listed under:
    Result of displays in the form of two scales, which are estimated to judge the material goal.In addition, the screen is small scale level of response and the current supply voltage. PIC18F252 The program... Electronics Projects, Microcontroller Controlled Metal Detector Projects "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Result of displays…... Listed under:
    AT89C51 L293D Motor Control Circuit Operation, Our project name and the name suggests, the treadmill is the motor control is required. When designing this project, I saw fit to use DC motors. Because the...Electronics Projects, AT89C51 L293D Motor Control Project "avr project, microcontroller projects, " AT89C51 L293D Motor…... Listed under:
    Source files are Java and C Diff communication with the computer via the RS232 port is made available in the Java GUI Interface 2 × 16 LCD display also got on the circuit with... Electronics Projects, ATmega168 Java GUI Interface NIMH Charge Circuit "avr project, battery charger circuit,…... Listed under:
    Circuit Operation: This practice of over 5 × 7 matrix LED A… Z characters are intended to be created. Provision of characters in source code LEDs (table) was created and when necessary with the... Electronics Projects, AT89C51 5X7 LED Matrix Application "8051 example, avr project, keil example, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Frequency in all matters relating to the definition based on frequency is required. In the same way the numeric (digital) Frequency frequency to do the same as the description of the circuit should be... Electronics Projects, AT89C51 LCD display Frequencymeter Project "8051 example, avr project, keil example, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    AT89C51 Scrolling LED Circuit Operation: Keypad’t the values entered the program through is continually monitored, “*” key is pressed unless the display of the first letter that section required all letters appear, but the... Electronics Projects, AT89C51 Keypad Controlled Scrolling LED Dot Matrix Text "8051 example, avr project,…... Listed under:
    AT89S52 Stepper Motor Control Stepper motor, the motor angular position is changing in steps. This engine is moving into specific steps, according to the windings is controlled by sending signals. Any stimulus that would... Electronics Projects, AT89S52 LCD Display Stepper Motor Control Example "8051 example, avr project, keil…... Listed under:
    8051 Calculator Circuit Operation As seen at half one has to use the keypad and an LCD with 8051. The keypad consists of rows and columns. When the button is pressed certain keys combined... Electronics Projects, 8051 Calculator Circuit "8051 example, avr project, keil example, microcontroller projects, " 8051…... Listed under:
    ADC0808 analog / digital converter of the 8 analog inputs (IN0-IN7) and 8-bit digital output (OUT0-OUT7) are available. Entries will be transferred to the digital output of the converter which converted to 3-bit ADD,...Electronics Projects, 8051 ADC0808 Lcd Display Voltmeter "8051 example, avr project, keil example, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Speed Meter Circuit consists of four parts. These Supply solid floor Sensor sensor, microcontroller and microcontroller solid hexadecimal numbers we obtained from the 7-segment display technology with time code converter solid. Program Keil µVision3... Electronics Projects, LED Display Speed Meter Circuit with AT89C51 "8051 example, avr project, keil…... Listed under:
    Stopwatch Circuit 8051 on behalf of the programming of integrated compiler program that is used too much in the present case. You are left with only the easiest to use and most advantageous for... Electronics Projects, 8051 Stopwatch Circuit with Lcd Display "8051 example, avr project, keil example,…... Listed under:
    Web site counts the number of inputs to the circuit .. Circuit attiny25 an interesting and MAX7219 section based on the indicators used for the 7-segment display 8 hunting and Delphi source code are... Electronics Projects, USB Controlled Web Site Hit Counter Atmel Attiny25 with Delphi "avr project,…... Listed under:
    I quickly was able to appeal to the network card via a 8-bit data bus. The connectivity of the network card and thus the RTL8019AS chip via two 8-bit ports of the processor and... Electronics Projects, Embedded RTL8019AS Web Server Project ATMega103 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " I quickly…... Listed under:
    6 relay control units can be made via the usb port usb drive computer program code and schema files are pcb circuit to regulate the supply 9-12 volt ac section there on the SPI... Electronics Projects, USB Port Relay Control with Atmel Atmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    AT89C51 Operation of the thermometer circuit DS1621 temperature sensor circuit using a digital thermometer will tell if I made . As a simple circuit operation is as follows; The numerical value obtained from the temperature... Electronics Projects, AT89C51 DS1621 Thermometer Circuit "8051 example, avr project, keil example, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Why I write about it? This system uses two ready rolls 5 x 8 LED matrix, 89C2051, is a programmable serial port and it can be very easy to adapt to the needs of... Electronics Projects, PC Controlled AT90S2313 Led Animation Circuit "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Why I…... Listed under:
    4 Piece AT89C2051 microcontroller project has been realized with matrix display isis proteus simulation and asm files available in hex code Atmel AT89C2051 • Compatible with MCS®-51Products • 2K Bytes of Reprogrammable Flash Memory... Electronics Projects, AT89C2051 with Dot Matrix Display Applications "avr project, microcontroller projects, " 4 Piece…... Listed under:
    301 LED Analog Clock Project Schema Files of PCB and C51 Compiler Source Code has been prepared by the C-in hex The clock circuit is made of 301 LEDs with a diameter of 3mm... Electronics Projects, Analog LED Clock Circuit AT89C2051P "avr project, led projects, microcontroller projects, " 301…... Listed under:
    As far as I understand an interesting project information via computer is determined irrigation irrigation is done in the required time data exchange via RS232 com port has made the source code and diagrams...Electronics Projects, PC Controlled Flower Watering Circuit with ATmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Hello, “Multimeter” was the only title that first came to my mind to. Voltmeter (positive DC voltage) from 0.00 to 9.99 V and 10.0 – 30.0 V with automatic range switching. Frequency counter 0... Electronics Projects,Atmel Atmega8 Multimeter Circuit (led display) "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    Circuit Operation: Circuit diagram appears in the 0-5 the entered value from the keypad circuit, which is connected to port P1 applied to the integrated DAC 0808 DAC output is obtained from the analog...Electronics Projects, 8051 Programmable Power Supply "8051 example, avr project, keil example, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    8051 keil example application circuit LCD Display Digital Clock using DS1302 RTC 8051 Digital Clock Schematic 8051 Digital Clock Circuit keil source code and proteus isis simulation schematic files: ds1302-rtc-8051-digital-clock-circuit-lcd-display.rar author: @Aytan ASLAN... Electronics Projects, DS1302 RTC 8051 Digital Clock Circuit (LCD Display) "8051 example, avr project, keil…... Listed under:
    From the incoming data encoded in Port0 integrated 7-segment display with 7447 microcontroller integrated ulaşır.7447 binary code from the 7-segment display is used to show. So when it comes to 0000 a, b, c,...Electronics Projects, 89C51 Digital Clock Circuit "8051 example, avr project, keil example, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    This project gave ds1620’n given as a result of the digitally using AT89S52 microcontroller is a graphic display of temperature information of the LCD screen. Moreover, the circuit ambient temperature when it reaches a...Electronics Projects, AT89S52 DS1620 Thermometer Circuit (LCD Display) "8051 example, avr project, keil example,…... Listed under:
    Atmel microcontrollers with a good example for the use of DS18B20 DS1302 circuit 2 × 16 LCD display with 4 buttons in circuit adjustments can be made The first button is a long hold... Electronics Projects, LCD Date Time Temperature AT89C52 DS18B20 DS1302 "8051 example, avr project, keil…... Listed under:
    With 8051 DOWN COUNTER The basic principle of this circuit based on the number entered from the keypad is left counting down or up. # On the keypad to make counting down and counting... Electronics Projects,8051 Microcontroller Up Down Counter Circuit (keil) "8051 example, avr project, keil…... Listed under:
    KeeLog has decided to release an early version of it's hardware keylogger family to the public domain, including full firmware & software source code, keylogger hardware electrical schematics, and documentation. This PS/2 key logger is a 100% operational and tested device, assembled and used by hundreds of…... Listed under:
    Very detailed and complicated project all of the resources to be shared for different applications feyza can give example might now my site ATmega32 web server project shared resources of the project the... Electronics Projects, RTL8019 ISA Web Server Circuit ATmega32 Relay Control Camera Connection "avr project,…... Listed under:
    Adc 0831 with 8051 lm 35 temperature sensor, and a detailed project examples for the use of inverters. author :Özer Deniz Objective: LM 35 temperature sensor dealt with 0831 ADC analog-to-digital conversion of knowledge,... Electronics Projects, ADC0831 8051 LM35 Temperature Control with LCD Screen "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under: ,
    8051 srf04 ultrasonic distance measurement application also contains information about the different controllers and this information can be useful for applications 8051 microcontroller distance measurement using ultrasonic transceiver done. Studies, using microcontrollers 8051 with... Electronics Projects, 8051 SRF04 Ultrasonic Distance Meter Circuit "avr project, microcontroller projects, " 8051 srf04…... Listed under:
    Battery charging circuit atmel attiny26lp based on switched PWM works as a fast charge is doing the switching circuit 100UH coil and irf5305 irl3803 MOSFETs used charging current of 300 mA, 600 mA …...Electronics Projects, NiMH NiCd Battery Fast PWM Charger Circuit Atmel AVR "avr project, battery…... Listed under:
    Old atari, commodore-64, amiga joystick you can use on your computer usb converter circuit circuit based on Atmel ATmega8-pin adapter does not require power from the USB port in addition to working with 5Volt...Electronics Projects, USB Joystick Converter for Atari, Amiga, Commodore 64 "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    In an article “Symantec warns: each word or phrase that you enter on the wireless keyboard, can be tracked!” Was called I knew it was true, but such a project would never have thought... Electronics Projects, 27 MHz Wireless Keyboard SPY Circuit Atmel ATmega64 "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    My old chassis while stirring an old stereo on the chassis tda7439 found it and integrate these with making an application decided and ultimately such a nice application appeared application If we are talking...Electronics Projects, Digital Audio Control Circuit Nokia 3310 LCD Atmel ATmega8 TDA7439"atmega8 projects,…... Listed under:
    Attiny12 ATMEGA8515 a very interesting project based on digital solid-source software and schema files, PCB’s drawings for people working with Atmel series microcontrollers can give different ideas can be useful in different projects analogue... Electronics Projects, TV Oscilloscope Circuit with ATmega8515 ATtiny12"avr project, microcontroller projects, " Attiny12 ATMEGA8515 a…... Listed under:
    Atmel ATMEGA series made with micro-controller’s three projects which can deliver projects bahramelectronic. site manager of @ Bahrain thanks to my brother. 1 – ATMega16 LCD display temperature measurement (LM35) 2 – 7 segment... Electronics Projects, Atmel ATmega Projects Thermometer LM35, Display, Keypad "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Atmel…... Listed under:
    Recently a similar application I’ve done, but ds1844 integrated can not be found had been a problem AVR reviewing ATtiny2313 `fame four PWM channels, saw direct this practice came to my mind bass treble...Electronics Projects, Digital Tone Control Circuit Atmel ATTINY2313 LM1036 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Recently…... Listed under:
    With Atmel series (AT89C2052, AT90S2313, AT89S8252, etc..) Was very spacious with quality archive PIC series microcontroller atmel version of the circuit can find a lot. Usb, alarm, LCD, nokia 3310, nokia 6100, display, LED,... Electronics Projects, 8051 Bascom AVR Projects Atmel Circuits Archive "avr project, microcontroller projects, " With…... Listed under:
    Recently circuit on the web I’ve seen perform this southern been applying If we are talking application atmel’s famous ATtiny2313 achieves with USB UART converter further circuit 8bit I / O 128-byte EEPROM 32-byte...Electronics Projects, USB UART Converter PIC16F88 Circuit Attiny2313 "avr project, microchip projects, microcontroller projects,…... Listed under:
    All details were shared with the marquee circuit computer control program atmel at90s2313 source software image format PCB, schematics and drawings have OrCAD source. The marquee on the circuit The marquee circuit 350 leds... Electronics Projects, Atmel AT90S2313 Computer-Controlled Scrolling LED Text "avr project, microcontroller projects, " All details…... Listed under:
    Before “Broken HDD Evaluate under the heading” corrupted hard disks to assess a few apps I’ve used on the web with the sandpaper I I told you about that time had projects now hardisk... Electronics Projects, HDD Clock Circuit Atmel ATmega128 DS1307 TDA5410 Motor Driver "avr project, led…... Listed under:
    The use of solar energy will be the topic for a long time an active electronic circuit is used a lot in this business at one of these inverter dc to ac converters. Ac... Electronics Projects, 100Watt PV Panel Converter Atmega8 100W DC to AC ICL7667 ETD34 "atmega8…... Listed under:
    Power LED driver circuit based on Atmel ATmega8 is working with 12 volt 3 1 watt Luxeon power LEDs with PWM buck converter is operated ATmega-8 a good example source code to solve logic... Electronics Projects, Power LED Driver Circuit LED Current Sources Atmega8 PWM "atmega8 projects, avr…... Listed under:
    Prepared by: Volkan Sahin – First of all you need to know when the project was challenging but, if there is the possibility worthwhile 🙂 CX4200 Epson inkjet to print text by modifying the... Electronics Projects, PCB Printing with Epson CX4200 inkjet Printer Modified "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    A very interesting robot project ratchet içintasarl been cleaning the flapper cleaner robot brain of the system microcontroller atmel at90ls8535 source software given c. Uygulayamasa sections of the circuit on the robot project source... Electronics Projects, Micro Robotic Fly screen cleaner AT90LS8535 Robot BUG "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    Printed circuit board drilling machine on the Atmel AT89C2051 microcontroller L297 L298 motor drivers.. software does not open hex code provided free computer control program, but other parts of the circuit (motor drives, serial... Electronics Projects, CNC Drilling Machine Control Dirve Board Atmel AT89C2051 L297 L298 "avr project,…... Listed under:
    Mobile phones with Nokia 3410 LCD screens often used microcontrollers Atmel ATmega8 and cywm6935 nokia 3410 LCD modules made with a 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer circuit Handheld 2.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Circuit After visiting... Electronics Projects, 2.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Circuit Nokia 3410 LCD ATmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr…... Listed under:
    Hi, I have done recently attiny2313’l usb application (ATTINY2313 PIC16F88 USB UART converter circuit) then one needs at this time on I did with ATmega8. RS232 portion of the circuit 15 disuse I /... Electronics Projects, Atmel Atmega8 via USB Control Circuit "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    Light following robot circuit board on attiny25v not very complicated circuit Lithium-polymer battery provided with the circuit feeding the tiny H-bridge output (2N3904) drive motors are controlled with two LDR light is perceived. As... Electronics Projects, Light Following Robot with Atmel ATtiny25 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Light following…... Listed under:
    Transistor very useful for testing the circuit, but I do not know more pic programming with atmel series in seeing this type of advanced applications get confused 🙂 Transistor test circuit, BJT, MOSFET, triac,...Electronics Projects, Transistor Tester Circuit ATMega8 LCD Display "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    Tiny Basic Controller (TBC) is a simple device that can operate as a PLC (program logic controller) for home automation, control, etc. For example, this one can dial-up by modem to the remote computer and control the system, can control some processes, temperature regulation, battery charging,…... Listed under:
    90% of all leisure joke circuit television (including plasma, LCD) is said to work 30 … 50 meters in open space closes the television. Circuit made ATTINY85V-10 micro-controller circuit with two 1.5v AA battery...Electronics Projects, For all the television remote control (just off) "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    AT89C52 examples of applications can be helpful for beginners of all samples prepared with simple 3 .5 source lines of code. Bass. Hex, bin, etc.. isis proteus have codes and simulation files. 0-255 binary...Electronics Projects, AT89C52 Applications Examples Proteus isis Circuits (10 projects) "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    Pretty stylish digital clock circuit of the display to show information on the hours, but around kılasik made with 120 LEDs in display attracts attention also has an alarm feature. Microprocessor AT89C2051 LED clock...Electronics Projects, Atmel AT89C2051 Clock Circuit with LED Display "avr project, led projects, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Lately, when I went deeper into programming, I was fascinated by precise A / D converters in microcontrollers. And so I decided to make a 2x32 LED VU meter with the ATmega8 microcontroller, which can be bought for example in GME for only 34Kc, and so…... Listed under:
    What cannot do more than one radio amateur? What can not be more than one radio amateur? That's right - without a GOOD power supply, or even better, a GOOD TWO-CHANNEL power supply. That's right - without a GOOD power supply, or even better, a…... Listed under:
    ATmega32 microcontroller based on the project is already quite interesting and a professional I see this type of advanced projects ATMEL series Some sections of the circuit MOC3043 opto diac, MOC3023 isolated with LCD... Electronics Projects, Operated Washing Machine Control Circuit with ATmega32 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " ATmega32 microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Thermometer circuit board ATmega32 used on the LCD display DS1820 sensor used in the Siemens S65 mobile phone graphic LCD LS020 ATmega32 project’s source code S65 LS020 bitmap bmp files for graphic LCDs and... Electronics Projects, Thermometer Circuit DS1820 ATmega32 Siemens S65 LCD "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Thermometer…... Listed under:
    Introduction After two more complex robots ( Eurobot2008 and Robot2 ), I decided to build a small and simple car. The choice fell on a plastic tune, which was controlled by two AA pencil monoculars - similar toys can be found in toy shops, on soils or in bazaars. Others are…... Listed under:
    Nokia 3310 screen already had several applications with bi-color LCD at this time I decided to experiment with it. Heavily on the market, the Nokia 6100 LCDs and their controllers for microchip using Atmel...Electronics Projects, Atmel Atmega8 Nokia6100 LCD PCF-8833 Application "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    Emerging technologies on the market with LCD prices quite fell microcontrollers with applications proliferate mobile phone, mp4 and graphic LCDs became available, especially Atmel series with enhanced graphics LCDs can be used ATmega32 320... Electronics Projects, TFT LCD OV7660 Atmel ATmega32 Application Example ili9325 Driver "avr project, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Digital Photo Frame TFT ATmega128 TFT source C code of practice are used to SPFD5408 TFT LCD 3.2 inch 320 × 240 size images displayed in the SD card. Source: Digital Photo Frame... Electronics Projects, TFT LCD Digital Photo Frame ATmega128 SD Card TSC2046 "avr project, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Touch TFT application based on ATMega16 processor used in the 16 MHz frequency drives and ILI9325 OTM3225, source C code (AVR GCC)’s. Source: 2.4-inch TFT LCD, point-screen work notes Alternative link: atmega16-touchscreen-project-tft-app-avr-gcc-ili9325.rar... Electronics Projects,Atmega16 Touchscreen Project TFT App AVR GCC ILI9325 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Touch…... Listed under:
    Siemens s65 using the Atmel ATmega128 caption to display graphics on the LCD all the resources an application prepared S65 LCD driver library, sample text and detailed graphics shared C code. S65 application is... Electronics Projects, ATmega128 AVR Graphic LCD Application Siemens S65 LS020 "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    This is a kitchen scale with a maximum weight of 2.5kg and an accuracy of 10g. Exceeding the range is indicated by an acoustic signal and an LED. Weight is displayed on a four-digit LCD display. The weight also includes a weight-zero reset button. The power is solved by…... Listed under:
    This simple mini-burglar alarm on the ATtiny 13 microcontroller is designed to protect apartments, offices, summer cottages ... When the reed switch opens, the alarm beeps or, with a little refinement, you can send an SMS from a mobile phone. The alarm control is carried out…... Listed under:
    ADC - analog-to-digital converter (ADC-Analog-to-Digital Converter). Converts a certain analog signal to digital. Bitrate ADC determines the accuracy of the signal conversion. Conversion time - respectively, the speed of the ADC. The ADC is embedded in many microcontrollers of the AVR family and simplifies the use of the microcontroller in any regulation schemes…... Listed under:
    Atmel’s products and practices related to application notes prepared for the asm code source c c language prepared by the majority of the samples. 138’s application List: 1-Register and Bit-Name Definitions for the AVR... Electronics Projects, Atmel application notes and source c asm code "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    The RF transceiver with ATmega8 prepared samples prepared with C language software has all the source code for the application circuit used joke 🙂 handmade by remote control a water gun at school students...Electronics Projects, RF Transceiver Example Water Gun Project Circuit TX434 ATMega8 RX434"atmega8 projects,…... Listed under:
    Atmel ATtiny15 Microcontroller DC to DC converter circuit 3.6 Li-Ion battery voltage of 5 volts raises a more detailed circuit attiny15 not a good example for software power control with microcontroller assembly language prepared... Electronics Projects, Atmel ATtiny15 Microcontroller Example DC to DC Converter Circuit "avr project, dc…... Listed under:
    Based on Atmel ATtiny2313 microcontroller circuit with the remote control forward / reverse control can be done over time led display are viewing. ATtiny2313 by the time specified number 9 which is connected to...Electronics Projects, Remote-Controlled Digital Timer Circuit with Atmel ATtiny2313 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Based…... Listed under:
    Bipolar stepper motor control circuit 6v … 35v inter able to run power 1 amp on the circuit control, program, sensor, PWM, UART has links ATMega8 output used in motor drive l293b circuit of... Electronics Projects,ATMega8 Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver Circuit L293B "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Sold in the market potency heat settings with TRIAC 220v temperature-controlled soldering iron more advanced version control AT89C2051 microcontroller is provided by heat setting 2 button is made with indicators, one for led display... Electronics Projects, 220V Soldering Iron Temperature Control with AT89C2051 LED Display "avr project, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    In each electronic device in one form or another there is a power supply unit (PSU). Of course, because no one will work for free. Before connecting to the circuit, it would be nice to see how the PSU works at different loads. Personally, I am not…... Listed under:
    Stars in the shape of hard work to prepare printed circuit board design for SMD LEDs to be mounted like a great deal of attention and effort, but finally emerged quite nice circuit noncontiguous... Electronics Projects, Star LED Effects Circuit ATTINY13 Project "avr project, led projects, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    Atmel ATtiny2313 two 1.5V AA batteries powered electronic piano circuit connected in series (3V) can be operated. PB3 – PB4 16 on pins 15 and 32 ohm speaker connected to these pins as exit.... Electronics Projects, Electronic Piano Circuit Attiny2313 Simple Audio Project "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Atmel…... Listed under:
  148. How to build alarm security system using motion sensor with PCB Prototyping
    Introduction Security is important for everyone from our homes to places of work. You need to feel safe when you are sleeping at night. You might have important documents that you need to keep private. Sometimes you have property in your house that must be…... Listed under: ,
    ATMega16 microcontroller based on a detailed cnc project with computer com RS232 on port communicating project’s source C code, schematics eagle CAM (graphic printout is used to direct the CNC circuitry and sent to)... Electronics Projects, CNC Project ATMega16 X-Y-Z Motor Control Circuit "avr project, microcontroller projects, " ATMega16 microcontroller…... Listed under:
      @ Erhan brother Atmega8 prepared with the application had shared (Atmel Atmega8 Nokia 6100 LCD (pcf8833) application) I In addition to the helpful one more example’ll share the codes and microchip dspıc33fj128gp both the... Electronics Projects, dsPIC33FJ128GP Nokia 6100 LCD driver circuit ATmega168 "avr project, dspic projects,…... Listed under:
    Solar Energy PV inverter systems used in energy production a detailed study about all the details about the project (in English) is. PV conversion control is provided by Atmel microcontrollers at90s8535 (source software has... Electronics Projects, AT90S8535 SG2524 PWM Solar Panel PV inverter Circuit "avr project, microcontroller projects,…... Listed under:
    Nokia lcd screens, pic, atmel microcontrollers used in this project, with a lot of other job so popular as talking about the proteus simulation model for the program, set up a virtual environment, try... Electronics Projects,Nokia LCD Models Proteus isis Examples Circuits Library "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    I have been thinking about building an LC meter for a while since I do not have a multimeter that is capable of measuring inductance and while the multimeters I have can measure capacitance, they are not able to give accurate readings for small capacitance…... Listed under:
    This fun project lets you take control away from the person holding the remote control by intercepting the invisible signals as they travel through the air so you can play them back to the TV or video machine. You can also "train" your Remote Hijacker…... Listed under:
    After a year of using my assembled Microfibers according to the Jendy documents23 , I decided to build another (third) microfuel. I wanted to reduce the dimensions, use the 24V AC heating power, to adjust the temperature better and to add additional functions ... Features of micro-drives : temperature range 80 °…... Listed under:
    ATmega8 (TQFP32 package) based on FFT Circuit applied the entry signals 16 × 16 led display (SCT2024 serial-interfaced LED driver 256 LEDs), you can see in the FFT circuit source C, hex codes have... Electronics Projects, Fast Fourier transformation FFT Circuit ATmega8 SCT2024 LED driver "atmega8 projects, avr…... Listed under:
    Last year in one of my classes we were required to make an 'artefact' or something that reflects the interests of the class. Most people make posters and the past two quarters that's what my class did too. Posters however are static, usually boring, and…... Listed under:
    Atmel is a great project with a series of applications can be made super graphics used in this project Atmega644 the ELT240320ATP GLCD (320 × 240) driver ILI9325 Simple as iPhone menu has pacman...Electronics Projects, ILI9325 Touch-Screen Project TFT Atmega644 ELT240320ATP "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Atmel is…... Listed under:
    Power supply circuit two separate sections consisted primarily power solid LM317 based on the current settings for the tl082 opamp used current voltage display section Atmel ATmega8 microcontroller used optionally this section may not... Electronics Projects, Laboratory Adjustable 0-24v Digital Power Supply Circuit ATMega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project,…... Listed under:
    Very high current of the current transformer and with microcontroller sensitive way measured to be recorded will be useful for source code with 2 sample application circuits one of the Atmel AVR ATMEGA48 88/168-P...Electronics Projects, Current Measurement Data Logger Circuit Atmel AVR, PIC "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    In fact, feeding, feeding various timing circuits used for business. Generally puzzling, time-consuming mechanical parts is getting no special circuitry to rabbits in this project but the authors have used to feed rabbits :)... Electronics Projects, Automatic Rabbit Feeding System ATmega8 Timer "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    Atmel atmega88 PCB LEDs circuit drawing heart looks great, especially boxing PCAD pcb drawings and diagrams and drawings prepared by the C source code files have a heart-shaped 22 pcs SMD LED flashes with... Electronics Projects, Led Heart Circiut ATmega88 "avr project, led projects, microcontroller projects, " Atmel atmega88 PCB LEDs…... Listed under:
    Printed circuit board layout pcb design effects with LEDs been a good practice to work in the dark when used with an ultra bright LEDs looks very nice. Atmel AT90S2313 64 LEDs instead of... Electronics Projects, Led Propeller Circuit AT90S2313 ATINY2313 "avr project, led projects, microcontroller projects, " Printed…... Listed under:
    It really is a great led light application LEDs so fluently is moving a profit crystalline with mold has been excellent ATMega16 microprocessor 32 Edet output used to all the LEDs griplar connected software...Electronics Projects, ATMega16 LEDs Snow Effect Circuit LED snow crystal "avr project, led projects,…... Listed under:
    Used in motor speed control circuit microcontroller atmel attiny45p exit number 5 Kubla connected to pin opto pc817 pc817 output while the engine is controlled as isolated MOSFETs have bs170 and irlz34 Attiny45 Pb4... Electronics Projects, 15A Motor Speed Control Circuit Attiny45 PWM "avr project, microcontroller projects, pwm…... Listed under:
    Led effect circuits, including myself, a lot of people might be interested, especially this sort LEDs and LED circuits have great interest in blue, white, LED prices now old and not so expensive LED... Electronics Projects, Led Effect Circuit Attiny2313 Multi Function "avr project, led projects, simple circuit…... Listed under:
    White LEDs, blue LEDs, ultra bright LEDs RGB LEDs saying quite a lot in the sample application with popular microcontrollers are used in this circuit, atmega8 ATMEGA48 Atmega88 ATmega output MOSFETs are driven by... Electronics Projects, RGB Led Example Circuit Atmega88 Atmega8 Atmega48 "atmega8 projects, avr project, led…... Listed under:
    Brushless motor drive circuit used in computers hard drive with Atmega8 checked the engine ATmega 8 output MOSFET (IR4427, IRFZ44) strengthened engine with A, B, C, D, attached to either end. Software is written... Electronics Projects, HDD Brushless Motor driver Circuit Atmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    On the Internet, atmel, microchip series microcontrollers with a lot Led cube has a project in this application one of them, but diagrams, photos, supplemented with a detailed description there thanks to this project...Electronics Projects, Atmega32 LED Cube Circuit 74HCT238 "avr project, led projects, microcontroller projects, " On…... Listed under:
    Coil measurement “Inductance Meter” circuit based on Atmega8 microcontroller LCD HD44780 driver and the system’s power supply is taken from the USB port on the computer or adapter operated with the circuit. Circuit of... Electronics Projects, USB Powered Inductance Meter Circuit Atmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under: ,
    95 pieces made using RGB LEDs Led cylinder project quite professional printed circuit board, software quality circuit that is used quite ATEMGA168 microcontroller with integrated LEDs TLC5940 LED driver plowed. Installation was very difficult... Electronics Projects, ATEMGA168 TLC5940 PWM RGB Led Cylinder "avr project, led projects, microcontroller projects,…... Listed under:
    A lot of work in the ATmega32 occur when project featuring a beautiful rose amp amp volume control on the floor in the TDA7313 TDA7294 is used in the upgrade process. Digital FM radio... Electronics Projects,Multifunction Digital Amplifier Project TDA7294 ATmega32 TDA7313 "avr project, microcontroller projects, tda7294…... Listed under:
    USB I / O circuit ATMEGA88 based on the usb connection FT232 is done via detailed ir project ( German explanation ) the C source code, circuit diagrams and PCB drawing of the picture... Electronics Projects,FT232R USB I-O Circuit ATMEGA88 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " USB I /…... Listed under:
    Very high quality design of the digital power supply circuit. Voltage current of 2 × 16 lcd display of the beauty and power of the switching mode operation switching DCDC Madden LM2576 ADJ (adj... Electronics Projects, 0-30V Regulated Digital Switching Power Supply ATmega8 LM2576ADJ "atmega8 projects, avr project,…... Listed under:
    Simple robot project ATtiny2313 microcontroller used robot body for a cheap remote controlled toy car is made up of the robot’s four sides LED sensors placed somewhere when it hit the back çekliy direction...Electronics Projects, Toy Car Modification Made Simple Robot Project ATtiny2313 "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under: ,
    Before air time, “Propeller Clock” projects I shared in this project control and mode selection can be achieved in both analog clock and digital clock view modes control for the Sony control protocol used... Electronics Projects, Remote Controlled Propeller Clock Circuit AT90S2313 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Before air…... Listed under:
    Attiny26 microcontroller based on the charging circuit has a lot of features in a single package 3l 12.6V LiPo batteries and Li-ion batteries and battery charging voltage edebiliry balanslıy regulate temperature, timing, voltage and... Electronics Projects, Lipo Li-ion Battery Charger Circuit Balancing ATtiny26 "avr project, battery charger circuit,…... Listed under:
    Interestingly circuited actually zener diode test measuring instruments should have a property zener measurement of when you are secure, a voltage see better, but so far no measuring instruments equipped with this feature I... Electronics Projects, Zener Diode Test Circuit Voltage Indicator ATmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    The robot’s control AT90S2313 microcontroller provided with the processor 4MHz is operated for control rc5 protocol that uses a control used robot çalışmala for 4 pcs 2200mAh NiMH batteries used for the experiment alkaline... Electronics Projects, Remote Controlled Robot Circuit RC5 AT90S2313 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " The robot’s…... Listed under:
    Quite a different line following robot project was already in school competition designed for the author as he could a nice job exposes the robot’s appearance sumo robots similar to healthy controls ATMega16 microcontroller... Electronics Projects, Line Following Robot Project Ultrasonic Sensor Circuit Atmega16 CNY70 SFR05 "avr project,…... Listed under:
      Ni-MH Battery Charger circuit 4 AA batteries can be charged in the circuit is more complex, but in general attiny26 microcontroller circuits BD140 transistors and a few passive components consist of batteries connected to... Electronics Projects, Ni-MH Battery Charger Circuit Atmel ATtiny26 "avr project, battery charger circuit,…... Listed under:
    Prepared with great effort as a hobby project “robot dog” very detailed, especially the mechanical portion control, etc. rc5 remote control computer. has features such as control solid Atmel ATmega32 and ATMEGA8515 based on... Electronics Projects, Robotic Dog Project, 16 Channel Servo Control Program"avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    Led effect circuit 64 leds LEDs on the printed circuit board disposed in the impeller has a very different effect. A plurality of circuit components used SMD type. Effects displacement, velocity pcb solder buttons...Electronics Projects, 64 Led Propeller Effect Circuit ATmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project, led projects,…... Listed under:
    Very detailed advanced robot project for many of us not be implemented, but the code, schematics, methods different robot project can be used in reconnaissance robot via mobile phone blutut can be manipulated by...Electronics Projects, Bluetooth Joystick Controlled Discovery Robot Project "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Very detailed…... Listed under:
  185. MCP4725 DAC AVR ATmega library
    The MCP4725 DAC is a pretty common and cheap single channel 12 bit buffered voltage DAC, it also has an onboard EEPROM. To drive this chip we can use I2C interface. The ATmega8 used for my implementation has an embedded I2C interface, so we just can use that interface. The…... Listed under:
  186. Switch debounce library
    Contact bounce (ref. is a common problem with mechanical switches and relays. Switch and relay contacts are usually made of springy metals. When the contacts strike together, their momentum and elasticity act together to cause them to bounce apart one or more times before making steady…... Listed under:
  187. ATmega32 ADC for Light and Temperature Sensors
    This tutorial shows how to implement the Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC) function on ATMega32 using C code. It consists of code examples, and the meaning of some nomenclature such as sampling rate, and resolution. However before we get to the code, let us start from the…... Listed under: ,
  188. RTTTL Player for the ATmega32
    Ring Tone Text Transfer Language (RTTTL) is a simple text-based code for recording monophonic musical tones. The script is usually loaded into a mobile phone, which is able to convert the code to equivalent musical notes. Many early phones had an integrated RTTTL player, which played…... Listed under:
  189. Connecting Piezo Speaker to ATmega32
    An ATMega32 sound generator code is extremely simple to implement. Almost any GPIO pin can drive a piezo buzzer, and the output quality is fine for producing some beeps. The code shown here is the simplest one I remember using basic physics, and since it…... Listed under:
    Wireless, remotely controlled applications quite popular in this project through the mobile phone robot control is done the robot on the Nokia 1100 mobile phone used phone signals from the MT8870 receiver DTMF decoder... Electronics Projects, Phone Controlled Mobile Robot Circuit MT8870 ATMega16 "avr project, microcontroller projects, "  …... Listed under:
    PWM control project software source code in Visual Basic and are prepared (linux, windows) via RS232 serial port (19200 Baud) AT89C2051 microcontroller based on the 4-channel PWM control circuit can be made. PWM output... Electronics Projects, 4 Channel PWM Control Circuit Visual Basic RS232 AT89C2051"avr project, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Built on the atmega 8 microcontroller Logic Analyzer circuit for nokia 5110 display lcd display kullanılanılıyor crafted with AVRstudio Software four. source software insurance settings schema, pcb, etc. files. Frequency capture 400 kHz, Max... Electronics Projects, Nokia5110 LCD Logic Analyzer circuit ATmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    Power supply circuit consists of a few sections 04 to 0 30v power supply based on solid TL081 op amp circuit 2N3055 power transistor quite popular and a classic by many people applied. LCD... Electronics Projects,Adjustable Power Supply Circuit 0 30V LCD "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Musicians use a variety of sound-producing device “Synthesizer” When you are setting a very good quality work is making. AT89S52 and AT89S53 Synthesizer used in the project on the LFO, ENV FILTER, OSC, MIX...Electronics Projects, Synthesizer Circuit AT89S53 AT89S52 "avr project, microcontroller projects, "   Musicians use a…... Listed under:
    PIC24, 32, MSP430 is progressing rapidly but AT89S52 time, I still made ​​sure that what is in use by 8051. In this project, kingston 8gb flash memory is read in the wav files (wav... Electronics Projects, Wave Reader Circuit AT89S52 Flash Memory "avr project, microcontroller projects, "   PIC24,…... Listed under:
    Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler Is how it works with 12-Volt Feed information and 50W Peltier Mini Fridge built on the lcd display after the ATmega8 microcontroller from a more advanced peltier control circuit. The value...Electronics Projects, With Peltier Mini Refrigerator Circuit ATmega8 DS18S20 "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller…... Listed under:
    Before “Siemens S65 LS020 glcd ATmega128 AVR” shared examples of implementation through a lot of similar projects with ATmega16 ATmega32, microcontrollers. A few of them; Image via representation of FAT16 MMC card color, font... Electronics Projects, S65 Siemens LCD examples Circuit ATmega16 ATmega32 "avr project, microcontroller projects, "  …... Listed under:
    Thermostat circuit for 2 pt100 temperature measurement used atmega8 mikrüdenetleyici sensor pt100 sensors gives the circuit output is being used according to the information received. The thermostat is located on the circuit board led... Electronics Projects, PT100 Sensor Thermostat Circuit ATmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, " Thermostat…... Listed under:
    Great design has been providing birthday gifts as does not prepare mention Led to control atmega88 microcontroller is used ports çoklayıp LEDs milk to 74HC595 used LEDs effect has been very welcoming approximately 256... Electronics Projects, Excellent Led Ball Circuit ATmega88 "avr project, led projects, microcontroller projects, " Great…... Listed under:
    Attiny85 not found on the USB module to work, but as software optimized circuit when connected to a computer mouse USB HID is known as pull-up resistors on the circuit has very few ingredients... Electronics Projects, USB Password Generator Circuit ATtiny85 "avr project, microcontroller projects, "   Attiny85 not found…... Listed under:
    In fact, what lies At the forefront of the digital but mechanics should have been a wonderful project:) is an interesting time in the atmega8 microcontroller time and when the mind comes to the... Electronics Projects, Mechanical Clock Circuit ATmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, " In fact,…... Listed under:
    TEA5767 is a digital radio, especially mp3 and fm radio module @ETE before “TEA5767 Pic16f628 Digital PLL-controlled FM radio receiver system” article is controlled with the Pic16f628 microcontroller used in this project, the radio... Electronics Projects, Digital radio circuit TEA5767 AT89S8253 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " TEA5767 is a…... Listed under:
    AT89C2051 microcontroller used in robot motor drive for cleaner L298 dual H-bridge driver IC is used 40 kHz ultra sonic senrörler (multicomp sq-40-t-10b) to detect and to change direction with the bodies, continues to...Electronics Projects, Ultra Sonic Cleaner Robot Circuit L298 AT89C2051 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " AT89C2051…... Listed under:
    Attiny85 Atmel microcontroller with USB Business Card project established quite interesting circuit with very few elements attiny85 16.5 MHz internal RC oscillator frequency used. USB connector on the USB socket on the PCB designed... Electronics Projects, USB Business Card with attiny85 "avr project, microcontroller projects, "   Attiny85 Atmel…... Listed under:
    DC Servo motor driver circuit based on the microcontroller atmel atmega88 outputs half bridge driver IC Ir2184 is being used with this integrated works at a frequency of 16MHz DC servo Irf540 MOSFETs atmega88... Electronics Projects, Atmega88 IR2184 DC Servo Motor Driver Circuit "avr project, dc dc converter…... Listed under:
    Sumo, Line following and robot control card project open source design and very high quality of all resources provided PIC microcontroller code and eagle diagram pcb drawings are especially line following robot prepared for... Electronics Projects, Line following Robot Sumo Robot, control circuits "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Sumo,…... Listed under:
    Atmel microcontroller Board with Led indicator wristwatch ATmega32U4 project there is no usb connection and SD card connection, the advanced charging system, piezo sensor, etc. are included in the design of printed circuit boards... Electronics Projects, Atmel LED Multi-Function Display ATmega32u4 Watches"avr project, microcontroller projects, "   Atmel…... Listed under:
    Simcom Sim900 GSM module produced by the company prepared for the PCB module and ATMEGA32 microcontroller based on Nokia 3310 lcd display GSM module for remote control application SIM900D (place of origin: CN; proteus... Electronics Projects, SIM900 Module PCB AVR Applications "avr project, microcontroller projects, "   Simcom Sim900…... Listed under:
    Arduino Uno kit on the Board at the entrance of the TL082 opamp used Guitar Tuning circuit audio audio input and frequency to detect the “Arduino-Frequency-Detection” software used. According to the LEDs light at... Electronics Projects, Guitar Tuning Project with Arduino Uno "arduino projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    I’ve shared this with different time interesting projects carried out with the Arduino Uno this time, I think the most interesting thing isn’t debatable kullanışlımı project but the idea as a different kind of... Electronics Projects, Arduino Uno With Interesting Clock Project "arduino projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    This document describes the construction of a PCB drill machine driven by a master-controller board and three stepper motor driver boards. These four single sided PC boards each contain an Atmega16/32 microcontroller. Communication between... Electronics Projects, ATMEGA32 PCB drill machine "avr project, microcontroller projects, " This document describes the…... Listed under:
    So far I have ever seen , tidy and with all the resources shared jammer circuit project design, it’s very smart Sizes also pretty small pocket on the internet a lot jammer circuit ,... Electronics Projects, Portable RF Jammer Circuit ATmega48 "avr project, microcontroller projects, "   So far…... Listed under:
    A very detailed report of a project is already included in the schema, the author of the thesis, the eagle pcb source code etc. everything. The circuit used the main parts AT90USB1287 LMX9838 (Bluetooth... Electronics Projects, Winamp Remote Circuit Bluetooth AT90USB1287 Nokia LCD LMX9838 "avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    ATTINY13 Atmel microcontroller installed on the circuit model helicopter is checking the voltage of the battery the battery (or battery) voltage circuit when the level set LEDs, buzzer, giving the alam. ATTINY13 PB2, PB1,... Electronics Projects, Battery Alarm Circuit for Model Helicopters ATtiny13 "avr project, microcontroller projects, simple…... Listed under: , ,
    The scoreboard circuit is based on Atmel microcontroller ATtiny45 circuit cell phone can be controlled via bluetooth, the bluetooth module used in the indicator circuit BTM400-6B is an LCD TV has VGA output of...Electronics Projects, Atmel ATtiny45 Bluetooth Scoreboard Circuit "avr project, microcontroller projects, " The scoreboard circuit is based…... Listed under:
    Market “USB Mail Notifier” ready devices are sold, but in practice, ileginç project also ATmega8 microcontroller and the email account that connects the program’s source code (C + + RAD studiox) or not different... Electronics Projects, ATmega8 USB Email Notifier Circuit "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "  …... Listed under:
    Digital clock project PCB design is very good and prepared and used according to the coffers of small metal wristwatch. Except for a few digital Wristwatch circuit material including all the elements of SMD...Electronics Projects, Multi-function Digital Wristwatch Circuit Atmel ATmega168PA "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Digital clock…... Listed under:
    TDA9859 The main part of the preamplifier is an integrated circuit TDA9859, this integrated circuit is controlled via the I2C microprocessor Atmega128. Individual settings of the preamplifier through the keyboard are displayed on the... Electronics Projects, Digital Class D Amplifier Project TAS5613 TDA9859 ATmega128 "audio amplifier circuits, avr…... Listed under: ,
    TAS5706A Class D Amplifier was itself the signal processor. From this parts depend all the other elements. Has an impact on the type of power supply, the control method of the type converter. That... Electronics Projects, Digital Class D Amplifier Circuit TAS5706A PCM1850A ATmega128 "audio amplifier circuits, avr…... Listed under:
    DC-DC Laboratory Power Supply 0-30V 0-3A LT1074 is a switching regulator type step-down (lowering) with a maximum current of 5 A. Can work with the value of the input voltage up to 60 V... Electronics Projects,0-30V 0-3A Adjustable Switching Laboratory Power Supply "avr project, dc dc converter…... Listed under:
    IR2104 240W Fluorescent tube Ballast Circuit. Work was designed an electronic ballast for starting six fluorescent lamps with a total output of 240W with integrated dimming-controlled analog input and button. Priority is set to... Electronics Projects, 240W Electronic Ballast Circuit IR2104 ATmega48 Controlled"avr project, microcontroller projects, power…... Listed under:
    Atmel ATTINY24 microcontroller based automatic battery charger circuit can charge 12V batteries with different power on (1A…10A current setting range of the charging current with limitation 10Ah, 20Ah, 30Ah, 40Ah, 50Ah, 60Ah, 70Ah, 80Ah,... Electronics Projects, 1A 10A Adjustable Battery Charging Circuit 100Ah "avr project, battery charger circuit,…... Listed under:
    Brushless asynchronous motors, with compact rotor windings, called short cages, are used to drive different fans. Their advantages are durability and simple construction. The presented layout uses a certain characteristic of such a fan... Electronics Projects, 230V Fan Regulator Circuit Mosfet MC33152 ATtiny25 "avr project, microcontroller projects, power…... Listed under:
    The presented layout is a snap on a computer for measuring DHT22 temperature and humidity. It measures the temperature from -40 to 80 ° C with a resolution of 0.1 ° C and accuracy... Electronics Projects,Thermometer Hygrometer Circuit USB DHT22 ATmega8 "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    ATtiny25 Programmable Timer To describe the operation of the device, we will use an example – control of the electromagnetic bolt mounted in the wicket. In the simplest version we require that the push... Electronics Projects, Programmable Timer Circuit ATtiny25 "avr project, microcontroller projects, " ATtiny25 Programmable Timer To describe…... Listed under:
    USB programmer There are few components – the ATtiny45 microcontroller, two Zener diodes, a capacitor and several resistors. Of course, there are still connectors – USB plug and IDC-6 plug. Resistor R1 informs host... Electronics Projects, Tiny USB programmer AVR microcontrollers AVRDUDE "avr project, microcontroller projects, programmer circuit, "…... Listed under:
    ATMEGA48 Many devices may be in standby mode during downtime. They do not perform any work, they are apparently disabled, but the control circuits are powered. To extract useful information from the point of...Electronics Projects, ATMEGA48 Timer triggered by current flow ASM-010 "avr project, microcontroller projects, power…... Listed under:
  228. Ultrasonic Radar Model Using Microcontroller ATmega128
    The circuit described here demonstrates the working of a radar system. It uses ultrasonic waves to detect an object and measure its distance and angular position, and displays the same on a 20x4 LCD screen. -- Ashutosh M. Bhatt is an M. Tech in embedded…... Listed under:
  229. Digital Soil Moisture Meter
    A digital soil moisture meter is used for indicating the water content of a given soil sample. As crop production requires water at different stages and in different amounts, it is important to measure soil moisture from time to time to know its status. The…... Listed under:
    Nixie lamp Thermometer DS18B20 Circuit with ATtiny2313 The first Nixie lamps appeared in the mid-twentieth century. For many years they have been used in a variety of apparatuses but have been supplanted by newer... Electronics Projects, Nixie Tube Thermometer Circuit "avr project, microcontroller projects, " Nixie lamp Thermometer DS18B20 Circuit…... Listed under:
    USB ESR Meter Circuit The main part of the meter is a ATmega8 microcontroller that controls the entire device. Its main the task is to process measured data and perform calculations so that the... Electronics Projects, ATmega8 FT232R USB ESR Meter Circuit "atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    Projects or schematics, drawings that will work when preparing pcb Atmel AVR Microprocessors Information Tags for “Share” drawings directly on Atmel microcontrollers. Colored linking expansions are more comprehensible for those dealing with Atmel Series... Electronics Projects, Atmel Arduino Colored Connection Chart "arduino projects, " Projects or schematics, drawings that…... Listed under:
    For the author, the automatic feeding machine for the wedge is the easiest mechanical part for the application. they insert a plastic container all of which is placed on the CD present on the... Electronics Projects, Automatic Feeding Machine With CD-ROM Mechanic "avr project, microcontroller projects, " For the…... Listed under:
  234. Avr Atmega8 Microcontroller – An Introduction
    In my previous article, I’ve discussed about ATmega32. Now, let me introduce another member of AVR microcontroller family, the ATmega8. This member has many features similar to that of ATmega32. But it has reduced number of features and capabilities, yet it has enough features to…... Listed under:
  235. Handling the Digital Input Output in AVR Micro Controllers
    I have already discussed about a few chapters necessary to get into AVR programming. Now this is the first article that deals with programming.  Let us start with the basics. Digital input output (I/O) is the basic feature supported by  AVR micro controller. To facilitate…... Listed under:
  236. Standard Library & String Formatting for AVR
    Here in this article, I am planning to brief you through the Standard library of AVR-GCC. By the term “Standard Library” we mean the “Standard header” files like “stdio.h”, we commonly see in C programming language. Have you ever used String Formatting in ANSI C?…... Listed under:
  237. Frequency counter circuit
    Simple Frequency Counter You may have already seen various projects over many websites named Frequency counter, Digital Frequency Counter etc. I’m posting just another of them. Showing the use of timer/counter of AVR micro controller (Atmega8) in one of it’s form. This circuit can be…... Listed under:
  238. How to Work With 32K crystal and AVR Microcontroller
    This article teaches you how to add 32K external crystal source to  AVR micro controller (Atmega8 ) with circuit diagram & C program. Introduction Timing-is one of the basic function, performed by the micro controllers. Every microcontroller has at least one timer/counter module in its…... Listed under:
  239. How to work with the ADC unit of an AVR Micro-controller
    Introduction The first step to digital signal processing is to convert a signal into digital data, and here the Analog to Digital Converter devices comes into action. Some of the AVR micro controllers include ADC unit in their features. This is a very useful unit…... Listed under:
  240. Interfacing LCD Module with AVR in 4-Bit Mode
    This article is another step forward in learning more about AVR microcontrollers. We have demonstrated interfacing of LCD module with ATmega328 microcontroller, which will help you to learn its basic concepts. ATmega328 is an eight bit AVR (Advanced Virtual RISC) based microcontroller. It is a…... Listed under:
  241. Bluetooth Home Automation using AVR and Android App
    DIY-Bluetooth based Home Automation Project In this project, let’s see how to design a Bluetooth based home automation project.This article explains the steps involved in the designing of a Bluetooth home automation kit, starting from the configuration of a Bluetooth module. The article also explains…... Listed under:
  242. Keypad Door Lock using AVR Microcontroller – Atmega16
    Password Based Keypad Door Lock  In this article, a digitally secured lock based on password verification is explained. The system uses a seven segment display array to show the password, a matrix keypad to enter the numbers/password and operates a relay (to activate the solenoid…... Listed under:
  243. MultiPurpose Atmel Development Boards Project
    Atmel series microcontrollers series to prepare for the software quality testing to ensure ease in your test circuit has 3 different test circuit. ATmega8, ATMega16, atmega162, ATtiny2313 and ATTINY13 made ​​to the circuit RS232... Electronics Projects, MultiPurpose Atmel Development Boards Project "avr development board, "…... Listed under:
  244. ATmega16 Analog-Looking Digital Clock Project
    Atmega16 microcontroller in our circuit monitor 7 inch in size. Screen “3 inch” or “4 inch” may be, it doesn’t matter. We have the biggest screen by controlling the foot links we could find.... Electronics Projects, ATmega16 Analog-Looking Digital Clock Project "avr project, microcontroller projects,…... Listed under:
  245. Make Your Own WiCard WiFi Module on a Breadboard
    Like Arduino you can make your own WiCard on a breadboard. All you need are resistors, capacitors, breadboard, wires, ATmega8, and ESP8266. Story Like “Arduino," you can make your own WiCard on a breadboard. If you want to make WiCard on a breadboard before making…... Listed under:
  246. Interfacing HC-05 Bluetooth module with AVR Microcontroller
    In this tutorial let us learn How to interface HC-05 Bluetooth Module with AVR ATmega8 microcontroller. We will establish communication between Android mobile and Atmega8 through Bluetooth module which takes place through UART serial communication protocol. In this project we will control a LED using Bluetooth…... Listed under:
  247. Interfacing RF module with Atmega8: Communication between two AVR Microcontrollers
    Making our projects Wireless always makes it to look cool and also extends the range in which it can be controlled. Starting from using a normal IR LED for short distance wireless control till an ESP8266 for worldwide HTTP control, there are lots of ways…... Listed under:
  248. Interfacing GSM Module with AVR Microcontroller: Send and Receive Messages
    GSM modules are interesting to use especially when our project requires remote access. These modules could make all actions that our normal mobile phone could do, like making/receiving a call, sending/receiving a SMS, connecting to internet using GPRS etc. You can also connect a normal microphone…... Listed under:
  249. UV Sensor ML8511 AVR Atmega library
    Ultraviolet (UV) is an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength from 10 nm to 400 nm. The ML8511 is an ultraviolet sensor that output an analog signal correlated to the amount of UV light detected. By datasheet the sensor detects wavelength from 280nm to 560nm. Here…... Listed under:
  250. Using AVR Studio – My first C++ code
    This is an extremely simple "Hello World" C++ code for the ATMega32 that you can follow using AVR Studio. You do not need any hardware such as the chip or even the ISP programmer cable because AVR Studio simulates the inputs and outputs, and you…... Listed under:
  251. Power factor measurement using Atmel AVR Micro-Controllers
    To learn about the power factor measurement, you should have a basic knowledge of power factor. There are three types of loads. Resistive  Inductive Capacitive When we apply AC voltage to resistive loads it will not change the current wave form. But inductive loads will…... Listed under:
  252. Auto No Break Power Supply Control
    The major aim of this no break power supply project is to supply continuous energy supply to a load, by picking the supply from any spring out of the four like – generator, mains, inverter and solar robotically in the lack of any of the…... Listed under:
  253. RFID Based Toll Collection System
    We know in offices, shopping malls and in many other places where only the person with authorization card is allowed to enter the room. These systems use RFID communication system. RFID is used in shopping malls to stop theft as the products are tagged with RFID chip…... Listed under:
  254. DC motor interfacing with AVR ATmega16/ATmega32
    DC motor converts electrical energy in the form of Direct Current into mechanical energy. In case of motor, the mechanical energy produced is in the form of rotational movement of the motor shaft. The direction of rotation of the shaft of the motor can be…... Listed under:
  255. ATmega8 Line Follower Robot (LFR) Project – Part 2/2
    Now that the mechanical assembly part is over,and we have completed the construction of left and right (L&R) infrared sensor cards. Since the MCU (ATmega8) cannot drive the dc motors directly, a dedicated motor driver circuit is used. The motor driver circuit here is based…... Listed under:
  256. A digital DC powersupply
    Introduction In 2002 I wrote a article about a Microcontroller based DC powersupply (LF November2002 article251) The article received a lot of interest as I noticed from emails which I received on this subject. The design of this powersupply was however something for advanced…... Listed under:
  257. An NRF24L01+ and FTDI Ready Atmega 328P-PU (3.3V, 500 MA) Microcontroller With Dual Power Capability, Undervoltage, Hysteresis, and Thyristor-Crowbar Overvoltage Protection
    This board is designed to safely drive a 3.3V microcontroller and connected accoutrements. It supports primary and backup power sources and provides numerous over and under voltage safeguards. The microcontroller here is a bare-bone, no-frills Atmega 328P-PU with no leds, driven by a 16 MHz…... Listed under:
  258. AVR-based Sensor Keyboard
    A modern microcontroller has almost everything that's needed to implement a touch sensor matrix. There are several sensing technologies: IC manufacturers typically advise using certain tech, sometimes they offer ready to use hardware- or software-based solutions. I was curious to try to implement a sensor…... Listed under: ,
  259. Arduino LFO Waveform Generator V2
    Introduction This project uses an Arduino microprocessor and a MAX522 8 bit serial DAC to produce arbitrary low frequency oscillator (LFO) waveforms. These waveforms are useful for driving a tremolo/vibrato circuit in a guitar amplifier such as the Lil Tiger or the Hammonator 2RVT. This…... Listed under:
  260. Programming ATMEGA32 (or Any Other AVR) Using Arduino IDE
    The Arduino is a very cool development board where you could create hundreds of projects. But it doesn't mean that for every project you create, you would need an Arduino board dedicated to that project alone. A hundred projects and a hundred Arduinos? That's a…... Listed under: ,
  261. AVR ATmega32 Mini Development Board – Interfacing LCD
    AVR ATmega32 Mini Development Board is interfaced with a LCD module (2×16) operating at 5V. The voltage at the third pin of the LCD can be varied by potentiometer to adjust contrast. LCD can work either in 4 or 8 bit mode. Here, the circuit is…... Listed under:
  262. Interfacing Ultrasonic Rangefinder with AVR MCUs – AVR Tutorial
    Obstacle detecting sensors are one of the most basic type of sensors that electronic hobbyists use. There are several methods to make cheap obstacle sensors. These simple sensors are made using a IR Rx/Tx pair or Normal LED and LDR pair(this design is most basic…... Listed under: ,
  263. How to control DC motor speed using PWM on Atmega32
    Using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to control a device is a common practice in embedded systems; for example, you can use it to control the light intensity of a LED or control the speed of a DC motor. In this article, we will explain how to…... Listed under: ,
  264. Servo Motor Control by Using AVR ATmega32 Microcontroller
    Servo motors are a type of electromechanical actuators that do not rotate continuously like DC/AC or stepper motors, rather they used to position and hold some object. They are used where continuous rotation is not required so they are not used to drive wheels (unless…... Listed under: ,
  265. Atmel ATmega Video generator with SDRAM
    This projects uses 8MByte SDRAM from a 168 pin DIMM SDRAM and generates videosignal for a VGA monitor with a resolution of 512x480 pixels with 256 colors at 60Hz using mega8515. The project uses burst mode of SDRAM, which can feed up to 512 bytes…... Listed under: ,
  266. How to make Automatic Charger for a 7Ah Battery
    7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery  7Ah Sealed lead acid battery is a very popular battery which people use in most places like fans, LEDs etc. The reason behind popularity of 7Ah battery is due to its medium size and medium Ah rating. By medium means,…... Listed under:
  267. hd44780 Character LCD Displays – Part 2
    Introduction This tutorial continues from Character LCD Displays – Part 1. In this part we will connect the LCD module to an Atmega8 microcontroller, then write some code to drive it. The Circuit Our first task is to build the circuit. We will be using…... Listed under:
  268. First steps with micro controllers (ATMega8)
    Purpose of this article: 1) to learn how to connect the Micro controller in a simple circuit and how to power it 2) to see how to create a simple programmer (a device to connect the micro controller to a PC for uploading software) 3)…... Listed under: , ,
  269. Minimal Arduino with ATmega8
    Like me, you may have a few old Arduino boards or ATmega8 chips (in the boards) laying around from when you were first playing with Arduino. Those chips can still be really useful as the heart of a tiny “Minimal Arduino” setup. A normal Arduino…... Listed under: , ,
  270. Atmega8 based Voltmeter Ampmeter v2
    Low power consumption Better Amperes display resolution while using low value drop resistor. Much smaller PCB size, only 5cm x 5cm. Still no SMD components. Easy calibration, only one voltage adjust and one ampere adjust preset, no voltage out detection. Voltage supplied by my 12Volt…... Listed under: ,
  271. Micro-controller Programming on a Bread Board
    In playing around with DIY electronics, Pugs has developed enough confidence to share his knowledge with his juniors. So, in one such occasion, he decided to give a try to program a micro-controller, as part of the electronics hobby club. There have been many hobbyist…... Listed under:
  272. Nokia5110 graphical display interfacing with AVR ATmega16/ATmega32
    Introduction Nokia5110 is a graphical display that can display text, images and various patterns. It has a resolution of 48x84 and comes with a backlight. It uses SPI communication to communicate with a microcontroller. Data and commands can be sent through microcontroller to the display…... Listed under:
  273. Configuring and using XBEE wireless modules
    Xbees are some of the most powerful wireless modules you can find and they’re also very easy to configure and use. The only thing is they cost about Rs.1000 to Rs.2500 depending on the range and other parameters. If you’re like me and only bought…... Listed under: , ,
  274. The simplest digital voltmeter with AVR
    This is probably the simplest possible digital voltmeter with Atmel AVR microcontroller. The circuit is controlled by a microprocessor IO1 - Atmel AVR ATmega8 (ATmega8, ATmega8L), a program to download and configuration bits setting is below. (ATmega8 may seem too "big", but was chosen because…... Listed under: , , ,
  275. Input Devices
    Measure something: add a sensor to a microcontroller board that you have designed and read it. This week I decided to make ATMEGA 328 board. ATMEGA 328 Some of the Features of ATMEGA 328 are 1.8-5.5V operating range Up to 20MHz 32kB Flash program memory…... Listed under: , ,
  276. PIR motion sensor interface with AVR-microcontroller ATMEGA32
    Passive Infra red sensor also known as PIR sensors is capable of detecting motion or movement within a certain range. These type of sensors have wide range of applications in our daily life and it is essential to learn the interfacing method. This article is…... Listed under: ,
  277. Analogue to Digital Conversion on an ATmega168
    Many AVR microcontrollers are capable of doing Analogue to Digital Conversion. The ATmega168 has 6 ports (8 ports on the SMD packages) that can be used for analogue input. This tutorial shows you how. The circuit The Breadboard layout is based on the Atmega8 breadboard…... Listed under: , ,
  278. How to make an Arduino Pro Mini bare bones with Real-time Clock
    Recapitulation One thing I didn’t find clearly over the internet is how to make an Arduino Pro Mini bare bones, that is, from the scratch, and how to make one on the breadboard. This is really useful if you want to make a custom pcb/smd…... Listed under: ,
  279. How to drive 595 shift registers with AVR hardware SPI
    Driving a shift register using an AVR chip’s built-in hardware is really quite easy. Most of their offerings have an SPI module, or Serial Peripheral Interface. A shift register is exactly that, a peripheral device that communicates via a serial line. All we need to…... Listed under: ,
  280. Make your own AVR JTAG debugger
    Tired of putting LEDs every time you want to check some value in the microcontroller? Well, its time to build yourself a debugger. A debugger is a device which helps you run through your code in the microcontroller step by step and also gives you…... Listed under: ,
  281. Introduction to Arduino UNO (uses AVR ATmega328)
    Overview Arduino is an Open Source embedded development platform which is easy-to-use. It comprises of Hardware boards and Software tools. Examples of some of the most popular Arduino Hardware boards are , Arduino Uno This board is designed around the ATmega328 AVR microcontroller. It is…... Listed under: ,
  282. An AVR microcontroller based Ethernet device
    Ethernet has traditionally been a quite complex interface. All Ethernet chips until today had 100 pins or more, where difficult to find in small quantities and difficult to use from a small microcontroller with little memory. Microchip has changed the world with their new ENC28J60…... Listed under:
  283. Fastest Finger First Quiz Project using ATmega16
    Most of you must have watched quiz games in TV shows or at your schools where few contestants are required to press a switch if they know the answer to the question. An electronic system is required to find out exactly which one of then…... Listed under:
  284. Making a LED Message Display with Keyboard Interface
    LED signage has become the choice in modern days to convey message to visitors of a venue. Be it corporate office, shops, restaurants or any kind of social functions like marriages. Some big and complicated display needs dedicated control PCs and designers to build contents…... Listed under:
  285. LED Dot Matrix Room Temperature Display using P10 and ATmega8
    Room temperature display on big screen is a common requirement from industrial sector. Used in server rooms, PLC rooms, storage rooms and many other places in an industrial units. Traditionally seven segment displays of big size (say four inch height) were used. But now a…... Listed under:
  286. P10 LED Display Panel Interface with AVR ATmega8
    Making LED displays and signage is a complete industry in itself serving all sorts of clients like banks, railway stations, factories, airport and more. In earlier days display units were made using individual LEDs carefully placed and soldered to make matrix of display. But this…... Listed under:
  287. Control Electrical Appliances from Android Smart Phone using Bluetooth : Project Construction
    Connecting Bluetooth Module with Development Board The Bluetooth module has seven interface pins of which two are NC (not connected) pins. The table below shows how you can interface with it our low cost AVR development board. Bluetooth Module Dev Board GND GND RST PD2…... Listed under:
  288. Control Electrical Appliances from Android Smart Phone using Bluetooth : Project Construction
    Connecting Bluetooth Module with Development Board The Bluetooth module has seven interface pins of which two are NC (not connected) pins. The table below shows how you can interface with it our low cost AVR development board. Bluetooth Module Dev Board GND GND RST PD2…... Listed under:
  289. Home Appliance Control over Mobile Network
    You can call up on your colleague's mobile number and ask him/her to turn on or off the lights or other appliance of your office. You may be any where in the world at that time, as mobile network allows to to talk to anyone…... Listed under:
  290. ATMega328 Board
    The ATMega328 board is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328, The board contains everything needed to support the microcontroller. The board need 5VDC to power it. Simply connect the power connector to a computer with a USB cable or power it with a AC-to-DC adapter or…... Listed under:
  291. ATTiny 2313 BOARD
    his board is a development board on which you can build your projects. It is suited for educational use, experiments or prototyping. The board uses the ATTiny2313 microcontroller with a 20Mhz clock. The board contains the ISP 10-pin connector for in circuit serial programming. It…... Listed under:
  292. LED Mood light
    In this projects 8 different colors are displayed with the use of a RGB LED. The microcontroller that is used is the ATMega8. An RGB LED is a LED which has three LED's integrated in one packaging. These LED's have the colors red, green, and…... Listed under:
  293. servo motor controller
    In ths project you can learn how to build a servo controleer motor with the ATMEGA328 board. The position of the servo motor is controlled by the software (sweep back and forth) or by a potentiometer. The position of the servo motor is set by…... Listed under:
  294. LED Driver MAX7219 – clock
    Below is the schematic that shows how the IC is wired to the ATMEGA328 microcontroller and the 4 digit 7-segment display with comon cathode.   Besides the MAX7219 you need only three other external components: two capacitors and one resistor. The capacitors are here to…... Listed under:
  295. Using Push Button Switch with Atmega32 and Atmel Studio
    This tutorial is meant for beginners in the field of Atmel AVR programming. I hope that you already read my first tutorial Blinking LED using Atmega32 and Atmel Studio. In most of the embedded electronic projects you may want to use a push button switch…... Listed under:
  296. Build Your Own Microcontroller Based PID Control Line Follower Robot (LFR) – Second Part
    One of the interesting parts in building the Line Follower Robot is; you could start it with a very simple version by using just two transistors with the LED and LDR for sensor (Build Your Own Transistor Based Mobile Line Follower Robot – First Part)…... Listed under:
  297. Basic User’s Experiment Notes
    The “Basic User’s Experiment Note” is based on the popular 8-bit Atmel AVR ATmega328P microcontroller using AVRJazz 28PIN development board. This e-book covering most of the Atmel AVR ATmega328P microcontroller important features. With almost 140 pages, this e-book is organized similar to many of the…... Listed under:
  298. Basic Servo Motor Controlling with Microchip PIC Microcontroller
    The servo motor is widely used in model hobbyist such as airplane R/C model for moving the rudder, ailerons, elevators and acceleration control or in the car R/C model for steering and acceleration control. In this tutorial we will learn how to control the servo…... Listed under:
  299. OH HAI! on Windows 10 IoT Core
    Story Oh, Hai Hai ('hi') is an integration point for several stand alone smart home technologies.  Hai runs on the Raspberry Pi and can be adapted to optimize electricity consumption (lighting/HVAC) and water usage (irrigation/rain collection) in a number of ways. Hai was originally envisioned…... Listed under:
  300. ThiDom Home automation
    Story This project uses Arduino, Raspberry and Attiny, it allows you to control nd monitor your home (AC outlet, shutters, heater, light, opening detector, temperature ...). The raspberry is the web server allowing control all arduino These can be controlled from any web browser around…... Listed under:
  301. Cellular Data Logger
    Story I have been collecting data from Raleigh's trails and parks for the last couple years.  My primary platform has been a custom Arduino board I developed for low-cost (hey, these things may get damaged or stolen) and long battery life.  I wanted a connected…... Listed under:
  302. Physical computing with ATtiny
    Story I have a nice "carranca" (or wall mask) from Chile that stands in my corridor. It's a very beautiful decorative mask that I liked from the very first moment I saw it at the shop. Few weeks ago I wondered if I could bring…... Listed under:
  303. POV Cylinder with Arduino Due
    Story Introduction This is my first Arduino project. My work was inspired by several maker projects that created Persistence of Vision Displays [2,3,4]. Persistence of vision (POV) refers to the optical illusion whereby multiple discrete images blend into a single image in the human mind and believed to…... Listed under:
  304. OLED on the Cheap!
    Things used in this project Hardware components: OLED 128x64 SPI-capable Available on Aliexpress or eBay for $4 to $20 × 1 For standard Arduino platforms, use the unmodified Adafruit libs × 1 Story I like cheap electronics for playing. Cheap is good for budget conscious…... Listed under:
  305. Tinker's Word Clock – REVISITED! NOW 110% more AWESOME
    I have been tinkering with Word Clocks for years. There is only one thing I like more than making word clocks… it’s designing them so that they are easy to put together. This tutorial will go through my latest version (5!!!!!). By the end of…... Listed under: ,
  306. nRF24L01+ with ATtiny85 3 Pins
    Story This would be the continuation of my previous project Programming ATtiny85 with Arduino Uno. Now with cheaper ATtiny85 in place I was looking for cheaper ways to transmit the sensor data. Which brought me to nRF24L01+ a cheap, low power RF transceiver. This seemed…... Listed under:
  307. Programming ATtiny85 with Arduino Uno
    Story I am working on a project which requires reading multiple sensor data on different locations. These require only few PWM pins so using multiple Arduino Uno would be expensive and unnecessary. So I decided to use ATtiny85 microcontroller in place of Arduino Uno development…... Listed under:
  308. Franzino is a low cost Arduino standalone board
    Hardware components: Atmel ATmega328P × 1 16 MHz Crystal × 1 Capacitor 22 pF × 2 Capacitor 100 nF × 5 LED (generic) × 2 Linear Regulator (7805) × 1 Capacitor 10 µF × 2 1N4007 – High Voltage, High Current Rated Diode × 1…... Listed under:
  309. Arduino Without External Clock Crystal on ATmega328
    Story An Arduino consists of many components like: a linear regulator, USB to Serial microcontroller, debug LED, power LED, reset button, RX & TX LED, crystal oscillator, etc. But a minimal circuit can have just the brain of the Arduino UNO, that is, an ATmega328p…... Listed under:
  310. Reducing Arduino Power Consumption
    Story When it comes to portable electronics, one of the most important features is how to maximize the battery life. The ATmega328P, used on popular boards like the SparkFun RedBoard, Arduino Uno, and Pro Mini are actually quite power hungry. The RedBoard and Arduino Uno,…... Listed under:
  311. Gimmick on Barebones Arduino 16MHz
    Story Did you see this 8MHz no-crystal Arduino? Arduino on Internal Oscillator Crystal as Clock Source by Naman Chauhan is a great project if you can live with 8MHz using the internal RC oscillator of the Atmega328P chip. I really like Naman's project; I did…... Listed under:
  312. Tri-Mode Digital Clock with ATtiny85 and RTC
    Story Hello everybody, This is my first project using ATtiny85 microcontroller and also including a Real Time Clock (RTC) working with it. The use of ATtiny85 is a very interesting way to shrink your Arduino projects in a final tiny version. The Three-Modes Digital Clock…... Listed under:
  313. Bootload Your ATtiny85
    Story What is a Bootloader? Microcontrollers require a programmer to install firmware on them. A programmer is a device, that when combined with software, loads firmware to the microcontroller. There are many programmers available. I won't go into to detail about them, but I will…... Listed under:
  314. SSD1306xLED Tinusaur ATtiny85 Library for SSD1306
    Story SSD1306xLED is a C library for working with the SSD1306 display driver to control dot matrix OLED/PLED 128×64 displays. It is intended to be used with the Tinusaur board but should also work with any other board based on ATtiny85 or similar microcontroller. The…... Listed under:
  315. 3D-Printed RGB Wallet
    Stand out from the crowd with this unabashedly ostentatious excuse for a wallet. It's got plenty of space, RGB lights, and you can even put your name on it for added vanity. Interested? Keep reading!In the files section of this build you can find two…... Listed under:
  316. Open Source IoT Platform
    The Project Intended as open source for those who want to build their own dosimeter with their own tools, this is an IOT device that can take several sensors and have the data centralized online. The readings are accessible via a RESTful API, or by…... Listed under:
  317. Light-Up Poker Chip
    Spice up your poker games with these cool blinking chips. They can be programmed on the fly to have a certain number of the LEDs illuminated to indicate value, or you can have the lights blink in a cool pattern. They make great playing chips…... Listed under:
  318. Scrumtato: Make Daily Stand-Ups Agile Again
    Story The following was originally published in my blog. At Delphi in Gothenburg, where I am currently employed, we create all kinds of cool products for the automotive industry. To organize our development process, we use SCRUM and abide by the Agile principles. Every morning,…... Listed under:
  319. Goldilocks Analogue – Prototyping 3
    Following my initial design article, and the follow up design article, I’ve put quite a lot of thought into how I can make this Goldilocks Analogue device best achieve my stated goals. Pictured is the new 3rd Goldilocks Analogue Prototype. I'm now working on the 4th Goldilocks Analogue…... Listed under:
  320. Playing Simon On A Hacked Farm Toy
    About My kids have a plastic farm toy. It neighs, it baas, and frankly, it grates. But since I tricked it out with a microcontroller brain, at least it can play Simon. One of the marvels of parenthood is the sheer volume of noisy plastic junk…... Listed under:
  321. Taiko Trainer
    High level Design Overview/Rationale This idea was inspired by team member Gabriel Soares who is part of Cornell’s Taiko Drum Club (Yamatai). Through his practicing and performing with others, he recognized the opportunity to design a drum trainer that can help students better learn to…... Listed under:
  322. Coil Winding machine counter with Atmega8 and Reed relay
    Connectors Everything has been mounted on a test board, including the headers for: ISP programmer (USBAsp), the 5110 Nokia LCD, the power supply (5V in, fed to the 3.3V regulator), the Reed relay connector, the reset button connector and another 2 pins connector, used to…... Listed under:
  323. Bluetooth remote controllable (Lego) cars
    How it started It started with the idea to make a technical proof of concept combining the Physical Web and WebBluetooth. The Physical Web is an effort by Google to allow interacting with "things" without fiddling around with installing apps or setting anything up. The…... Listed under:
  324. Markov Music Box
    markov summary Traditional music boxes play one or two tunes very well, but are not very interactive. Put differently, they have a high quality of synthesis, but a fixed-pattern note sequencer and fixed tonal quality. I wanted to build a device which would play an…... Listed under: ,
  325. DIY Canon IR Remote
    Hardware components: Atmel ATtiny13a CHF 1.25 × 1 Osram SFH409 IR Diode CHF 0.75 × 1 Battery holder CR1220 CHF 0.65 × 1 Coin Cell Battery CR1220 3V × 1 Push Button CHF 0.25 × 1 Resistor 15Ω CHF 0.07 × 1 Micro Slide Switch…... Listed under:
  326. wozItDo: Tiny IQ puzzel, BIG challenge
    Hardware components: Atmel ATTiny85 × 1 LED (generic) × 3 Resistor 221 ohm Or similar, I used 220 ohm × 3 SparkFun Pushbutton switch 12mm or similar × 1 Coin Cell Battery Holder × 1 Coin Cell Battery CR2032 any 3v cell that fits is…... Listed under:
  327. The Tinusaur Project
    About The Tinusaur What is it Briefly, the Tinusaur is a minimal micro-controller hardware configuration based on Atmel AVR ATtiny family of products and more specifically those with DIP-8 case such as ATtiny25/ATtiny45/ATtiny85, ATtiny13 as well as their variations. The goal of the Tinusaur project…... Listed under:
  328. Yet Another Z180 (YAZ180) Project
    I’m thinking about a new project, something a little unusual but still with a rich history of information upon which to base the build. On Tindie, I found the RC2014 project which is a build of a Z80 platform but based on some modern components.…... Listed under:
  329. Goldilocks Analogue Synthesizer
    For the past year, I’ve been prototyping an Arduino clone, the Goldilocks Analogue, which incorporates advanced analogue output capabilities into the design of the original Goldilocks with ATmega1284p AVR MCU and uSD card cage. Recently the design scope crept up to include two SPI memory…... Listed under:
  330. Arduboy Solar Charge Controller, Inverter, PowerBank, Lamp
    About this Project I have a few solar panels, 12 Volt batteries, transformers and few more stuff laying around for a while crying out aloud to make some good use of them. Thus the birth of this device - complete small PV solution on a…... Listed under:
  331. Sigfox Talking Plant
    Hardware components: Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO × 1 Atmel ATA8520D (EVK arduino) × 1 Software apps and online services: Sigfox Twitter Story What is Sigfox Talking Plant? It is a simple project based on Sigfox network to make a plant talk on Twitter. The…... Listed under:
  332. Make your own remote temperature/humidity sensor
    Hardware components: Atmel atmega 328p-pu × 1 SI7020-A20 I²C Humidity and Temperature Sensor ±4%RH ±.4°C × 1 433 MHz transmitter / Receiver kit × 1 AMS1117-ADJ voltage regulator × 1 Capacitor 100 µF × 1 Capacitor 100 nF × 1 Resistor 1k ohm ×…... Listed under:
  333. XBee Walkie Talkie
    Hardware components: Goldilocks Analogue Still as prototype currently, but functionality can be recreated with MCP4822 DAC, Microphone Amplifier, and Headphone Amplifier, together with Arduino Uno. × 1 MAX9744 × 1 MAX9814 × 1 MCP4921 DAC × 1 Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO × 1 Arduino…... Listed under:
  334. Bionic Organs/Devices/Limbs Wireless Charging
    Hardware components: IDT Qi 5W Transmitter Prototype Kit × 1 IDT Qi 5W Receiver Prototype Kit × 1 Atmel Atmega328p × 1 HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor × 1 Hand tools and fabrication machines: Arduino cc Schemeit PCBWeb Story Bionic devices/organs has a limited lifetime where its…... Listed under:
  335. Personal Home Assistant
    Hardware components: Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO × 1 Atmel ATMega328 × 1 Linear Regulator (7805) × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 20 Resistor 10k ohm × 5 Resistor 1k ohm × 5 Capacitor 22 pF × 6 16 MHz Crystal × 3 SparkFun Pushbutton…... Listed under:
  336. Darby's not dead.
    Hardware components: Particle Spark Core × 1 atmega168 × 1 pn532 breakout board/ adafruit × 1 Story In the future there is a bar where all the dead punk rockers hang out. They are each given a MiFare classic card programmed with their name and…... Listed under:
  337. Digital Thermometer using AVR, LM35 and 16×2 LCD
    Thermometers are the device we use to measure the temperature in any desired scale and we all will be quite familiar with the analog thermometers. There are some disadvantages in analog thermometers and this can be overcome by using this digital thermometer using avr. The…... Listed under:
  338. AVR Serial Communication (UART) Programming tutorial
    This tutorial focuses to teach you how to program AVR Serial Communication (UART). UART plays an important role in almost every embedded applications which we see in our day to life and hence it was considered to be very important concept in every Microcontroller. The…... Listed under:
  339. Tutorial on printing image in Graphical LCD (GLCD) using Atmega32
    Graphical LCD’s known as GLCD are display devices which are capable of displaying graphical images, customized characters, etc. This paves way for any system to present information to the end user by means of interactive graphics such as printing image. Bored of using the old…... Listed under:
  340. Creating Pac man custom patterns and animation in LCD display
    LCD modules are widely used to display calculated data’s, user references and much more. In addition all character based LCD which uses HD44780 controller consists of a special RAM known as CGRAM which allows user to create custom patterns. This tutorial will teach you to…... Listed under:
  341. LCD Interface with Atmega32 AVR microcontoller for beginners
    LCD’s are quite familiar module when comes interfacing with microcontrollers. We can find these display modules in plenty of instances where a specific info is need to be displayed for the viewers. This article explains LCD interface with Atmega32 a AVR family Microcontroller and display…... Listed under:
  342. Digital Clock using AVR Atmega16 Microcontroller
    Digital clocks revolutionize the way we live our daily life as it helps people to stick with their schedule. This article will teach you to build your own Digital clock using DS1307 RTC Chip with Atmega16 microcontroller. As we all know that DS1307 is a…... Listed under:
  343. Volt-Amp meter using AVR microcontroller
    Voltage and current are two most important parameters of electricity. This project teaches you to build a simple volt-amp meter using avr microcontroller. This project may not enable you to build a high end measurement tool but will be a good diy project which gives a…... Listed under:
  344. Door/Window alarm circuit
    Door or Window alarm circuit have been used widely in many homes to detect intrusion. A simple search in internet might fetch you lot of alarms for you to buy. But making your own alarm will be something special and that’s the purpose of this…... Listed under:
  345. Automatic plant watering system using AVR(Atmega16) Microcontroller
    Plant watering system evolved through various stages where primitive irrigation systems possess many drawbacks as it fails to conserve water and human energy. So introducing Automation in it can help us to overcome these drawbacks and pave way to conserve water. This can be done…... Listed under:
  346. ATmega32 Switch Toggle Program
    ATMega32 switch code is extremely simple to implement, and this article looks into how to write the code to make an LED light up when a switch is pressed. The atmega32-switch-code.c program tests the switch input to the ATMega32 Development System. There are many ways…... Listed under:
  347. ATmega32 blinking LED Lights
    Using the ATMega32 microcontroller to flash or blink some LEDs is extremely simple and this tutorial shows how to make a blinker circuit including the example program code to blink eight LEDs. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a program to blink…... Listed under:
  348. Intelligent temperature monitoring and control system using AVR microcontroller
    Controlling temperature has been a prime objective in various applications including refrigerators, air conditioners, air coolers, heaters, industrial temperature conditioning and so on. Temperature controllers vary in their complexities and algorithms. Some of these use simple control techniques like simple on-off control while others use…... Listed under:
  349. GSM Based Home Automation
    GSM based home automation, project allows you to control electrical appliances using your mobile phone SMS. It consists of ATmega8 microcontroller, SIM300 GSM modem, Relays. There are many Home Automation Systems available in our market. Most of these are simple home appliances controlling systems like DTMF controlled…... Listed under:
  350. GSM Based Fire Alarm System
    GSM, Microcontroller Based Fire detection and SMS Alert system, it uses LM35 Temperature Sensor and MQ2 for Smoke sensing and 16x2 LCD is used to display temperature and Smoke Level, Over limit set points are set inside the program you can modify it as per…... Listed under:
  351. Password based door locking system
    Password based door locking system, uses Matrix keypad to enter the password, This project is extended to operate on IR Remote RC-604, In this project all required data is given Circuit diagram, C code, PCB design and All related data, This project is based on…... Listed under:
  352. AVR Microcontroller based Temperature Monitoring and Control System
    AVR Microcontroller based Temperature Controller, it uses LM35 Temperature Sensor for measurement of temperature and 16x2 LCD is used to display temperature set point, Heater Status and current temperature, It controls temperature by turning on and off of the heater using relay. This project is…... Listed under: ,
  353. Bluetooth based home automation
    Bluetooth based home automation, project allows you to control electrical appliances using your android mobile phone. It consists of ATmega8 microcontroller, HC-06 Bluetooth module, Relays. There are many Home Automation Systems available in our market. Most of these are simple home appliances controlling systems like DTMF controlled…... Listed under:
  354. Fingerprint based security system
    This AVR microcontroller based project demonstrates Finger print based access control / security system, in this project we have provided all required data, PCB, Code, Circuit Diagram, Proteus Simulation. This project operates a relay based on valid finger detection. It is provided with 6-Keys for…... Listed under:
  355. Token number display system using microcontroller
    Bank token number display project is build using ATmega8 Microcontroller and ULN2003 for driving large LED display, PCB layout, Circuit diagram are self explanatory. It is capable to display three digits, its simple project using microcontroller. Token issue systems are ideal for banks, airports, public…... Listed under:
  356. 16×2 LCD interface with microcontroller
    Interfacing with Hitatchi 44780 The purpose of this page is to give a brief tutorial on how to interface with Hitatchi 44780 based LCDs. I have tried to provide the all the data necessary for successfully adding LCDs to your application. The most common connector…... Listed under:
  357. DS1307 RTC Interfacing with AVR microcontroller
    In this tutorial we will learn How to interface RTC DS1307 with AVR microcontroller. We are using Atmega8 for the demo. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The DS1307 serial real-time clock (RTC) is a low-power, full binary-coded decimal (BCD) clock/calendar plus 56 bytes of NV SRAM. Address and data are…... Listed under:
  358. Analog to Digital Converter AVR C Programming
    One of the important features in today’s modern microcontroller is the capability of converting the analog signal to the digital signal. This feature allows us to process the analog world easily such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, distance, etc; which usually captured by electronics sensor…... Listed under:
  359. AVRJazz Mega168/328 Learning and Development Board
    The AVRJazz Mega168 board from ermicro is designed to be used both as the AVR microcontroller learning and development board. The AVR Jazz Mega168 board is stand alone microcontroller module equipped with the latest Atmel high performance low power technology AVR ATMega168 or ATMega328 microcontroller…... Listed under:
  360. Introduction to AVR Microcontroller Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
    PWM is used in many industrial mostly for controlling the motor speed. The PWM is used because it’s the most efficient method comparing to the analog one. That’s why most of the modern microcontrollers today have this features build in. How does this PWM works…... Listed under:
  361. Atmel AVR ISP Microcontroller Programmer Project
    One of the frustrating part in learning AVR microcontroller for the beginners is the AVR microcontroller programmer. The question is how to program my AVR mircrocontroller; actually if you googling on the internet and search for AVR ISP Programmer there are plenty information; start from…... Listed under:
  362. AVR Twinkle Twinkle Using PWM Project
    Would be interesting if we could make our microcontroller to sing for us not just beeping or blinking; this project is all about using the powerful AVR ATmega168 16-bit PWM feature to produce accurate musical notes such as playing the child’s favorite Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star…... Listed under:
  363. AVR LCD Thermometer Using ADC and PWM Project
    Sometimes we need our microcontroller to interact with more human readable information. It will be better for us if we could make it display the words not just blinking the LED. Today most modern gadget such as mobile phone and PDA, use LCD (Liquid Crystal…... Listed under:
  364. Controlling DC motor with AVR ATtiny13 PWM and ADC Project
    It’s interesting to explore what we can do with this tiny 8 pins; 8-bit microcontroller. The ATtiny13 is the smallest and cheapest Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontroller families but yet, it’s loaded with sophisticated peripherals such as two 8-bit PWM channels and 4 channels 10-bit ADC.…... Listed under:
  365. Build Your Own Microcontroller Based PID Control Line Follower Robot (LFR) – Second Part
    One of the interesting parts in building the Line Follower Robot is; you could start it with a very simple version by using just two transistors with the LED and LDR for sensor (Build Your Own Transistor Based Mobile Line Follower Robot – First Part)…... Listed under:
  366. Transforming your AVR Microcontroller to the I2C or TWI Slave I/O Expander Project
    The I2C bus (read as I squared C) is one of the most important embedded system serial bus interface first introduced by Philips in 1980; using just two lines called SCL (serial clock) and SDA (serial data) respectively make the I2C bus is a perfect…... Listed under:
  367. Developing Embedded Application with BASIC Language on the Microchip PIC18F Microcontroller using the Amicus18 Development system
    The BASIC (Beginners’ All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) language has been known as one of the popular high level language choice in embedded system today. In fact the born and development of the personal computer (PC) we use today has been influenced by the used of…... Listed under:
  368. Build your own stopwatch using Maxim MAX7219 Serially Interfaced, 8-Digit LED Display Drivers
    One of the basic usage of the TIMER peripheral on every microcontroller is to provide the accurate timing mechanism. Using the TIMER peripheral as the basic timing, we could easily develop a stopwatch and display it to the 8-Digit seven segment numeric LED display. Thanks…... Listed under:
  369. Building the I2C Smart DC Motor Controller with Atmel AVR Microcontroller – Part 1
    The idea of building my own I2C (read as I square C) smart DC motor controller is came to me when I was learning and playing together with my son on his LEGO® MINDSTORM® NXT 2.0 about a year ago. The NXT sophisticated controller also…... Listed under:
  370. Telepresence Robot using Microchip PIC16F1829 and Atmel AVR ATmega168 I2C Smart DC Motor Controller Microcontroller – Part 2
    The I2C (read as I square C) smart DC motor controller is designed using the Atmel 8-bit AVR Atmega168 microcontroller and configured to act as the I2C slave device where it could be controlled by other microcontroller or microprocessor through the I2C SDA (serial data)…... Listed under:
  371. The LED Chasing Effect Project using Atmel AVR Microcontroller
    One of the interesting projects for most of the embedded beginners enthusiasts or hobbyists is to build the LED chasing effect. In this project we are going to use both the Arduino IDE and Atmel AVR Studio to program the AVR ATMega168 microcontroller, therefore you…... Listed under:
  372. How to use I2C-bus on the Atmel AVR Microcontroller
    I2C (read as I Squared C) bus first introduced by Philips in 1980, because of its simplicity and flexibility the I2C bus has become one of the most important microcontroller bus system used for interfacing various IC-devices with the microcontroller. The I2C bus use only…... Listed under:
  373. Interfacing GSM Module with Atmega32 AVR microcontroller
    GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) technology lets user to communicate with others across mobile networks hence it offers a vast area of coverage. Interfacing GSM technology with microcontroller will enable us to extend the communication to cover large area. This tutorial will teach you…... Listed under:
  374. Integrating Wiznet W5100, WIZ811MJ network module with Atmel AVR Microcontroller
    The rapid penetration of the internet networks into many of today’s modern homes and personal gadgets (e.g. smart phone and smart pads) opening a tremendous useful and interesting embedded system application that could be integrated into our house or known as the intelligent house. For…... Listed under:
  375. Using Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Master and Slave with Atmel AVR Microcontroller
    Sometimes we need to extend or add more I/O ports to our microcontroller based project. Because usually we only have a limited I/O port left than the logical choice is to use the serial data transfer method; which usually only requires from one up to…... Listed under:
  376. Working with the Comparator Circuit
    Sometimes in the embedded system world we need to process the analog world and sending the signal to the microcontroller when the analog signal exceed some predetermine limit we’ve set. Some example of this situation is to send the interrupt signal to the microcontroller operation…... Listed under:
  377. Using Transistor as a Switch
    Most of microcontrollers work within 5 volt environment and the I/O port can only handle current up to 20mA; therefore if we want to attach the microcontroller’s I/O port to different voltage level circuit or to drive devices with more than 20mA; we need to…... Listed under:
  378. Working with AVR microcontroller Communication Port Project
    Back in the old days the COM port or known as RS-232 (EIA-232 standard) is one of the essential communications protocol and hardware use in many computer system installation start from small UNIX machine to the mainframe. The RS-232 protocol is used by terminal such…... Listed under:
  379. Microwave Controller using ATmega8 – AVR Project
    The user interface has the following parts. Output Device: A 16×2 alphanumeric LCD Module is used as the main output device. It can display numbers, alphabets and few symbols. It can show two line and each line can have 16 characters. The backlight enables the…... Listed under:
  380. Stepper motor control with an ATmega8 microcontroller
    This note provides basic implementation details and procedural information to design and assemble a stepper motor system. The controller discussed here is the ATmel mega8, an 8-bit microcontroller (MCU). The note consists of a general description and gives highlights of implementing a basic stepper motor…... Listed under:
  381. Interfacing Servo Motor with Atmega32 Microcontroller
    Servo Motor is a DC Motor equipped with error sensing negative feedback to control the exact angular position of the shaft. Unlike DC Motors it will not rotate continuously. It is used to make angular rotations such as 0-90°, 0-180° etc. Stepper Motors can also…... Listed under:
  382. Interfacing DC Motor with Atmega32 Microcontroller
    In some of your electronic projects you may want to control a DC Motor with Atmega32 Microcontroller. We can’t connect a DC Motor directly to a microcontroller due to following reasons. A microcontroller can’t supply the current required for the working of DC Motor. ATmega32 Microcontroller can source or…... Listed under:
  383. Interfacing LCD with Atmega32 Microcontroller using Atmel Studio
    As we all know LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is an electronic display which is commonly used nowadays in applications such as calculators, laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. 16×2 character LCD module is a very basic module which is commonly used by electronic hobbyists and is used in…... Listed under:
  384. Blinking LED using Atmega32 Microcontroller and Atmel Studio
    Similar to printing ‘Hello World’ in C or C++, the very first step towards programming a microcontroller is Blinking a LED with a delay. Atmega32 is a very popular high performance 8 bit AVR Microcontroller. For this example project we need to use two registers…... Listed under:
  385. Interfacing rotary encoder to Atmega32
    Recently I was working on a project that involved rotary encoder. I thought I'd share some thoughts on how rotary encoder can be interfaced and programmed. Actually it is easy to work with rotary encoders - interfacing is simple – only three wires are required…... Listed under:
  386. Graphical LCD Text Display
    The Graphical LCD Text Display is complete!   I've used the same Atmel ATMega8 controller that I used in the Composite Video Display.   The interface is the same as well; an 8 bit parallel port with a strobe input and a busy output.  …... Listed under:
  387. An advanced energy saver project with DTMF capabilities to use electricity efficiently by reducing the unwanted uses.
    INTRODUCTION:   A lot of electricity is wasted due to ignorance or fault of the user. Sometimes a person in the room turns on all the electric equipments which is of no use to them. As an example, supposedly a person enters in the hall or conference…... Listed under:
  388. Analog to Digital Converter of ATmega32 with LED Display
    Microcontrollers are capable of detecting binary signals: is the button pressed or not? These are digital signals. When a microcontroller is powered from five volt, it understands zero volts (0V) as a binary 0 and five volts (5V) as a binary 1. But the real…... Listed under:
  389. 4X4 Keypad Interfacing with ATmega32 and LED Display
    Keypads are parts of HMI or Human Machine Interface and play really important role in a small embedded system where human interaction or human input is needed. Matrix keypads are well known for their simple architecture and ease of interfacing. In this project, we will…... Listed under:
  390. 4X4 Keypad based Password with ATmega16 and LED Display
    Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. Everyone wants to be as much secured as possible. Keypad based password is one of the many method and the most common and easy one to provide security to any system. In this project, we will…... Listed under:
  391. 4X4 Keypad based Password with ATmega32 and LCD Display
    Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. Everyone wants to be as much secured as possible. Keypad based password is one of the many method and the most common and easy one to provide security to any system. In this project, we will…... Listed under:
  392. 3-axis Accelerometer Sensor-ADXL335 Interfacing with ATmega32
    ADXL335 accelerometer sensor is a MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) sensor which can measure static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications, as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from motion, shock, or vibration. The accelerometer sensor is used in mobile devices, gaming systems, disk drive protection, image stabilization,…... Listed under:
  393. Accelerometer based Hand Gesture Controlled Wheel Chair with ATmega32 for Physically Handicapped
    In this project, we will learn How to design an Accelerometer based Hand Gesture Controlled Wheel Chair with AVR ATmega32 Microcontroller for Physically Handicapped. Here, we will use our hand gestures as input signals to drive the wheel chair in different direction and we will…... Listed under:
  394. DS1307 RTC based Digital Clock Designing in 12 Hour Format with ATmega32 and 7-Segment Display
    A digital clock is a type of clock that displays the time digitally (i.e. in numerals or other symbols), as opposed to an analog clock, where the time is indicated by the positions of rotating hands. The clock/calendar provides seconds, minutes, hours information. The clock…... Listed under:
  395. AVR uartConfig – an atmega and arduino eeprom config library
    Update to version 2014-06-13 AVR uartConfig is a small footprint library you can use to config your micro eeprom through uart communication. AVR uartConfig is a set of tools running on Windows, Linux and Mac, made up or: a avrgcc firmware library a commandline utility…... Listed under:
  396. Accelerometer and Relay based Hand Gesture Controlled Wireless Home Automation System with ATmega32 using 433MHz RF
    In this project, we will learn How to design an Accelerometer and Relay based Hand Gesture Controlled Wireless Home Automation System with AVR ATmega32 microcontroller using 433MHz RF. Here, we will use different hand gestures as input signal to control the appliances i.e 2 bulbs…... Listed under:
  397. Password Protected BT136 Triac based Keypad Controlled Wireless Home Automation System with ATmega32 using 433MHz RF-I
    In this project, we will learn How to design a Password Protected BT136 Triac based Keypad Controlled Wireless Home Appliances System with AVR ATmega32 microcontroller using 433MHz RF Part-I. Here, we will use the 4X4 keypad as the input device to enter the password and…... Listed under:
  398. LM35 Temperature Sensor Interfacing with ATmega32 and LED Display
    LM35 series is a low cost and precision Integrated Circuit Temperature Sensor whose output voltage is proportional to Centigrade temperature scale. Thus LM35 has an advantage over other temperature sensors calibrated in Kelvin as the users don’t require subtraction of large constant voltage to obtain…... Listed under:
  399. Atmega 32u4 Based Wireless USB Keyboard
    How a generic keyboard is made has been already explained in the Atmega 32u4 Based Generic USB Keyboard Project. In this project a wireless keyboard will be designed. For making a wireless keyboard, there will be two circuits involved in the project - a transmitter…... Listed under:
  400. Atmega 32u4 Based LED Status
    In the Atmega 32u4 Based USB Controlled LED Series Project, it was demonstrated how to use control transfer to receive data from computer to the peripheral. In this project, it will be demonstrated to transfer data from microcontroller to the host computer. For this, the…... Listed under:
  401. Atmega 32u4 Based Wireless USB Mouse
    How a generic mouse is made was explained in the Atmega 32u4 Based Generic USB Mouse Project. In this project a wireless mouse will be designed. For making a wireless mouse, there will be two circuits involved in the project - a transmitter circuit which…... Listed under:
  402. Atmega 32u4 Based USB Speaker
    A speaker is a device that produces sounds from the electrical signal having audio encoded. The speakers usually have a 3.5 mm jack for audio output from the computer. Nowadays USB interface is also gaining popularity for interfacing audio devices with the computer. A lot…... Listed under:
  403. Atmega 32u4 Based USB Musical Keyboard
    The music keyboard is one of the most common musical instruments. The electronic musical keyboards have been around for a long time. The electronic music keyboards synthesize musical sounds electronically according to MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) standards. Fortunately, the USB protocol does have provision…... Listed under:
  404. Atmega 32u4 Based USB EEPROM Reader
    External memories are frequently used to store and carry computer data. The USB flash drives are quite common nowadays. This project is an attempt to demonstrate making of USB storage devices. The project converts an external EEPROM which basically has I2C interface to an USB…... Listed under:
  405. Atmega 32u4 Based USB Controlled LED Series
    Throughout this USB series, different types of USB devices have been designed and developed. These devices were enumerating with the host computer and then were using Class Specific transfers for further USB communication. Like the Keyboard, Mouse and joystick devices were using interrupt transfers for…... Listed under:
  406. Atmega 32u4 Based USB Controlled Servo Motor
    In this project, a device will be designed which will allow controlling a servo motor from the desktop computer on USB interface. For controlling a servo motor, PWM output needs to be generated from the microcontroller. The length of the ON time of the PWM…... Listed under:
  407. Atmega 32u4 Based USB Digital Voltmeter
    In this project, a digital voltmeter will be designed which will show the voltage reading on a desktop application. The device will read analog voltage with respect to the ground, digitize the reading and send the reading to personal computer on USB interface. The device…... Listed under:
  408. Attiny85 As a Step/Dir Stepper Motor Controller
    Somewhere in Greece, someone did something never done before... Seen those things before? Thing: 1 Thing: 2 Thing: 3 Oh, you have! You bought one of them you say? Oh... Don't worry, I did too. They did the job, yeah. But we paid for them…... Listed under:
  409. Custom PCB for Lights, Temperature, Video OSD and VTX PSU upgrades to HKing Rattler RC Car
    I’ve had the HobbyKing Rattler for some time now and I’ve been making small modifications here and there which have accumulated over time and has gotten to the point where it would be nice to have everything on a custom PCB. Here’s how everything looks…... Listed under:
  410. Open Programmer – USB programmer for PIC, EPROM, ATMEL, SPI
    Open Programmer – An open source USB programmer for PIC micros, I2C-SPI-MicroWire-OneWire-UNIO EEPROMs, some ATMEL micros, generic I2C/SPI devices and (soon) other devices. Completely free and Open Source (including firmware) Programs PIC10-12-16-18-24, dsPIC30-33, EEPROMs type 24xxxx (I2C), 25xxx (SPI), 93xx6 (MicroWire), DS24xx (OneWire), 11xxx (UNIO),…... Listed under:
  411. Updating electricity meter to communicate via WLAN
    A while ago Farnell sent email to me and offered one (inexpensive) product  as a sample in exchange for mentioning it at this blog. I browsed for a while for an interesting part and settled with Microchip MRF24WB0MA/RM WiFi module (Order code 1823142). This module…... Listed under:
  412. Using Maxim DS1307 Real Time Clock with Atmel AVR Microcontroller Using Atmega32
    Building our own digital clock is one of the dreamed project by most of the hobbyist or anyone that want to learn or involve seriously in the embedded system world; the ability to integrate time, day and date to the embedded system is one of…... Listed under:
  413. Single Chip Computer: Easy to Produce AVR BASIC Co
    This instructable will document and explain my latest project, a standalone computer system based upon a single chip (IC); the ATmega 1284P. The 1284P is responsible for all aspects of the system, including running the BASIC interpreter, generation RCA video signals and reading keyboard input.…... Listed under:
  414. Doppler Radar for Collision Avoidance
    Introduction My project uses Doppler radar sensors in order to provide the user with movement, speed, and distance information of their environment. An array of Doppler radar sensors are placed on the user�s head and vibration motors are placed on the user�s chest, neck, back,…... Listed under:
  415. Drums Anywhere: solution to making a great drum beat Using 3D-printed boxes
    Introduction "The sound and experience of drums... Any time, anywhere, with any object." -Project Soundbyte It's Friday night and you're hanging with your friends at home. There are no parties tonight and you have seen everything on Netflix already - you're bored out of your…... Listed under:
  416. Ultrasonic range-finder with haptic feedback
    Introduction "An ultrasonic range-finding hat with variable haptic feedback for obstacle detection." -Project Sound Bite For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and implemented an ultrasonic range-finding hat that uses haptic feedback to alert its wearer about obstacles in his or her path. The…... Listed under:
  417. Autocross/Track day Data Logger for BMW E36 M3
    Customer's Voice “Hello, I am interested in a race car logger than will be able to display and log crucial information during autocross and track events. I am interested in tracking vehicle speed, RPM, engine coolant temperature and lateral g-forces. Ideally, the data can be…... Listed under:
  418. Touchpad Figure Recognition
    Our project implements a touchpad input system which takes user input and converts it to a printed character. Currently, the device only recognizes the 26 letters of the alphabet, but our training system could be easily generalized to include any figure of completely arbitrary shape,…... Listed under:
  419. Capacitive Touch with Atmel’s AT42QT1070 Touch Sensor IC
    Rather than using an out-of-the-box capacitive touch solution for my projects, I thought I’d attempt making my own little breakout board. The idea is to use a sensor capable of triggering normal digital input pins using touch. This post covers the selected touch sensor IC,…... Listed under:
  420. AVR ATtiny USB Tutorial Part 2
    This is the second part of my USB tutorial for ATtiny2313 and V-USB library. In the first part we learned how to get 3.3V from USB to power our circuits. In this part, we will expand our setup with following parts: Larger breadboard and additional…... Listed under:
  421. AVR Atmega audio input RMA using FFT Radix-4
    audiogetradix4 is a simple library you can use to interface with a ac audio input. It reads data from an ADC pin and returns the RMS value of the input using DFT Radix-4 algorithm. The discrete Fourier transform (DFT) converts a finite list of equally-spaced…... Listed under:
  422. Irradiance/Illuminance Meter using TLR235R sensor with AVR Atmega
    The TSL235 is a light-to-frequency converter. This library reads TSL235 output frequency and convert it to irradiance, and then to illuminance. Irradiance is the power of electromagnetic radiation per unit area (radiative flux) incident on a surface. It's expressed in watt per square metre, the…... Listed under:
  423. An AVR Atmega LCD Menu builder library
    lcdmenu1 is a simple and small lcd menu builder for AVR Atmega. It works with only 4 buttons (up, down, right, left), additional buttons can be added. It can also store values to eeprom User can use button up and down to list menu categories, right…... Listed under:
  424. An optical dust meter that uses the GP2Y1010AU0F sensor library made with AVR Atmega
    This project is a dust detector that use the GP2Y1010AU0F sensor. Attached you can also find the GP2Y1010AU0F sensor library for AVR Atmega.GP2Y1010AU0F is a dust sensor by optical sensing system. An infrared emitting diode (IRED) and an phototransistor are diagonally arranged into this device.…... Listed under:
  425. AVR Atmega dehumidifier controller board, update
    This project is an update to the previous dehumidifier based you can here: This update adds some usefull functions. The main issue that i've fixed is the microcontroller crash, that happens sometimes. I've noticed that sometimes the controller stop running, crash or doesn't works as…... Listed under:
  426. A simple brushless sensorless motor driver for AVR Atmega
    Brushless electric motor (BLDC motors) are synchronous motors that are powered by a DC electric source via an integrated inverter/switching power supply, which produces an AC electric signal to drive the motor. For an introduction to BLDC motors, please look at my sensored motor driver…... Listed under:
  427. An AVR Atmega based PID magnetic levitator
    This is a magnetic levitator implemented using Atmega8 microcontroller. Magnetic levitation is a method by which an object is suspended with no support other than magnetic fields. To make a magnet levitate, an hall sensor is attached to a coil. The coil acts as an…... Listed under:
  428. A led matrix Mask built on AVR ATmega8
    AVR Mask1 is a led mask built around 74hc595 shift register and 8x8 led matrix. The "Dylan Dog" comics decoupage, in conjunction with his stands, make it good looking.t has 4 8x8 led matrix, 2 for the mouth, and 2 for eyes. When the user…... Listed under:
  429. A simple Sound Pressure Level Meter (SPL) dB audio meter using AVR ATmega
    A sound level meter or sound meter is an instrument which measures sound pressure level. Sound pressure level (SPL) or sound level is a logarithmic measure of the effective sound pressure of a sound relative to a reference value. It is measured in decibels (dB)…... Listed under:
  430. SD card logger library with log rotation that fits on ATmega8
    This library implements an SD card Data Logger that runs on ATmega. It has a small footprint, so it can be loaded on an ATmega8, leaving space for user code. It supports SD and microSD cards formatted with FAT16. It also features log rotation.The "Petit FAT…... Listed under:
  431. A Pickup Winding machine built on an ATmega8
    The core of this project is an ATmega8. It features: wind counter slow startup automatic stop configurable motor speed configurable winds 2 directions If you are looking for a CNC version: you can find it here: This winder has an LCD display that will show…... Listed under:
  432. USB AVR programmer
    I’ve already had a programmer for Atmel’s AVR microcontrollers, but I couldn’t use it in my lab, because my laptop doesn’t have a LPT port. So I decided to make a new programmer with USB connection. I’ve found an open source programmer AVR doper, and…... Listed under:
  433. RSS Reader using AVR mega8
    I spent part of an afternoon developing a hardware RSS reader (most of my time was spent on the python side of things). It’s pretty simple and uses an AVR microcontroller connected to a computer via a serial cable Hardware I am using the Dragon…... Listed under:
  434. Veronica – VRAM
    I considered subtitling this article, “adventures in breadboard noise”, since that’s what I spent most of my time dealing with. In any case, let’s recap where we were. Veronica’s video generator was generating a stable VGA signal. In addition, a test pattern was being displayed…... Listed under:
  435. RFID based security system using AVR ATmega32 microcontroller
    RFID technology brought a great revolution in our life as it simplifies the machine communication. RFID’s are used almost everywhere today Schools, hospitals, industries and much more. This article teaches you to build a simple RFID based security system using AVR microcontroller which is reliable…... Listed under:
  436. AVR HVSP Fuse Resetter
    description in working w/ 8 or 14 pin avr devices, i would sometimes want to use the RESET pin as io as the io pin count is low. but doing so will disable further programming via SPI. i do not need a full blown HV…... Listed under:
  437. AVR Thermostat
    This thermostat is built around an ATMega164 and a TC1047A temperature sensor. It controls your furnace and air conditioner. It is not programmable, although it has a clock and is capable if some additional code were written (any volunteers?). The unique feature is that instead of a bunch of buttons…... Listed under:
  438. Week 11: Networking with ESP8266
    For this week I set out to make a board that will show realtime MBTA bus arrival times using the ESP8266 wifi module and a LCD. Seemed doable. People of the internet have been excited about the ESP8266 lately. Here is a snapshot of google…... Listed under:
  439. Building a Wifi Radio – Part 7, Building an LCD Display
    This is the seventh part of an ongoing series about building a low cost, open source streaming internet radio.  If you haven’t already, check out the previous parts (see the links at the end of this article) for some background about the project. In part…... Listed under:
  440. CT Sensor on AVR ATmega
    A CT (Current Transformers) sensor is a device used to measure alternating current. A CT sensor, like other current transformers is made by a primary winding, a magnetic core and a secondary winding. The primary winding is often a single wire passing through the main…... Listed under:
  441. Reading temperature on AVR Atmega using a thermistor with NTCtemp library 02
    A thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance varies significantly with temperature, more so than in standard resistors. NTCtemp is a simple AVR library to read temperature from a thermistor connected to an atmega micro. The library implements three models convert adc value read from analog…... Listed under:
  442. CMR Robot Arm
    Our project was mainly designed for the Cornell Mars Rover project team (CMR), which will be using the robotic arm for competition to complete many different tasks in the deserts of Southern Utah. For our ECE 4760 final project, we created the control systems for…... Listed under:
  443. AVR 16bit Stereo Wave Player
    Introduction This project aims to implement a cost-effective wave player based on AVR (ATmega / ATiny Series) with CD-Audio Quality, which can play 8-bit/16-bit Mono/Stereo standard RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format) wave files.  This project can be applied into many applications such as bus /…... Listed under:
  444. Drive a stepper motor with acceleration and deceleration using an Allegro driver on ATmega8
    The stepper motor is an electromagnetic device that converts digital pulses into mechanical shaft rotation.Most common types of stepper motor can be bipolar or unipolar, depending on the winding. To make a stepper motor move, motor windings must be loaded in the correct order. A…... Listed under:
  445. InLinea01: A PID controlled line following robot build on an ATmega 8
    InLinea01 is a simple PID controlled line following robot. This is not speed oriented line follower, this is just a prototype I built to experiment with this type or machines, though it can be the first step to build a faster one. The goal of a…... Listed under:
  446. A DIY A4 Laser Engraver made from a scanner and a printer on ATmega328
    This "Get Ready For Win98" Laser Engraving Machine it's built using an old scanner, and an old printer. A laser engraving machine is a tool that uses lasers to engrave an object. I've an old broken scanner and an old printer lying around. Inspired by this instructables…... Listed under:
  447. CT Sensor on AVR ATmega
    A CT (Current Transformers) sensor is a device used to measure alternating current. A CT sensor, like other current transformers is made by a primary winding, a magnetic core and a secondary winding. The primary winding is often a single wire passing through the main…... Listed under:
  448. A web configurable Xively logger, build on AVR ATmega328
    Xively (formerly Cosm and before that Pachube) is a platform devoted to simplifying the interconnection of devices and data with applications on the Internet of Things. It is an on-line database service allowing developers to connect sensor-derived data (e.g. energy and environment data from objects,…... Listed under:
  449. Cheap CO2 meter using the MQ135 sensor with AVR ATmega
    MQ135 is an Air Quality Sensor suitable for detecting of NH3, Alcohol, Benzene and other gases. The description below, is what i derive from the poor datasheet of this sensor, it may be uncorrect, so if you have suggestions please leave me a feedback. The…... Listed under:
  450. A simple brushless sensored motor driver for AVR Atmega
    Brushless electric motor (BLDC motors) are synchronous motors that are powered by a DC electric source via an integrated inverter/switching power supply, which produces an AC electric signal to drive the motor. Additional electronics control the inverter output amplitude and waveform (and therefore percent of…... Listed under:
  451. PWM Motor Driver with MOSFET H-Bridge and AVR ATmega8
    Here is a very simple project of controlling a small DC-motor (taken from an old personal cassette player) with ATmega8. The ATmega8 is having three PWM channels, out of which two are used here. PWM waveforms are fed to MOSFET (RFD3055) H-bridge. Here, direction is…... Listed under: ,
  452. Atmel AVR ATMega16 Interfacing WIth 16×2 char LCD
    An alphanumeric low cost LCD Display is very essential for may small and big projects to Display various type of information. Hitachi HD44780  Chipset based 16x2 char LCD is Really very cheap and easily available in the local market. Project Description:-   In this project we are going to…... Listed under:
  453. An AVR-Based Microstepping Bipolar Chopper Stepper Motor Driver (STMD)
    Features Open Source - The schematic, parts list, and software are all freely downloadable! Hobbyist-friendly - No surface mount parts means allows this drive to be easily repaired! DMOS driver chips rated at 55V and 3 Amps. Easy parts availability - Electronic parts are all…... Listed under:
  454. LCD Interfacing with AVR
    Interfacing LCD Display in 8bit Mode I’ve already discussed about the LCD display in a note here in this website. You can read the Note on character LCD Display here. Now let us come to the interfacing side of LCD. Let us see the 8bit…... Listed under:
  455. How to Establish A PC-Micro controller USART communication
    Introduction USART is one of the primitive inter-device communication protocols. It is not used in modern computers. But still, a few mother boards come with the module necessary for an USART communication. Here, in the case of PCs, the port is known as COM port…... Listed under:
  456. How to Interface an External EEPROM with AVR Atmega32
    In this article, we will explain how to communicate to an external EEPROM from the AVR Atmega32 MCU using the I2C communication protocol. So let’s begin our tutorial on how to interface an EEPROM (AT24C16A) with AVR Atmega32. You will usually need an external EEPROM…... Listed under:
  457. Worry-Free Automatic Timed Plant Feeder
    Description Do you often forget to irrigate your plants? Do you have to ask your neighbors to take care of them when your whole families are out for a vacation? Don’t worry any more! Here is a solution. This embedded system, worry-free automatic timed plant…... Listed under:
  458. Week 11: Networking with ESP8266
    For this week I set out to make a board that will show realtime MBTA bus arrival times using the ESP8266 wifi module and a LCD. Seemed doable. People of the internet have been excited about the ESP8266 lately. Here is a snapshot of google…... Listed under: ,
  459. Color Video Game on AVR
    Introduction Our project is to make a color video game that runs primarily on the ATmega 1284P. To do this, we adhered to the NTSC standard for color video. The sync signals used for NTSC are generated on the ATmega 1284P itself, and all game…... Listed under:
  460. Working with Atmel AVR Microcontroller Basic Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Peripheral
    Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a technique widely used in modern switching circuit to control the amount of power given to the electrical device.  This method simply switches ON and OFF the power supplied to the electrical device rapidly. The average amount of energy received…... Listed under:
  461. How to interface RFID with AVR ATmega32 microcontroller
    RFID is most arguably a evolutionary wireless technology which boosted working of embedded devices up to great mark. And there is plenty of systems and devices working based on this technology. This article is focused to teach you how to interface RFID with AVR microcontroller.…... Listed under:
  462. Remote Temperature Monitoring using GSM – AVR Project
    Temperature monitoring have wide application in daily life. In modern day keeping an eye on temperature of places such as server rooms, hospital rooms, warehouses and green houses can help solve many problems. But with the use of normal temperature sensors, someone needs to go…... Listed under:
  463. ATMega16 AVR Microcontroller Seven Segment Digital Clock
    The ATMega16 Seven Segment Digital Clock In this ATMega16 AVR project we will be designing and implementing a digital clock with the aid of a Atmel AVR ATMega16 microcontroller and Seven Segment Displays. As such before going through this digital clock AVR project it is…... Listed under:
  464. Servo motor control using AVR
    Servo motors are so called “closed feedback” systems. This means that motor comes with control circuit, which senses if motor mechanism is in desired location and if not it continuously corrects an error until motor reaches proper point. Servo motors are widely used in robotics,…... Listed under:
  465. Running TX433 and RX433 RF modules with AVR microcontrollers
    Sometimes in embedded design you may want to go wireless. Might be you will want to log various readings of remotely placed sensors, or simply build a remote control for robot or car alarm system. Radio communications between two AVR microcontrollers can be easy when…... Listed under:
  466. Obstacle Avoiding Robot using AVR ATmega32 – Part II
    Hello and Welcome back to the second part of Obstacle Avoiding Robot Tutorial. In the last part we studied the drive system and the mechanical construction of our robot. In this part we will make the sensor part. The sensors will help our robot detect…... Listed under:
  467. Weeks 11-12: AVR USB Devices and Programming
    One of the relatively unexplored topics in this week’s lecture was USB, the ubiquitous protocol that allows computers to communicate with peripheral devices (containing microcontrollers). Creating a USB device allows any computer to talk to it without the specialized software and hardware we’ve been using…... Listed under:
  468. Lab: DC Motor Control Using an H-Bridge
    Introduction Contents [show] In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to control a DC motor’s direction using an H-bridge. To reverse a DC motor, you need to be able to reverse the direction of the current in the motor. The easiest way to do this is…... Listed under:
  469. Final Project: built a sous-vide immersion cooker
    For my final project I built a sous-vide immersion cooker: Sous-vide is a method for cooking food in a temperature-controlled water environment for longer than normal cooking times, at an accurately regulated temperature. Sous-vide cookers are often used in high-end restaurants. In the past few…... Listed under:
  470. Arduino Robotic Arm
    In this tutorial, we design an Arduino Uno Robotic Arm. Entire arm will be designed from some scrap material and servos. Entire process of construction has been explained in detail below. The arm has been built with cardboards and the individual parts have been locked to…... Listed under:
  471. LED Blinking with ATmega32 Microcontroller
    Blinking LED is the first step you would like to take to get started with electronics. In this tutorial we are going to connect an LED with ATmega32, which is an AVR series microcontroller. We are going to blink the LED at half a second rate.…... Listed under:
  472. Interfacing LCD with ATmega32 Microcontroller
    To establish a good communication between human world and machine world, display units play an important role. And so they are an important part of embedded systems. Display units - big or small, work on the same basic principle. Besides complex display units like graphic displays…... Listed under:
  473. Power LED Dimmer using ATmega32 Microcontroller
    In this project we are going to use one of the features of ATmega32A to adjust the brightness of 1Watt LED. The method that is used to adjust the speed of  LED is PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). The method of PWM is explained here. Consider…... Listed under: ,
  474. Automatic Staircase Light
    We all know that one of the places where power wastage happens most in homes and offices is at staircases. We usually turn on light at stairs and leave it in a hurry. In this project we are going to design a stair case lamp which…... Listed under:
  475. Microcontroller Based Electronic Voting Machine
    Whenever we go to vote for elections we come to see electronic voting machines. In this project we are going to design and develop a simple voting machine by using ATmega32A microcontroller. Although we can use the controller to get more than 32 people voting machine, to…... Listed under:
  476. RFID Based Toll Plaza System
    We know in offices, shopping malls and in many other places where only the person with authorization card is allowed to enter the room. These systems use RFID communication system. RFID is used in shopping malls to stop theft as the products are tagged with RFID chip…... Listed under:
  477. 0-99 Counter using AVR Microcontroller
    In this tutorial we are going to design a 0-99 counter by interfacing two seven segment displays to ATMEGA32A Microcontroller. Here we count events based on number of times button is pressed. Before moving ahead, let's understand what is a seven segment display. A seven segment display…... Listed under:
  478. Temperature Measurement using LM35 and AVR Microcontroller
    In this project we are going to design a circuit for measuring temperature. This circuit is developed using “LM35”, a linear voltage sensor. Temperature is usually measured in “Centigrade” or “Faraheite”. “LM35” sensor provides output based on scale of centigrade. LM35 is three pin transistor…... Listed under:
  479. RFID Based Voting Machine
    We know in offices, shopping malls and in many other places where only the person with authorization card is allowed to enter the room. These systems use RFID communication system. RFID is used in shopping malls to stop theft as the products are tagged with RFID chip…... Listed under:
  480. 0-25V Digital Voltmeter using AVR Microcontroller
    In this project we are going to design a 25V range digital voltmeter by using ATMEGA32A microcontroller. In ATMEGA, we are going to use 10bit ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) to build a digital voltmeter. Now the ADC in ATMEGA can not take a input…... Listed under:
  481. Distance Measurement using HC-SR04 and AVR Microcontroller
    In this tutorial we are going to discuss and design a circuit for measuring distance. This circuit is developed by interfacing ultrasonic sensor“HC-SR04” with AVR microcontroller. This sensor uses a technique called “ECHO” which is something you get when sound reflects back after striking with…... Listed under:
  482. Touch Keypad Interfacing with ATmega32 Microcontroller
    In this tutorial we are going to interface a 4x2 (8 key) touch keypad with ATMEGA32A microcontroller. We all know keypad is one of the most important input devices used in electronics engineering. This module does not have actual keys, but have specially designed capacitive metal pads,…... Listed under:
  483. 4×4 Keypad Interfacing with ATmega32 Microcontroller
    In this tutorial we are going to interface a 4x4 (16 key) keypad with ATMEGA32A microcontroller. We know that keypad is one of the most important input devices used in electronics projects. Keypad is one of the easiest ways to give commands or instructions to an electronic…... Listed under:
  484. Flex Sensor Interfacing with AVR Microcontroller
    In this tutorial we are going to interface FLEX sensor with ATMEGA8 microcontroller. In ATMEGA8, we are going use 10bit ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion) feature to do this job. Now the ADC in ATMEGA cannot take a input more than +5V. [caption id="attachment_34862" align="aligncenter"…... Listed under:
  485. Joystick Interfacing with AVR Microcontroller
    In this tutorial we are going to interface a joystick module with atmega8 microcontroller. A JOY STICK is an input module used for communication. It basically makes easy the user machine communication. A joystick is shown in below figure. [caption id="attachment_34858" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Joystick Interfacing with AVR Microcontroller[/caption]…... Listed under:
  486. Anti-Theft Alert System using ATmega8 Microcontroller
    In this project we are going to make a vibration alert system with ATMEGA8 microcontroller. This can also be used as a theft alert system, for that we are going to interface tilt sensor with ATMEGA8. A tilt sensor is shown in below figure. [caption id="attachment_34853" align="aligncenter"…... Listed under:
  487. 100mA Ammeter using AVR Microcontroller
    In this project we are going to make a low range ammeter using ATMEGA8 microcontroller. In ATMEGA8, we are going use 10bit ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion) feature to do this. Although we have few other ways to get the current parameter from a circuit, we…... Listed under:
  488. Light Intensity Measurement using LDR and AVR Microcontroller
    In this project we are going to interface LDR with ATMEGA8 microcontroller, and with this we can measure LIGHT INTENSITY in the area. In ATMEGA8, we are going to use 10bit ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion) feature to measure the light intensity. Am LDR is a transducer…... Listed under:
  489. Fire Alarm System using AVR Microcontroller
    In this project, we are going to make a Fire Alert System using ATMEGA8 microcontroller and fire sensor. Fire sensor can be of any type, however we are using IR (Infrared) based Fire Sensor. Although IR based Fire Sensors have some disadvantages mostly of inaccuracy, it…... Listed under:
  490. Alarm Clock using ATmega32 Microcontroller
    In this project we are going to design a simple Alarm clock using ATMEGA32 timers. ATmega32A microcontroller has a 16 bit timer, and we will be using that timer to count the seconds and develop a digital clock. [caption id="attachment_34830" align="aligncenter" width="650"] AVR Microcontroller Based Digital Alarm…... Listed under:
  491. Introduction to Octocoupler and Interfacing with ATmega8
    In this tutorial we are going to interface an Optocoupler with ATMEGA8 microcontroller. Octocouplers are fascinating devices used to isolate the electronic and electrical circuits. This simple device isolates the sensitive electronics from robust electronics like motors, yet keeping the load in control over the source. [caption…... Listed under:
  492. How to establish UART communication between ATmega8 and Arduino Uno?
    Here we are going to establish a communication between an ATmega8 microcontroller and Arduino Uno. The communication established here is UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) type. It’s serial communication. By this serial communication data can be shared between two controllers, which is a required in various embedded system…... Listed under:
  493. 8×8 LED Matrix Interfacing with AVR Microcontroller
    In this session we are going to design an 8x8 LED display with 8x8 LED matrix and ATmega8 microcontroller, which can show alphabets or names. [caption id="attachment_34818" align="alignnone" width="650"] LED Matrix Interfacing with AVR Microcontroller[/caption] A 8x8 LED matrix contains 64 LED (Light Emitting Diodes) which…... Listed under:
  494. Make Your Own Homemade Arduino Board with ATmega328 Chip
    Arduino is an open-source development platform for engineers and hobbyists to develop electronics projects in an easy way. It consists of both a physical programmable development board (based on AVR series of microcontrollers) and a piece of software or IDE which runs on your computer and used to write and upload…... Listed under:
  495. Scrolling Text Display on 8×8 LED Matrix using AVR Microcontroller
    In this tutorial we are going to design an 8x8 LED Matrix Scrolling Display using ATMEGA32, which will show scrolling alphabets. 8x8 LED Matrix contains 64 LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) which are arranged in the form of a matrix, hence the name is LED matrix. We are…... Listed under:
  496. Atmega 32u4 Based USB Data Logger (Part 23/25)
    In this project, a device will be designed that will read analog data from any analog sensor and will send the digitized form of that data to a personal computer on USB interface. On PC, a desktop application will store the data in an excel…... Listed under:
  497. Controlling a BLDC Motor with an ESC
    REQUIREMENTS: 1. Microcontroller (AtMega 16) 2. A Brushless DC motor (BLDC) 3. An Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) 4. Power source to drive the motor (LiPo battery) DESCRIPTION: Brushless motors have much more satisfying results as compared to brushed motors. The basic difference between them is…... Listed under:
  498. AT89C2051 Development Stick
    89C2051 Development Stick kit offers an easy way of interfacing 89C2051 compatible MCU’s. Slim design with plug in type approach Voltage regulator on board for stable and regulated supply to the MCU RESET switch for resetting the MCU 0592 MHz Crystal 4K external EEPROM Power-On…... Listed under:
  499. EGYDuino – Arduino compatible board
    EGYDuino is a DIY Arduino clone made on a single sided PCB board. It’s simple and cheap to build using home PCB fabrication methods and it’s 100% compatible with Arduino. Description ATmega8 takes care of the USB to serial communication and should be burned with…... Listed under:
  500. ATmega64 Development Board
    This project is a development board for Atmel ATmega64 microcontroller and can be used to easily develop custom AVR firmware or as an introduction board to microprocessors and programming. A development board is better to be used instead of a breadboard setup as it facilitates…... Listed under:
  501. DigiPot – Rotary Encoder Digital Potentiometer
    Description The “potentiometer” is actually a rotary encoder (TW-700198) connected to a microcontroller that reads the signal from it and convert it to a value that is displayed on 7-segment displays. The value also is sent via i2c/spi/serial/usb to the host. Also 3 LED and…... Listed under:
  502. Atmega168 TV-B-Gone
    Yes, I know what you are thinking: "oh no, please not another TVBGone..." Anyway, this instructable is for the newbies as me which are still experimenting with Arduino, and prefer to program an Atmega168 in Arduino than an AtTyny85 with other methods. This circuit is…... Listed under:
  503. Arduino atmega644/1284 clone
    This project is about to DIY an Arduino board wth an ATMEGA644P or 1284P to have more INPUTS/OUTPUTS than on the atmega328P. You can buy an arduino mega but it's more expensive. The microcontrollers will be bootloaded with Sanguino and the project seems to be…... Listed under:
  504. Small Footprint ATMega328P Board
    For my Word Clock project, for which I built a custom 8 x 8 LED Matrix with controller, I needed a much smaller footprint DIY-Duino (board for an ATMega328P microprocessor), one that would have all of the main functionality of my previous DIY-Duino boards (such…... Listed under:
  505. Flames effect with a 8×8 LED Matrix and ATMega328
    A while ago I found some blog posts explaining how to use a LED matrix as a pendant ( and ). The 8x8 matrix pendant looked cool, but it was missing detailed information on which parts to use and how to solder everything together.…... Listed under:
  506. Remote controlled switch using Atmega 328p
    Ever dreamt of controlling an appliance like a CFL or a fan at your finger tips and thinking for a cheap solution? Well, then you are looking at the right instructable!! This instructable will provide you with a cheap and best possible solution to control…... Listed under:
  507. Easy Technique for Bootloading Atmega328pu and Atmega328p-pu# Xolcano
    it is very difficult to bootload Atmega chips when you don't have proper knowledge about device signature ! each chips are associated with its own the beginning I found very difficult in uploading bootloader file to Atmega 328pu and Atmega 328p-pu , although their…... Listed under:
  508. Digital Wall clock Using Atmega-8 and RTC
    Clock is one of the most essential house hold things. There are various types of clocks like good old Pendulum clocks, Analog clocks and the now trending modern Digital clocks. Digital clocks has many advantages over the analog clocks like the Accuracy in time, easy…... Listed under:
  509. Running an HD44780 Display off the ATmega on a Gertboard
    There was a thread on the Raspberry Pi forums about running a 16x2 HD44780 based display off the ATmega chip on the Gertboard.  I normally use a shift register to run my display, so I wasn't much help to them.  I decided to try and…... Listed under:
  510. How to fix dead atmega and attiny avr chips
    Atmega fusebit doctor, as name says it, device for repairing dead Atmega and Attiny family AVRs by writing fabric fusebits. Most common mistakes or problems are a wrong clock source (CKSEL fusebits), disabled SPI programming (SPIEN fuse) or disabled reset pin (RSTDISBL fuse). This simple…... Listed under:
  511. Getting Started With the ATMega328P
    In the Internet of Things movement, people across the globe are connecting their stuff – TVs, pets, even houseplants - to the internet and transmitting all sorts of data. If you’re going to be a part of that movement, or want to dabble in creative…... Listed under:
  512. ATmega DIP40 Minimal Board
    After I wrote several articles about using ATmega microcontrollers (DIP40) in Arduino environment I had some feedback that I was asked how to be effectively put into operation this project. As I came into the Arduino world from classical microcontrollers development world, I have not…... Listed under:
  513. Program an ATmega168/328 with codebender
    If you want to use an inexpensive ATmega168 or ATmega328p for your project, but you want the simplicity of the arduino code and codebender, this tutorial will guide you through! A brand new ATmega microcontroller does not come preconfigured to use with Arduino code. So…... Listed under:
  514. Alarm clock Using Atmega-328 and RTC
    Hi everyone! This is my first instructable! After reading hundreds of instructables, I decided to make one myself. Clock is one of the most essential house hold things. There are various types of clocks like good old Pendulum clocks, Analog clocks and the now trending…... Listed under:
  515. Atmega Alarmclock & Thermohumidity meter
    First, let me introduce you my project. I made an Alarm clock with extended functionality & thermometer and humiditymeter. Everything started when my friend (who used to bring me some old electronic rubbish and I used to check if there's not something useful) brought me…... Listed under: ,
  516. Interfacing Analog Joystick with AVR ATmega32
    If you have played games on console you must be knowing what a joystick is. In games a joystick is generally used to control the motion of character or a vehicle (like plane or car). Joystick give a very realistic two dimensional control! Joystick are…... Listed under:
  517. Working with TWI (I2C) sensors / Devices
    Introduction The I2C is a multimaster, multislave serial single-ended computer bus and was invented by Philips in 1982. The atmel microcontrollers use a compatible  to I2C serial bus that is named TWI (Two Wire Interface). The  TWI supports serial communication at 100 kHz and 400 kHz. The…... Listed under:
  518. Boolean Algebra Calculator
    Power Supply: It can be defined as a device that supplies electrical energy to one or more electric loads. The term is most commonly applied to devices that convert one form of electrical energy to another, though it may also refer to devices that convert…... Listed under:
  519. Automatic Railway Gate Controller with High Speed Alerting System
    The main aim of this project is to operate and control the unmanned railway gate in the proper manner in order to avoid the accidents in the unmanned railway crossing. In a country like ours where there are many unmanned railway crossings, accidents are increasing…... Listed under:
  520. Interfacing 16X2 LCD to AVR Microcontroller
      Well this is not different from the way interfacing the LCD to 8051 or PIC microcontroller. The crystal oscillator will provide the clock to the microcontroller. The capacitors connected to the crystal will act as filters and help the crystal to resonate and oscillates…... Listed under:
  521. Water Level Indicator
    The Water Level Indicator employs a simple mechanism to detect and indicate the water level in an overhead tank or any other water container. The sensing is done by using a set of nine probes which are placed at nine different levels on the tank…... Listed under:
  522. DTMF Controlled Home Automation System Circuit
    Generally, appliances used in our home are controlled with the help of switches. These days, you can see automation of these appliances using many technologies. This article presents the controlling of home appliances using DTMF technology. DTMF is acronym for Dual Tone Multi Frequency. So, just…... Listed under: ,
  523. 2 Digit Up/Down Counter Circuit
    Generally, one can see the digital displays which display the score when buttons are pressed on score boards. The main heart of this score board is 2 digits up/down counter circuit. The 2 digits are displayed on two 7 segment displays. This article describes 2…... Listed under:
  524. Digital Temperature Sensor Circuit
    Temperature sensors are widely used in electronic equipments to display the temperature. You can see the digital clock displaying the room temperature value. It is due to the temperature sensor embedded in it. Generally, temperature value is analog. It is converted to digital value and…... Listed under:
  525. RFID Based Attendance System – Circuit, Working, Source Code
    Attendance in colleges is generally paper based which may sometimes cause errors. Taking attendance manually consumes more time. So the proposed attendance system uses RFID technology to take attendance. In this system, each student is issued an RFID tag. Controlling unit is in the institute.…... Listed under:
  526. Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
    treet lights are controlled manually in olden days. These days automation of street lights has emerged. But one can observe that there is no need of high intensity in peak hours i.e. when there is no traffic and even in early mornings. By reducing the…... Listed under:
  527. Street Lights that Glow on Detecting Vehicle Movement
    Street lights are switched on depending on the intensity of the Sun light on LDR. If the intensity of Sunlight on light dependent resistor is low, its resistance value is high. This value increases and becomes high when it is completely in dark. This resistance…... Listed under:
  528. Sun Tracking Solar Panel
    As the non renewable energy resources are decreasing, use of renewable resources for producing electricity is increasing. Solar panels are becoming more popular day by day. We have already read a post about how to install solar panel for home. Solar panel absorbs the energy…... Listed under:
  529. Line Follower Robot using Microcontroller
    When robot is placed on the fixed path, it follows the path by detecting the line. The robot direction of motion depends on the two sensors outputs. When the two sensors are on the line of path, robot moves forward. If the left sensor moves…... Listed under:
  530. Density Based Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller
    Nowadays, controlling the traffic becomes major issue because of rapid increase in automobiles and also because of large time delays between traffic lights. So, in order to rectify this problem, we will go for density based traffic lights system. This article explains you how to…... Listed under:
  531. PWM Based DC Motor Speed Control using Microcontroller
    In many applications, it is important to control the speed of DC motor where precision and protection are essence. Here we will use a technique called PWM (pulse width modulation) to control the speed of DC motor. We can achieve speed control of DC motor…... Listed under:
  532. Biometric Attendance System Circuit
    Biometrics is the emerging technology used for identification. Biometric refers to automatic identification of a person based on biological characters such as finger print, iris, facial recognition, etc. In this article finger print based attendance system is proposed. Attendance in educational institutions, industries will require…... Listed under:
  533. Temperature Controlled DC Fan using Microcontroller
    Generally, electronic devices produce more heat. So this heat should be reduced in order to protect the device. There are many ways to reduce this heat. One way is to switch on the fan spontaneously. This article describes a circuit that automatically, switches the fan…... Listed under:
  534. GSM Module SIM300 Interface with AVR Amega32
    A GSM/GPRS Module like SIM300 can be used for any embedded application that requires a long range communication, like a robot in Chennai controlled by a person sitting in New Delhi! Or simply a water pump in a rice field turned on in the morning…... Listed under:
  535. Ultrasonic Rangefinder HC-SR04 Interfacing with ATmega8
    In this article I will describe how to interface a Ultrasonic Range Finder Module with a AVR ATmega8 microcontroller. I will provide a HEX file which you can burn into your ATmega8 directly to quickly test this whole setup. Ultrasonic range finder modules helps find…... Listed under:
  536. Microwave Controller using ATmega8 – AVR Project
    Pause Function You can press STOP/Clear button during countdown phase to pause the timer and to switch of the associated relay of selected function (microwave or grill). This will enable you to open the door of oven and have a look at the food being…... Listed under:
  537. Simple Single Motor Control using AVR ATmega16
    Microcontrollers are good when it comes to brain, but to do anything in real world they need muscles too ! Their muscles are electromechanical actuators like motors. Their are several types of motor available to do various type of motion. The simplest of them are…... Listed under:
  538. Microwave Controller using ATmega8 – AVR Project
    The user interface has the following parts. Output Device: A 16×2 alphanumeric LCD Module is used as the main output device. It can display numbers, alphabets and few symbols. It can show two line and each line can have 16 characters. The backlight enables the…... Listed under:
  539. AVR Dual RGB Matrix Driver
    Multiplexing LEDs can be tricky, but we're working with RGB LEDs, so think of each RGB as three individual LEDs. For an 8 x 8 matrix, that is 192 total LEDs on a single matrix. Even though there are only 32 connection pins, it is…... Listed under:
  540. AVR Chronograph from concept to PCB
    A chronograph is a device used to measure the speed of a passing object.  In it's simplest form, this involves two sensors of some kind that 'see' the object, some device that can measure time, and some output to deliver the data to the user.…... Listed under:
  541. Clock/temperature LED display
    This project is based on the timer/counter 0 example. It shows time, date and temparature on 7 segment displays. Instead of the LCD display the time is shown on a four digit 7 segment display with common cathode. The date and temparature is shown on…... Listed under: , ,
  542. Running LED bicolor
    This is a good project for beginners. It is easy to build.This running LED light uses seven bicolor led's red and yellow, they light up in a pattern that can be made within the program code.The program code is written in assembler. ATMELs AVR STUDIO…... Listed under:
  543. LED thermometer
    his project shows the temperature on a three digit 7-segment display, it measures the temperature from -9.5 to 99 degrees Celcius in 0.5 C steps, or from 0 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit in 1.0 degrees steps. Because of the LED display the temperature is also…... Listed under: ,
  544. LCD interface
    This example is based on a LCD module with the Hitachi HD44780 LCD-controller.You can get these displays in various kinds, from 1 to 4 lines and from 8 to 40 characters per line. A display with 16 characters per line and 2 lines is used in…... Listed under:
  545. RGB LED color mixer
    Page 1 of 4 An RGB LED is a LED which has three LED's integrated in one packaging. These LED's have the colors Red, Green, and Blue. The RGB LED used here is a hyperflux LED with common cathode, which can draw 20mA current. Such a…... Listed under:
  546. Stepper motor driver
    With this circuit you can drive a unipolar stepper motor. It operates in full step mode. The AVR attiny2313 micro controller controls the pulses for the stepper motor. The pulses are amplified by the ULN2003 driver. The driver accepts 5V inputs, the output for the…... Listed under:
  547. LED VU meter
    Schematic and build Below is the schematic of the LED VU meter. The circuit is builds with the ATMega328 board an two LED boards connected to it. You can also build it on a breadboard. For more detail:  LED VU meter... Listed under:
  548. Temperature indicator
    This project uses a Dallas DS1621 temperature sensor which indicates the temparature of the device. The temperature sensor has an thermal alarm output, which becomes high when the temperature of the device exceeds a user defined value. When the temperature drops below a user defined…... Listed under:
  549. Running LED's using ATTiny2313
    This running LED or LED chaser is a good project for beginners in the microcontroller technology. It is easy to build, and the assembler program code can be easily adapted. This running LED light has 15 red 3mm LED's. The 15 outputs of ports B and…... Listed under:
  550. Running LED's
    This small project let you make running leds. For this project you need a attiny2313 microcontroller and 8 leds and 8 resistors. The leds can be programmed so that they show differrent patterns. Hardware The leds are connected to PORTB of the microcontroller via the…... Listed under:
  551. PC stepper motor driver
    With this circuit you can control two unipolair stepper motors in full step mode via the RS232 serial port of your PC. A terminal program such as Hyperterminal can be used to control the stepper motors. The stepper motors can be driven one at a…... Listed under:
  552. Photocell or LDR
    A photocell or photo resistor is a Light Dependent Resistors (LDR). LDR's are sensors that detect light. They are small, inexpensive, low-power, easy to use and don't wear out. Overview A photocell or photo resistor is a Light Dependent Resistors (LDR). LDR's are sensors that…... Listed under:
  553. Electronic cricket
    his electronic cricket is a fun project. A real crickets chirp at night and faster in warmer temperatures. A cricket chirp is composed of a group of three sinus waves of a single frequence of about 5kHz. occurring in rapid succession. Introduction This electronic cricket is…... Listed under:
  554. Relais Driver Board
    This is a peripheral board with 4 relais, rated at 5A/250V each. The board has a ML10 output connector for connection with the AT2313 Project board. It has also 4 LED's for indication which relais is switched on. Hardware The circuit is simple, it consists…... Listed under:
  555. Dot matrix display
    This is a Dot Matrix Scrolling Sign. A Dot Matrix Display has an 5x7 led matrix with 5 columns and 7 rows. The display is controlled by the ATMega328 microcontroller board. The rows are controlled by PORTB of the microcontroller, while PORTD puts the data…... Listed under:
  556. Clock/temperature LED display
    This project is based on the timer/counter 0 example. It shows time, date and temparature on 7 segment displays. Instead of the LCD display the time is shown on a four digit 7 segment display with common cathode. The date and temparature is shown on…... Listed under:
  557. LCD/switch interface
    Page 1 of 2 This board can directly connected to the STK 500 board or the ATTiny2313 ISP program board with a 10 pole flatcable on the 10 pin header of the STK500 and the 10 pin header of the LCD/Switch board. The display has…... Listed under:
  558. Digital Book Cricket with ATtiny 85
    The project described here is a digital implementation of “book cricket game” which students normally use to play in their childhood time. The heart of the project is 8 bit MCU from AVR family called ATtiny85. ATtiny85 are small and cheap microcontrollers which are convenient…... Listed under:
  559. Attendance System using AVR and RFID
    This project aims to automate the process of taking attendance on pen and paper and prevent any fraudulent entry. It uses RFID tags to record attendance. Each student is assigned a unique tag, which he/she is required to swipe over the reader to give his/her…... Listed under:
  560. Interfacing Serial Bluetooth Modem with Computer using ATmega16
    This article would give you a general idea about how to setup and interface any Bluetooth modem with your computer. There are many types of Bluetooth modems available in market, which vary in quality, cost, range, etc. Some of the well known Serial Bluetooth modems…... Listed under:
  561. Smart Home Automation using AVR
    in this technological world, automatic systems are being preferred over manual system. In this series Home Automation plays an important role for humans. In this unit we talk about basic needs to understand the project well and also for its future advancements. We are going…... Listed under:
  562. Interfacing 4-wire Resistive Touchscreen with ATMega16 Microcontroller
    Touch screens are two dimensional input devices. Nowadays most of the electronic gadgets use them. Laptops, smart phones, tablets and even some home appliances like washing machines & microwave ovens also use a touch screen nowadays. Why Touch screens? Touch screens are preferred over keypads…... Listed under:
  563. How to Interface a GSM (SIM 300) Modem with ATmega32 to Send and Receive SMS
    What is a GSM Modem? GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications.It is a standard set developed by the EuropeanTelecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to describe protocols for second generation (2G) digital cellular networks used by mobilephones. A Modem is a device which modulates and…... Listed under:
  564. AVR I/O Ports
    AVR microcontrollers are the advanced microcontrollers. From 1996 onwards these are come into existence. In AVR family there are so many controllers are available. Mainly the AVR family is sub grouped as ATmega, ATtiny, Xmega, UC3, SAM3 and SAM4. In these form 8 to 32…... Listed under:
  565. Fastest Finger First Circuit using ATMega16
    Fastest Finger first circuit is basically used in quiz type games where the reaction speed of a participant is significant. The circuit enables us to identify who responded first to the question by triggering a visual and audio indication. Components Required 1 x ATMega16 development…... Listed under:
  566. DIY: Retro Style Analog Volt Meter using Servo Motor
    Digital equipments have rapidly replaced Analog equipments in the long run. Well that is because the former has lot of advantages over the latter. But do you miss those retro style analog measuring instruments? Those pointy indicators and graduated scales? Well I do and so…... Listed under:
  567. embRACE: The Embedded Race
    embRACE, a game developed on the embedded platform, entirely coded in assembly language. The game has been programmed on an ATMega16 micro-controller, interfaced with a 16x2 LCD display module. The game possesses an interactive user interface and exclusive features like: -Main Menu -Pause Menu -Real…... Listed under: ,
  568. Latitude & Longitude Display System Using GPS & AVR Microcontroller
    This project is a reference to budding engineers or a helping hand to those who willing to work and interface a GPS Receiver with microcontrollerand making their own channel to communicate with satellite, seeking for some useful information from satellite to make a effective and…... Listed under:
  569. Controlling RGB LED colour using Atmega16
    This tutorial will give you a brief introduction to the concept of colors and how different colors can be produced using RGB LED. The color would be controlled using an ATMega16 microcontroller. RGB LEDs are basically the combination of the 3 LEDs (Red, Green and…... Listed under:
  570. Speed and Direction Control of Stepper Motor using AVR Microcontroller
    Stepper motor can be termed as digital motor because it operates on pulses. Unlike AC or DC motor that rotates continuously, stepper motor rotates in steps. It rotates in number of steps as per applied number of pulses. Stepper motor is used in many applications…... Listed under:
  571. Accelerometer Based Hand Gesture Controlled Robot
    In many application of controlling robotic gadget it  becomes quite hard and complicated when there comes the part of controlling it with remote or many different switches. Mostly in military application, industrial robotics, construction vehicles in civil side, medical application for surgery. In this field…... Listed under:
  572. Digital Clock using Seven Segment Display and ATMega16
    In this ATMega16 AVR project we will be designing and implementing a digital clock with the aid of a atmel AVR ATMega16 microcontroller and seven segment display. Before going through this digital clock AVR project it is recommended to complete the tutorial on Interfacing a Seven Segment Display with…... Listed under:
  573. LED Light Bulb Controller using AVR Microcontroller
    Previously before 10-15 years the majority of electrical lights were either light bulbs (with yellow light) or tube-light sticks (with white light). The major disadvantage of these lighting devices was they consume more electrical energy (in terms of Watt) and gives less luminance (brightness). Light…... Listed under:
  574. Speed and Direction Control of DC Motor using AVR Microcontroller
    Controlling direction and speed of DC motor is very essential in many applications like ·         Robotic application – to change direction and speed of moving robot ·         Industrial application – to change direction and speed of rotating machinery ·         Domestic application – to vary speed…... Listed under:
  575. Interfacing 16X2 LCD to AVR Microcontroller
    Well this is not different from the way interfacing the LCD to 8051 or PIC microcontroller. The crystal oscillator will provide the clock to the microcontroller. The capacitors connected to the crystal will act as filters and help the crystal to resonate and oscillates to…... Listed under:
  576. 4 Wire Touch Screen Based Digital Magic Slate
    Ever played with magic slates in your childhood? Well this project will show you how to make a digital magic slate using a PC, a touch screen and few other components.   Components Required      1.      4-wire resistive touch screen with connector      2.      ATMega16…... Listed under:
  577. Intelligent LED light controller using AVR
    Now a days LED light bulbs are becoming more and more popular because they have several advantages. Some of their advantages are listed below ·         Their energy (electrical) consumption is much more less ·         Their luminance is more ·         Their intensity can be varied ·        …... Listed under:
  578. DC Motor Control with Joystick & AVR Microcontroller
    In many of the applications it is required to alter the direction of DC motor instantly. Like in washing machine, mixer, drilling machine winding – rewinding machine etc. Changing the direction of DC motor using joystick is most suitable and handy method. Joystick Control for…... Listed under:
  579. GSM Based Intruder Alerting System
    Did you know that most of the thefts at home happen when it is empty? But not everyone is rich enough to hire a security for their house and at the same time they themselves cannot be at home 24x7. Now what if there is…... Listed under:
  580. GSM Based AC Appliance Control
    This project would show you how to control an AC appliance remotely from anywhere using your mobile phone. This kind of project is useful in various applications. Say for example a farmer can switch ON or OFF the motor pump present near his field remotely.…... Listed under:
  581. Cell Phone Controlled Pick and Place Robot
    Conventionally, wireless controlled robots uses circuits, which have a drawback of limited working range, limited frequency range and limited control. Use of mobile phones for robotic control can overcome these limitations. It provides the advantages of robust control, working range as large as the coverage…... Listed under:
  582. Light Tracker Demonstration
    Electricity is the most required and important element of human life. We cannot imagine our day to day life without electricity. Electricity is generated using conventional (coal, diesel) and non conventional (water, wind, sunlight) energy sources. The recent and latest trend is to generate electricity…... Listed under:
  583. Variable Power Supply with LCD
    Are you an electronic hobbyist? Then an adjustable power supply is a must for your various needs. This project explains how to make a LM317 based adjustable power supply unit with a digital display. Components Required 1.     LM317 IC 2.     Resistor – 240 Ohms 3.    …... Listed under:
  584. Interfacing Triple-Axis Accelerometer with AtMega16
    Requirements AtMega 16 IC/development board 3-Axis accelerometer LCD screen 16X2 (for displaying X, Y and Z data) Description This project makes use of three out of the eight ADCs present in AtMega16 IC to display the corresponding digital data of X, Y and Z outputs…... Listed under:
  585. Atmega32 avr based Drone Quadricopter
    atmega32 avr based Drone Quadricopter: Introduction Our project is a novel hand held controller in which we use an accelerometer to wirelessly control the motion of a Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter. Rationale: The main idea of our project was building a cool glove controller for…... Listed under:
  586. Audio Tone Generator using AVR Microcontroller
    The circuit presented here demonstrates how to generate Audible Frequency from an AVR Microcontroller. The output of Microcontroller is always digital so to generate audible sound at the outset first it needs to be converted into Analog. A DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) is used…... Listed under:
  587. Stepper Motor Angle Control using AVR Microcontroller
    There are many applications in which it is required to set the position of an object at a desire angle. Some of the examples are 1.      Satellite Dish Antenna positioning  The Satellite Dish Antenna should be in straight alignment with Satellite in Space to receive…... Listed under:
  588. Bluetooth Controlled Portable LED Display
    The aim of the project is to make a portable LED display from SMD LEDs and to display the custom programmed patterns at our command. The core application of the project is to act as a portable display for event organisers or exhibitionists or consultants to…... Listed under:
  589. Coin Operated Timer Control Power Supply Box to Control AC Appliances
    Saving electricity is a major concern for domestic and industrial units. We always try hard to save electricity in many ways to reduce our electricity bills, but due to some known and unforeseen circumstances our efforts do not normally transform in saving electricity. Adding to…... Listed under:
  590. Sleeping Security – Smart Keypad Lock using AtMega16
    This project is just a smart version of any keypad lock. What’s smart about it is that it can detect whether it is needed by the user or not and accordingly switches itself to take a sleep. Making a microcontroller to sleep reduces power consumption…... Listed under:
  591. DIY – Waveform Generator using AVR Microcontroller
    To interface 8-bit DAC with AVR microcontroller ATMega32 and generate different waveforms like Square Wave, Sine Wave, Triangular Wave, Staircase Wave and Saw-tooth Wave. Instruments ·         AVR Development Board ·         ADC – DAC card ·         Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) ·         Power Supply Apparatus ·         Connecting…... Listed under:
  592. Fully Customized Device On/Off Timer
    Timers are used in many different applications for example in Industrial Applications, to switch ON or switch OFF any device or a machine load for a specific period of time. In the same way the timers are used in Domestic Appliances like in Air Conditioners,…... Listed under:
  593. Mobile – Gesture Controlled Car
    REQUIREMENT: AtMega 16 microcontroller L293D motor driver IC Bluetooth module (HC05) Chassis Motors & Wheels Mobile phone (Android + Bluetooth compatibility) Battery (for car section) DESCRIPTION: Have you ever wondered of operating a toy car with you own mobile phone? Yes I have made such…... Listed under:
  594. Un-interruptible Bench-top DC Power Supply With Display
    This tutorial explains how to make your own power supply unit for all your electronics andembedded system experiments. It also has a backup battery which will be used in case of power cuts and a display. Components Required 1.     SLA 12V battery 2.     Banana Jack…... Listed under:
  595. Fingerprint Detection using Microcontroller
    REQUIREMENTS: AtMega 16 Microcontroller (development board) Fingerprint scanner module (R305) 16X2 Alphanumeric LCD (for user display) DESCRIPTION: In today’s secure world biometric safety is on the top. Unlike other techniques which make use of passwords and numbers, that are needed to be remembered, biometric techniques…... Listed under:
  596. Controlling a BLDC Motor with an ESC
    REQUIREMENTS: Microcontroller (AtMega 16) A Brushless DC motor (BLDC) An Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) Power source to drive the motor (LiPo battery)   DESCRIPTION: Brushless motors have much more satisfying results as compared to brushed motors. The basic difference between them is that in a…... Listed under:
  597. How to display text on 16×2 LCD using AVR microcontroller (ATmega16)
    This article is in continuation to the article Single character LCD display using AVR. The aforesaid article shows how to display a single letter on LCD. Moving forward towards learning to work with LCD, this article explains how to display a string on LCD. Displaying…... Listed under:
  598. Display custom characters on LCD using AVR Microcontroller (ATmega16)
    This is the most interesting article to play with LCD. After going through the article, you can create any character/symbol which cannot be created using the ASCII values for example smiley. You can even create small games. Conventionally 16X2 LCD is use to display text…... Listed under:
  599. How to use inbuilt ADC of AVR microcontroller (ATmega16)
    Microcontroller understands only digital language. However, the inputs available from the environment to the microcontroller are mostly analog in nature, i.e., they vary continuously with time. In order to understand the inputs by the digital processor, a device called Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) is…... Listed under:
  600. Serial communication (Data receive) using AVR Microcontroller (ATmega16) USART
    Communication between two entities is important for the information flow to take place. In general the information transport system can be parallel in which the complete byte of data is sent at a time, with each bit having a separate dedicated line or it can…... Listed under:
  601. How to interface AVR microcontroller with PC using USART (RS232 protocol)
    This article covers data transmission using 8 bit USART. The readers should have a basic understanding of serial communication and how to receive the serial data output. More  details on these topics  are available on Serial communication using AVR Microcontroller USART. The registers of USART…... Listed under:
  602. Serial communication with AVR microcontroller using interrupts
    In our previous articles on serial data transmission using AVR microcontroller we have demonstrated serial communication using the polling method. In Polling, the microcontroller waits for the RXC flag (in the case of serial receiver) to go high and then moves to the next instruction.…... Listed under:
  603. How to interface RFID with AVR microcontroller (ATmega16)
    Knowingly or unknowingly the RFID technology is used by us in our day to day life. The most familiar example is seen in MNCs, schools and offices for daily attendance or automatic door opening system. The RFID contains two parts, namely, tag and receiver modem. When…... Listed under:
  604. RFID interfacing with AVR microcontroller (ATmega16) using interrupts
    This article covers how to extract and display the twelve byte unique tag ID received by RFID module on LCD using interrupt method. Before proceeding to this article readers must have knowledge of serial interrupt and LCD. In the previous article of RFID, polling method…... Listed under:
  605. How to use internal ADC of AVR microcontroller using interrupts
    This article is in continuation to AVR interrupts. There are two types of interrupts external and internal in AVR microcontroller. The aforesaid article covers external interrupts. AVR microcontrollers have seventeen internal interrupts. These internal interrupts are generated by the internal peripherals of Microcontroller like Timer,…... Listed under:
  606. How to use inbuilt analog comparator of AVR microcontroller
    Analog comparator is a device which compares two input voltages and generates output accordingly. The article on IR sensor explains the use of comparator in sensor designing. Comparators form an integral part of circuit designing in majority of the applications.  AVR microcontrollers have in-built analog…... Listed under:
  607. How to disable JTAG of AVR microcontroller
    JTAG stands for “Joint Test Action Group” which was standardized as the IEEE 1149.1 Standard Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture in 1990. JTAG is generally used in IC debugging and device programming. Atmega16 consists of one JTAG port which shares four pins with PORTC. Until JTAG port…... Listed under:
  608. How to interface LCD in 4 bit mode with AVR microcontroller
    This article explains interfacing of LCD with ATmega16 using 4-bit mode. In this mode only four pins are used for sending data and command instructions. This mode has the advantage over the 8-bit mode as it uses less number of pins. The remaining pins of…... Listed under:
  609. SPI (serial peripheral interface) using AVR microcontroller (ATmega16)
    There are different protocols for serial communication between two deceives like, USART, SPI, I2C etc. Before selecting any communication protocol, data transfer rate is an important parameter. SPI transfers data at high speed data. AVR microcontroller contains on chip SPI interface. This article will explore…... Listed under:
  610. How to use fast PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Mode of AVR microcontroller Timer
    This article is in continuation of PWM generation using AVR timer. In the previous article, PWM generation using Phase correct PWM mode is described. However, there are some applications like DAC, power regulation and rectification etc. which require high frequency PWM wave. The PWM generation…... Listed under:
  611. Phase Correct PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Mode of AVR microcontroller Timer
    Pulse Width Modulation is well known technique for controlling power electronics devices like SCR, IGBT etc. PWM is also used in motor speed controlling. Square wave generation by using AVR timers is explained in previous article. The AVR timers have feature of PWM wave generation…... Listed under:
  612. Waveform Generation using AVR Microcontroller (Atmega16) Timers
    At times we come across applications or situations wherein we need to generate square waves with the microcontroller. The square wave can be generated by programming a pin which toggles between 0 and 1 with a certain time delay. Alternatively, the inbuilt feature of AVR…... Listed under:
  613. Serial communication (USART) with different frame size using AVR microcontroller
    The previous article explains serial communication using 8-bit data transfer. AVR microcontroller also supports serial data transfer with frame size of 5, 6, 7 and 9 data bits. The size of data frame can be adjusted according to application. For example, consider a system that…... Listed under:
  614. How to use External (Hardware) Interrupts of AVR Microcontroller (ATmega16)
    This article introduces the concept of interrupts and the different types of interrupts in AVR Microcontroller (ATmega16). Interrupt as the name suggests, interrupts the current routine of the microcontroller. Microcontroller executes instructions in a sequence as per the programs. Sometimes there may be a need…... Listed under:
  615. How to interface LED with AVR Microcontroller (ATmega16)
    ATmega16 has 32 I/O pins to communicate with external devices.  Before interfacing with external devices, these pins must be cofigured as input or output pin. This article demonstrates the basic I/O operation of ATmega 16 using LEDs. All the four ports can be configured to…... Listed under:
  616. How to interface keypad with AVR microcontroller (ATmega16)
    Keypad is most widely used input device to provide input from the outside world to the microcontroller. The keypad makes an application more users interactive.  The concept of interfacing a keypad with the ATmega16 is similar to interfacing it with any other microcontroller. The article…... Listed under:
  617. How to interface Servo Motor with AVR Microcontroller (ATmega16)
    Servo motors find huge applications in industries in the field of automation, control & robotics. The servo motors are well known for their precise control and work on the principle of servo mechanism. The servo motors can be made to run at precise angle using…... Listed under:
  618. How to use I2C / TWI (Two Wire Interface) in AVR ATmega32
    This article explores the TWI interfacing between two ATmega32 controllers. Readers are advised to go through TWI Communication and TWI registers of ATmega32 before going further. TWI works in four modes: 1.        MASTER as a transmitter. 2.        MASTER as a receiver. 3.        SLAVE as a…... Listed under:
  619. How to take input from a particular pin of ATmega16
    For understanding the human needs a system must be able to take input from user. The devices which can be used to take input for a system are keypad, touch screen, etc. In the article LED blinking, the microcontroller drives the LED or in embedded language…... Listed under:
  620. How to interface serial ADC0831 with AVR microcontroller (ATmega16)
    ADC is an electronics device that converts the analog signals to digital number proportional to the magnitude of voltage. The ADC chips like ADC0804, ADC0809 etc., give 8-bit digital output. The controller device needs eight pins to receive the 8-bit data (For more details about…... Listed under:
  621. How to configure Watchdog Timers of AVR Microcontroller (ATmega16)
    Some high end applications require multiple or critical calculations to be done by the microcontroller. This may lead to cases when the controller enters into wrong or infinite loops. As a result of this, the system either hangs up or gets crashed. The solution to…... Listed under:
  622. How to interface GPS with AVR microcontroller (ATmega16)
    GPS modem is a device which receives signals from satellite and provides information about latitude, longitude, altitude, time etc. The GPS navigator is more famous in mobiles to track the road maps. The GPS modem has an antenna which receives the satellite signals and transfers…... Listed under:
  623. Interfacing SD Card with AVR Microcontroller
    This project explains how to interface the SD card with an AVR microcontroller. In this project an ATMEGA16 microcontroller is used. The microcontroller runs on 5V power supply with a built in crystal frequency of 8 MHz. A 2GB SDSC card from Transcend is used in this particular project,…... Listed under:
  624. How to Program in Boot Loader Section
    In the AVR microcontroller the flash memory is divided into two parts, namely Application Section and Boot Loader Section.  A code can be programmed into either the Application Section or the Boot loader Section (BLS). The code programmed into the Application section runs normally and…... Listed under:
  625. How to Initialize Peripherals from Boot Loader Section
    In almost all the microcontroller codes the peripheral initialization functions like uart initialization, spi initialization are written along with the different application codes. These initialization functions are actually repetitions of the original initialization functions. The same is the case with the external hardware initialization like…... Listed under:
  626. How to Use SPM for Flash to Flash Programming
    The Self Programming Mode (SPM) is a feature which enables a microcontroller to program its own flash memory. Using the SPM a microcontroller can program itself with an SPM code. The SPM is commonly used with the microcontroller Boot-Loader codes which help to program the…... Listed under:
  627. How To Use SPM To load Application from EEPROM
    In any microcontroller the Boot-Loader is the first code which executes before the application code does. The major function of the Boot-Loader is to load the application code into the flash memory of the microcontroller and execute it. In AVR microcontroller the Self Programming Mode…... Listed under: ,
  628. How To Write a Simple Bootloader For AVR In C language
    The BootLoader is a code which executes when a microcontroller is powered ON or reset. It basically sets an environment for the application code to execute. It is the Boot-Loader that sets the hardware and loads the application code from any storage medium or received…... Listed under:
  629. LCD Scrolling Display Module
    A microcontroller is a device which has an inbuilt processor surrounded by few dedicated hardware modules. Once the microcontroller initializes them they start operating on their own. In case of an ADC it will do the sampling and digital to analog conversion all by itself…... Listed under:
  630. Electronic Voting Machine using Internal EEPROM of AVR
    The microcontroller based voting machines made the process of voting and counting the voted lot easier than before. Previously the votes were marked in paper which are then stored safely in a box and inside a well secure room for days. The process of separating…... Listed under:
  631. Setup Arduino Software for Atmega328P with Internal Crystal on Breadboard
    A breadboard Arduino will require an Atmega328P controller for these instructions. Note the “P” at the end of the name. You cannot use an Atmega328 because it has a slightly different device id number. It will require a different board configuration. Instructions for that are…... Listed under:
  632. Playing video on nokia color LCD using an ATmega32
    video Playing video on nokia color LCD using an ATmega32 Hi, I am introducing my new video player made using an atmega32 microcontroller and nokia color LCD. I got a 65K color LCD from an old nokia 6030 mobile phone.  I directly soldered 10 thin…... Listed under:
  633. Make yourself a homemade clock with thermometer using ATMEGA128
    In this step by step I wanna share my experiment with ATMEGA128 timer and interrupt using DS1307 and NTC to display homemade clock and thermometer. It displays hour,minute,second, day of week, day of month, month, and year, and the temperature in celcius Enjoy the project...…... Listed under: ,
  634. MultiFunction LED Game Using An ATmega32 Microcontroller
    First are my answers to the Make-To-Learn Contest: What did you make? I made a multi-function LED Array Program, like my previous one with Arduino UNO, but this time I made it with an ATmega32 microcontroller. I used regular C code to program it and…... Listed under:
  635. Setup Arduino Software for Atmega328P with Internal Crystal on Breadboard
    A breadboard Arduino will require an Atmega328P controller for these instructions. Note the “P” at the end of the name. You cannot use an Atmega328 because it has a slightly different device id number. It will require a different board configuration. Instructions for that are…... Listed under:
  636. Burn Arduino Bootloader on Atmega-328 TQFP and DIP chips on Breadboard
    Parts required (Hardware) Arduino Uno Board (1) TQFP 32 to DIP 28 Adapter (1) Link Atmega TQFP 32 pin chip (1) Atmega DIP 28 pin chip (1) 10K resistor (1) 16MHz crystal (1) 18pf - 22pf capacitor (2) Tact Switch (1) Jumper wires (few) LED…... Listed under:
  637. Burn BootLoader into Atmega328P using Arduino Diecimila
    I have an old Arduino Diecimila and some new Atmega328P-PU chips. Shouldn't have but I brounght some without bootloader to save some dollars. What next? search instructables to see if I can burn bootloader to ths chips. Unluckily not working. An error message "avrdude: stk500_getsync():…... Listed under:
  638. Create yourself ATMEGA128 a simple tone generator
    Hello guys, In this project I want to share my experiment on ATMEGA128 generating a simple tone, I have created 8 tones ( 1 octave ) Let's get started!! Step 1: Prepare the components Let's prepare the components, We need : 1. Speaker, just buy…... Listed under:
  639. Bootloading and Mounting Arduino Atmega328 – I made it at TechShop
    This Instructable shows how to bootload and mount an Atmega328, Atmega328p or Atmega328p-pu for any project. This is a great way to save money by purchasing Atmega328 DIP package microcontrollers instead of using the Arduino development board itself. I put this together at techshop to…... Listed under:
  640. Use ATmega328 Chip as a Storage Device and Store Text and Images in it
    Hi everyone! In this instructable, I am going to show you how to store text and images in a small ATmega328P chip. Lets get started! This article is also available on Jordan's Lab Notebook! Step 1: Things Needed Things Needed: - Arduino Uno - ATmega…... Listed under:
  641. Create yourself a message flasher with ATMEGA128
    Guys, I wanna share my experiment on creating a message flasher with ATMEGA128 and LCD 16x2, It can be done on your weekend.... Step 1: Prepare the components I prepare all the components below, The most importants are ATMEGA128 TQFP 64 and LCD 16x2 Another…... Listed under:
  642. Atmega16/32 Development Board With LCD
    This instructable shows, how to do your own development board for Atmega16 or Atmega32 processors.The Internet is full of home made development boards, but I think that, there is room left for another one. This board have been very useful on my projects and I…... Listed under:
  643. RGB Rotary Encoder with PWM and ISRs Using an ATmega328
    Description A long time ago I bought a couple RGB rotary encoders from Sparkfun because they were cheap and I was already spending a bunch on other stuff.  I thought they would be neat for some interfaces since it includes a push button.  The interrupt service routine…... Listed under:
  644. Make yourself a speaking ATMEGA128
    Guys, In previous weekend, I made myself a speaking ATMEGA128. I used ATMEGA128 and LM386 as an amplifier, Let's get started Step 1: The part I need for this project These parts are needed for this project : 1. LM386 2.ATMEGA128 3.USBISP 4.AVRStudio 5. Small…... Listed under:
  645. I2C Bus for ATtiny and ATmega
    I love the Atmel AVR microcontrollers! Since building the Ghetto Development System described in this Instructable, I've had no end of fun experimenting with the AVR ATtiny2313 and the ATmega168 in particular. I even went so far as to write an Instructable on using switches…... Listed under:
  646. Interfacing GY 26 with atmega640
    Hello friend once again with new instructable in this I will show you how to interface GY 26 with UART when I started working on this very less resource where availble over internet .Thus i thought to share my piece of work .GY 26 is…... Listed under:
  647. Using Atmega32 with Arduino IDE
    Over time I have used all kinds of Atmel microcontrollers in various projects. One of the most suitable was ATmega32. I have a small collection of development boards for Atmega32/16, some bought as-is, some made on stripboard. Although the original Arduino boards offers a pleasant…... Listed under:
  648. Standalone Arduino / ATMega chip on breadboard
    Step 1: Parts needed I bought my parts from Digikey and Sparkfun Electronics - they're 2 of my favorite places to buy components. Anyway, here's the list: #1 - (Qty: 1) - ATMega328 chip with Arduino bootloader pre-installed ($5.50) #2 - (Qty: 1) - 5VDC Switching…... Listed under:
  649. Burning atmega328-pu and atmega328p-pu bootloader
    Burning the boot loader in an atmega328 could be somewhat tricky but if u follow these steps correctly youll be able to bootload any type of atmega328 micro controller .. Step 1: "setting up the hardware" -List of stuff you'll need: - An Arduino board…... Listed under:
  650. Homemade singing ATMEGA128
    Hello guys, After experimenting with 8 octave tone generator, Now, I'm continuing on creating a singing ATMEGA128 Let's get started, no more delay.... Step 1: Prepare all the parts needed... Let's prepare the part we need, 1. ATMEGA128 2. The board itself, I created my…... Listed under:
  651. Speech Synthesis on Atmega128
    I had this one project where the device was supposed to speak out the output. And I was too Lazy to actually go and build a PC based application and not that lazy to make it on a micro controller. So here is some of…... Listed under: ,
  652. Standalone Atmega328
    We all have a deep fondness to our Arduino with its familiar shades of blue/green, but the time has come to explore other project options. One that involve fewer pieces, fewer parts, and fewer dollars. Building a standalone Atmega328 is far simpler than you might…... Listed under:
  653. The Bat Hat Using Atmega1284
    Introduction "An ultrasonic range-finding hat with variable haptic feedback for obstacle detection." -Project Sound Bite For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and implemented an ultrasonic range-finding hat that uses haptic feedback to alert its wearer about obstacles in his or her path. The…... Listed under:
  654. Ultrasonic Pathfinder Using Atmega1284
    Introduction: Our final project for the ECE 4760 course consists of a wearable device to provide aid for the visually impaired. An ultrasonic distance sensor located on a hat collects data of the surrounding environment scanning the area ahead of the user, and uses this…... Listed under:
  655. Acoustic Wayfinder Using Atmega1284
    Our acoustic wayfinding device utilizes ultrasonic range finders and haptic feedback to facilitate indoor navigation for the visually impaired. The technique of acoustic wayfinding uses auditory cues, such as sounds from the natural environment or sounds created artificially, to determine an individual's surrounding physical space…... Listed under:
  656. Clap-E acoustic tracking robot using atmega1284
    An Introduction For the ECE 4760 final project, we designed and built a sound follower robot named Clap-E. As its name implies, Clap-E receives a clap sound and moves toward the source of clapping. It has the ability to change its position after multiple claps…... Listed under:
  657. Acoustic Impulse Marker Using Atmega1284
    Introduction "A device that tracks sound impluses with a three microphone array" We designed and build a 2-dimentional Acoustic Impulse Marker system which is capable of detecting a sharp sound anywhere in its vicinity and precisely marking its source vector with a servo based pointer.…... Listed under:
  658. Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard Game Using Atmega1284
    Introduction This project implements rock-paper-scissors game that displays on the TV screen using camera to capture human gesture and doing image processing. Rock-paper-scissors-spock-lizard game is very popular among teenagers. Our idea comes from a very popular American comedy: Big Bang! In this TV show we…... Listed under:
  659. Automobile parking simulator Using Atmega1284
    1. Introduction The game consists of two levels. In each level, a LCD TV screen displays the 2-D top view of the a parking lot, and the player needs to park the car into the proper parking spot by operating on a fake steering wheel,…... Listed under: ,
  660. Infrared Theremin Using Atmega1284
    Introduction A modern-day twist on the classic theremin musical instrument. This project uses two IR sensors and the ATMEGA1284P microcontroller to create an inexepensive, easy-to-use theremin. The theremin is a musical instrument which is controlled by the electromagnetic field your body body produces naturally. One…... Listed under:
  661. GPS Running Watch Using Atmega1284
    Runners who have moved to a new city may get lost trying to remember the route they carefully planned at home. Instead of stopping the run to pull out a phone, wait for the map to load, find where you are, and determine where you…... Listed under:
  662. DJ Party: A Collaborative Music Teacher using Atmega1284
    Introduction "This device allows friends to learn songs, create their own songs, and collaboratively merge them." Our final project for ECE 4760 is a fully customizable button keyboard that has a variety of features to allow for collaborative music-making between friends. Each keyboard has eight…... Listed under:
  663. Wireless Pedometer Using Atmega1284
    Introduction There’s a simple question asked by runners, walkers, joggers, and anyone who moves. How fast am I going? Runners want to pace themselves, athletes are trying to train for events, and even on a day to day basis you might wonder how far you…... Listed under:
  664. Stabilized Gimbal System Using Atmega1284
    This webpage describes the development of a Stabilized Gimbal Control System for the CUAir team, Cornell University's Unmanned Air Systems Team. The Stabilized Gimbal Control System will help the CUAir team compete at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle System International (AUVSI) Student Unmanned Air Systems…... Listed under: ,
  665. Laser Tag with wireless logging using Atmega644
    Introduction "A new spin on Laser Tag with Wireless Real-Time Updates" For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and built our own laser tag system. We included many traditional laser tag features, but then added our own 4760 twist. For the purposes of a…... Listed under:
  666. Gesture Based Security Lock Using Atmega1284
    Introduction Our final project is to design a security system which can be unlocked by means of a stored gesture pattern. The idea is to create a box like assembly, in which the user places his hand, makes a defined gesture and unlocks the system.…... Listed under:
  667. Pushup Trainer Using Atmega1284
    For our ECE 4760 final project, we choose to develop an electronic push-up trainer that could monitor people's movement, provide training package to optimize their push-up exercise and body health. A distance meter will be used to figure out whether the posture of the person…... Listed under: ,
  668. ColdRunner – A Temperature Feedback Running Band Using Atmega1284
    For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and built a running band that provides feedback to users with temperature and vibration. This provides an unique way to monitor running habits with temperature feedback. The running band attaches to a user's upper arm and counts…... Listed under:
  669. Servo-Controlled Fire Extinguisher Using Atmega1284
    Introduction We have created an autonomous, servo-controlled fire extinguisher that is capable of aiming photo sensors and a water nozzle along two axes to detect and extinguish candle fires a short distance (about 1 ft.) away using a small burst of water. Our inspiration originally…... Listed under:
  670. The Webcam Mouse Using Atmega1284
    For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and built a pointing device with webcam-color-tracking based movement control.  Our implementation allows the user to wear a set of finger-sleeves complete with buttons for clicking and scrolling and a red LED for color-tracking cursor control to…... Listed under:
  671. Automated Drink Mixer Using Atmega1284
    Abstract The automated drink mixer takes orders from a push-button menu, and moves a regular 16-ounce glass under a series of inverted bottles while dispensing specified amounts of mixers to make perfect non-alcoholic beverages. Introduction             If you’ve ever been to a crowded bar or…... Listed under:
  672. A Touchscreen Chinese Chess App Using Atmega1284
    With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, touchscreen has become one of the most common user interfaces encountered today. The idea of this project came from some apps on the smart phone. It is very interesting to play a virtual Chinese chess on…... Listed under:
  673. Beacon: A Zero Instruction Navigation Device Using atmega1284
    Introduction to the Device Beac0n allows us to explore the tacit human understanding of technological feedback. The Beac0n is a gps pathfinder that is designed to be completely intuitive to the user. The goal is for the user to pick up the device, and with…... Listed under:
  674. Acoustic Modem Using Atmega1284p
    Data transmission over sound is used in many communication protocols, the most common being Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency signaling (DTMF). It is used to dial phone numbers and the frequency combinations chosen for the digits are very familiar to the general public. It was also used in…... Listed under:
  675. A Moving Alarm Clock Using Atmega1284
    Introduction We implemented a prototype for a moving alarm clock which runs away from the user when they try to silence the alarm. It has all the features of a “regular” alarm clock: settable time and alarm, snooze, and alarm on/off. The alarm clock displays…... Listed under:
  676. Precision Cooker: A Temperature Controlled Cooker Using Atmega1284
    Precise time and temperature control are critical when cooking. Slight deviations in either temperature or cooking time can ruin delicate ingredients. Despite this fact, most modern day stovetops provide no data regarding their current temperatures and do not have built in timers. The stovetops that…... Listed under:
  677. Eye Mouse Using Atmega1284
    Our final project moves and clicks a mouse cursor on a computer screen by tracking where the user's eye-movements using infrared eye-tracking technology and a gyroscope. The motivation for this project came from thinking about applications of infrared technology. We narrowed our ideas down to…... Listed under:
  678. Scan-E: An optical blood pressure sensor Using Atmega1284
    Introduction For this project, we created a noninvasive heart rate and blood pressure measurement tool with the intention of gathering data for large-scale analysis for the automatic prediction of heart disease. In modern society, patients often have access to a wealth of electronic data concerning…... Listed under:
  679. Low-Budget Laser Projector Using Atmega1284
    Introduction For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed a low-budget laser projector system. The project was broken into main sections: the custom hardware designed and fabricated to make up the projector, the circuitry controlling the hardware, and the custom software controlling the circuitry. We…... Listed under:
  680. Autonomous Air-Hockey Goalie Using atmega 1284
    This project is intended to perform the role of a goal-keeper in the popular arcade game Air Hockey. In this project, the robot shown below senses a puck coming toward it and moves in the direction of the puck's motion so as to stop it.…... Listed under: ,
  681. NFC Transmitter and Receiver Using Atmega1284
    Introduction Our project is building one set of NFC module including a NFC transmitter and a NFC receiver both using ATmega1284p microcontroller. We will be using coupled coils to transmit message modulated by a high frequency carrier, whose frequency is the standard frequency for Near…... Listed under:
  682. Remote Controlled POV Display Using Atmega1284
    Introduction For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and implemented a remote controlled persistence-of-vision (POV) display that is able to display multiple patterns based on remote input. The primary components of the display are a rotor and a motor. The rotor is mainly consisted…... Listed under: ,
  683. POV Magic 8 Ball Using Atmega1284
    1.Introduction In our final project of ECE 4760, we designed a magic 8 ball, which is a rotating POV (persistence of vision) display controlled by voice commands. In our design, users can ask yes/no based questions via a small speaker, and the rotating POV part…... Listed under:
  684. The Air Mouse Using Atmega1284
    Introduction "A wireless mouse unit that requires no flat surface by using ultrasonic positioning." For our ECE 4760 final project,we have designed a surface-less mouse interface using ultrasonic transmission as our final project in this class. The idea is to have a ultrasonic transmitter as…... Listed under:
  685. EEG Magic Cat Ears Using Atmega1284
    Kang Li(kl694) and Zhenxuan Qiu(zq39) For our ECE 4760 final projec, we built a pair of toy “cat ears” using electroencephalography (EEG) with the AVR microcontroller. The basic function of it is that it can change the gesture of the “Ears” based on the participant’s…... Listed under:
  686. Drumming Teaching and feedback device Using Atmega1284
    For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and built a drum trainer that can be attached to most Japanese drum surface and will detect and wirelessly transmit different drum hit types to other players’ drum trainers. The trainer is able to determine whether the…... Listed under:
  687. Thermistor Respiratory Monitor Using Atmega1284
    Our final project for ECE 4760 is a respiratory monitor that was designed for low-resource environments. The device calculates a patient's breathing rate by detecting changes in temperature when the patient breathes through a mask. Features of the device include an alarm through a piezoelectric…... Listed under:
  688. Glove Mouse Using Atmega1284
    For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and built a wireless computer pointing device with accelerometer based movement control. Our implementation allows the user to wear a set of hardware (a glove and connected armband) and control a cursor through different hand orientations and…... Listed under:
  689. Hand-Motion Chess Using Atmega1284
    An Introduction "A glove embedded with accelerometers to play a hand motion-controlled chess game" project soundbyte For our ECE 4760 final project, our team designed and built a system with the ability to play the game of chess using embedded gloves. Each player wears a…... Listed under:
  690. Color to Sound Player Using Atmega1284
    Introduction We created a device that determines the RGB content of a surface and then speaks the color or plays a musical tone at the sound frequency mapped to the color. The device can convert the color to sound directly or function as a cassette…... Listed under:
  691. Multi-functional Music Box Using Atmega1284
    Our final project is to build a multifunctional music box. This music box can generate different songs in different instrument sounds, i.e. piano, organ, by FM synthesis. The theme and harmony are in two different channels. Besides, the music box can also be electrical piano…... Listed under:
  692. Muscle music control Using Atmega1284p
    Introduction For our ECE 4760 Final Project, we use an infrared LED and phototransistor armband to detect muscle inflections in arm and wrist movement which are used to manipulate the volume and speed of pre recorded songs. By pumping your fist, you will change the…... Listed under:
  693. Digital Reversi board using Atmega644
    Introduction For our final project in ECE 4760, we designed and implemented a Reversi board consisting of hardware, a microcontroller, and a touch screen. Sixty-four bicolor (red and green) LEDs were implemented as the black and white pieces of the game. Players could simply light…... Listed under:
  694. Audio Spectrum Analyzer Using Atmega644
    Our ECE 4760 final project was an audio spectrum analyzer that would display a histogram-style visualization of an audio signal. We were able to successfully display the frequency spectrum content of an audio signal in real-time using a black and white histogram visualization with bins…... Listed under:
  695. Virtual Archery Using Atmega644
    Introduction We decided to create a virtual archery game for our ECE 4760 final project. This game consists of an ATmega1284P microcontroller, a TV for display, and multiple pieces of hardware. All of these devices communicate together to simulate a three-round game of archery with…... Listed under:
  696. Optical microphone and spectrum analyzer Using Atmega1284
    We implemented an optical microphone which converts distant vibrations, including sound, to an audio signal. Measuring the reflection of a laser beam from windows or glass, it possible to hear sounds near the target. The system also includes frequency spectrum analysis with a real-time display…... Listed under: ,
  697. IFF System for Infantry Using Atmega1284
    Introduction "An encrypted laser-based friend-foe identification system to prevent friendly fire in battle" This project implements an Identification Friend-or-Foe (IFF) system for use by soldiers to prevent friendly-fire. The inspiration for the project is derived from Identification Friend-or-Foe (IFF) transponder systems currently used on fighter…... Listed under:
  698. GPS and compass guided car Using Atmega644
    For our final project, we built a self-driving car that takes in inputs for a final destination and drives itself from its initial location to the final destination. The idea for this final project requires an LCD to display the location that the car is…... Listed under:
  699. Persistance of Vision Clock Using Atmega644
    The goal of our project was to create a persistence-of-vision (POV) analog clock using an LED display. The clock has a visual alarm system which lights up the entire display for two seconds if it reaches an alarm time. The current time and alarm times…... Listed under:
  700. Virtuoso: A Touchscreen Music App Using Atmega644
    n our final project, we designed an electronic multifunction instrument with a LCD touch screen and a microphone. The user can play three kinds of instruments on it -- xylophone, flute and piano. Each instrument has a different interface and timbre. The piano part has…... Listed under:
  701. NFC Secure Data Storage Using Atmega644
    Summary "Enabling secure storage capabilities for sensitive data through standardized methods of encryption or multiple agent distribution." Our group chose to implement a secure form of storage for sensitive information such as passwords or identification numbers. This is modeled after Shamirs secret sharing algorithm. It…... Listed under:
  702. Ultrasound Gesture Detection Using Atmega644
    Introduction In this project, ultrasound around 24kHz was used to detect movement near an object. Waving a hand or other solid object near the source of the ultrasound (speaker) causes a shift in the frequency of the sound, which is then detected by a microphone.…... Listed under:
  703. Wireless, voice-controllable, household system Using Atmega644
    Motivation We design a smart home control system which allow people control their home devices by voice command at home. This is a wireless, voice control system. People could control almost all the facilities at home including lights, fans or even back ground music. Right…... Listed under:
  704. Solar Powered Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Meter Using Atmega644
    Introduction Pulse Oximeter is a non-invasive medical diagnostic device used to detect the oxygen saturation of the blood. Heart rate meter detects the number of beats per minute of the patient, normally referred to as bpm. The pulse oximeter is designed using an infrared and…... Listed under:
  705. RoboSLR Using Atmega644
    Introduction Robo-SLR provides a remotely controllable stand for a Canon EOS 550D DSLR camera, allowing for adjustable tilt and pan functionality along with the ability to remotely view through the camera's viewfinder and take photos. An ATmega1284 microcontroller is used to control camera functions as…... Listed under:
  706. Radio Station Tracker Using Atmega644
    Our project is inspired by the commercial product, PicoDopp, which uses a similar scheme for foxhunting. Foxhunting is a contest where participants try to locate a transmitter, called the fox, simply by monitoring the signals it transmits. Typically this is done using highly directional antennas…... Listed under: ,
  707. OBD-II Autocross/Track Data Logger for BMW E36 M3 Using Atmega644
    Customer's Voice    top “Hello, I am interested in a race car logger than will be able to display and log crucial information during autocross and track events. I am interested in tracking vehicle speed, RPM, engine coolant temperature and lateral g-forces. Ideally, the data can…... Listed under:
  708. Brain-Computer Interface Using Atmega644
    Introduction Our goal was to build a brain-computer interface using an AVR microcontroller. We decided that the least invasive way of measuring brain waves would be using electroencephalography (EEG) to record microvolt-range potential differences across locations on the user's scalp. In order to accomplish this,…... Listed under:
  709. Digital Saxophone Using Atmega644
    Abstract My final project was the design of a digital saxophone which can reproduce the sound of an actual saxophone through digitally synthesized electrical waveforms. The digital saxophone consists of a microphone to sense the user blowing into a mouthpiece, push-buttons to control the note…... Listed under:
  710. Virtual Saxophone Using Atmega644
    Our ECE 4760 final project was to create a virtual saxophone that uses Direct Digitial Synthesis (DDS) to synthesize the output notes. Pushbuttons are connected to a PVC pipe to mimic the saxophone's mechanical structure, and a microphone that detects noise is used to determine…... Listed under: ,
  711. Auto-composing keyboard Using Atmega644
    Project Overview We designed an electric piano that automatically composes a piece of music for the ECE 4760 final project. All the user need to do is to select a mood of the music and play two notes upon which the music is based, and…... Listed under: ,
  712. MicroKart 644 Using Atmega644
    The Micro Kart 644 is a mobile device that provides additional capability to the traditional RC car experience. Allowable functions are recording multiple tracks, which consist of all user controls sent to the car over a 25 second interval, and replaying the tracks so the…... Listed under:
  713. Touchpad Figure Recognition Using Atmega644
    Our project implements a touchpad input system which takes user input and converts it to a printed character. Currently, the device only recognizes the 26 letters of the alphabet, but our training system could be easily generalized to include any figure of completely arbitrary shape,…... Listed under: , ,
  714. Battle video game Using Atmega644
    Introduction Our project is a simple game where two players control tanks in a stage with the ultimate goal of destroying each other. User input is achieved through the use of keypads, which are used to both control the tanks and fire missiles at one…... Listed under:
  715. Sign language translator Using Atmega644
    Introduction "A portable Glove Based Sign Language Translator with LCD Display, Speech Synthesis, and Sign Language Education Software" Sign language is a language through which communication is possible without the means of acoustic sounds. Instead, sign language relies on sign patterns, i.e., body language, orientation…... Listed under:
  716. Evolutionary Altitude Control for a Helicopter Using Atmega644
    Overview For our ECE 4760 project, we developed a self learning 1 degree of freedom (DOF) helicopter using a neural network learning algorithm and infrared (IR) distance measurement. The primary goal is to increase the helicopter height to a desired level in the quickest amount…... Listed under:
  717. Digital Stethoscope Using Atmega644
    "A digital stethoscope that can amplify, play, and record heart signals in real-time." Project Soundbyte The purpose of this project was to design and implement a digital stethoscope to serve as a platform for potential computer aided diagnosis (CAD) applications for the detection of cardiac…... Listed under:
  718. Power Manager: Remote Power Control Through LAN using Atmega644
    Introduction Overview PowerManager is a remote power management system that can be controlled through a web browser on a local area network (LAN). Devices plugged into PowerManager's outlets can be turned on or off with the click of a button on a webpage. PowerManager runs…... Listed under:
  719. Heliowatcher solar tracker Using Atmega644
    Documentation HelioWatcher: Automatic Solar Panel Control Jason Wright (jpw97) and Jeremy Blum (jeb373) Introduction We designed and built a system to automatically orient a solar panel for maximum efficiency, record data, and safely charge batteries. Using a GPS module and magnetometer, the HelioWatcher allows the…... Listed under:
  720. Cooking Assistant for Automatic Temperature Control Using Atmega644
    In some cooking scenarios, it is desirable to achieve a specific object temperature and keep the object at that temperature. However, it is difficult to maintain a constant temperature without constant attention. To aid cooking in this scenario, we created a device that can be…... Listed under:
  721. SousVide immersion cooker using Atmega644
    About What is this thing? For our ECE4760 Spring 2012 (Microcontrollers) Final Project at Cornell University we decided to create a sous-vide cooker (a type of immersion cooker) that can maintain a set temperature for extended periods of time. It can auto-calculate the appropriate time…... Listed under:
  722. BrainMap: fNIR imaging of the brain Using Atmega644
    Introduction Our project records and extracts event-related features from a 36-point relative blood-oxygen concentration sensor array from the surface of the brain. We chose this project because of a combined interest in brain-computer interfaces. In an attempt to balance cost, complexity, and sensor density, we…... Listed under: ,
  723. MAD-DOG Kick-Awesome Wi-Fi Audio Streamer Using Atmega644
    Introduction "We developed a wireless receiver capable of receiving and playing audio transmitted over an 802.11 Wi-Fi network" project soundbyte For our ECE 4760 final project we developed a wireless receiver capable of receiving and playing audio transmitted over an 802.11 Wi-Fi network. Our system…... Listed under:
  724. Remote Controlled DMM With Minimum Mass Wireless Coupler Using Atmega644
    Introduction In this project, we built a digital multi-meter utilizing near-field communication concept. The system established a bidirectional wireless communication between the measurement unit and the base unit. The measurement unit is in charge of measurement and transmitting the result to the base, while the…... Listed under:
  725. Seven day alarm Using Atmega644
    Introduction The variability of a college student’s class and school work schedule gives way to an abnormal sleep/wake pattern that is not experienced any other age group. Few lucky students have the pleasure of having all their classes start at the same time every day.…... Listed under:
  726. A Budget Pachinko Machine Using Atmega644
    Pachinko is a game in which a ball drops down through a large quantity of pegs and the objective is to catch that ball in a fixed basket. The concept behind our machine is novel in that it was built using mostly discarded and salvaged…... Listed under:
  727. Quadcopter Using Atmega644
    Introduction Many embedded systems use sensors that combine an accelerometer and a gyroscope. Quadcopter is one of the examples of that. Already-built cheap toy-like quadcopters are available on e-bay around at $25~$30, but many hobbyists and avid AVR programmers build their own quadcopters. We thought…... Listed under:
  728. Ultrasonic Security System Using Atmega644
    Introduction We were inspired to build an ultrasonic security system for our final project by our housing situation this summer. Security is an important part of home, especially if we are going to share a house with prior strangers without a lock on our room…... Listed under:
  729. Smart Trash system Using Atmega644
    Introduction top For our final project, we have designed and built a 'proof of concept' prototype for Project Green Stations, an externally funded student group with the following mission statement: Project Green Stations is all about changing the way people see the environment. Imagine the…... Listed under:
  730. GPS Tracking Device for Cornell Engineering Quad Using Atmega644
    Introduction "A GPS tracking devices capable of telling the user his/her approximate distance to buildings and attractions on a map downloaded from a remote station" -Project Soundbyte For our final project in ECE4760, we designed an GPS tracking device that has a capability of downloading…... Listed under:
  731. Autonomous Board Erasing Robot Using Atmega644
    Abstract -A Roomba for boards For our ECE 4760 final project we created a board climbing robot capable of cleaning the board autonomously. The robot uses neodymium magnets to stick to the board and moves across it with two continuous servo motors. It has bumper…... Listed under:
  732. Self-Reliant Power and Data Management System Using Atmega644
    Introduction The tags used to monitor wildlife can either be passive or active. Passive tags simply identify an individual, whereas active tags may send out a radio beacon or even collect data. These active tags, more commonly referred to as “bio-loggers”, are typically battery powered,…... Listed under:
  733. A Wireless Programmable Pace Clock Using Atmega644
    For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and built a wirelessly programmable digital pace clock with a large format LED display and Android smartphone control and programming. This original design achieves the functionality of commercailly available pace clocks but with an intuitive user interface…... Listed under:
  734. Rock Band Vocal Bot Using Atmega644
    We have created a device that interprets the NTSC video signal from the video game Rock Band and outputs audio signals via a pair of speakers to simulate a human singer playing the vocalist part. We chose to pursue this project since we were interested…... Listed under:
  735. DJ Multitouch — A FTIR Touchscreen Device Using Atmega644
    Overview The DJ Touch is a portable turntable touchscreen and interactive LED display. Our end goal was to produce a low cost touchscreen device, and demonstrate its application in a common consumer application. Out of an interest in electronic music, and with the knowledge of…... Listed under:
  736. FaceAccess — A Portable Face Recognition System Using Atmega644
    We created a standalone face recognition system for access control. Users enroll in the system with the push of a button and can then log in with a different button. Face recognition uses an eigenface method. Initial testing indicates an 88% successful login rate with…... Listed under:
  737. Voice decoder for vowels Using Atmega644
    Introduction In our final project, we created a smart voice decoder system that is capable of recognizing vowels in human speech. The audio input is sampled through a microphone/amplifier circuit and analyzed in real time using the Mega644 MCU. The user can record and analyze…... Listed under:
  738. Ahhhh…BIU! video game Using Atmega1284
    Introduction EVERYONE LOVES GAMES! In this project, I built a video game controlled by people’s voice. The game is about jet fighters. People can play the game by themselves or with friends. The system recognize the command by distinguish “ahh” and “Biu”. The fighters shoot…... Listed under:
  739. Wireless, web-based, cardiac monitor Using Atmega644
    Introduction "A composite personal health monitor solution bridges the gaps between patients and doctors." ---Engineering Goodwill This project creates a portable device implementing wireless technology and taking full advantage of the wide-spreading Internet to provide a convenient solution to monitor human health. The health information…... Listed under:
  740. A Portable, Automated, web-based Bird Trapping Mechanism Using Atmega644
    Background We designed and implemented an automated, portable bird-trapping mechanism, along with an associated system which is scalable Every year between early May and mid-June large amounts of tree swallows migrate to Ithaca, NY area to mate. The study of these birds invariably require a…... Listed under:
  741. Autonomous visually steered car Using Atmega644
    Introduction For our final project, we re-engineered a remote control car to autonomously navigate through a track by detecting lanes and centering itself between them as well as detect objects in front of it and avoid collision. The RC car detects lanes through image input…... Listed under:
  742. Step Sequencer Drum Machine Using Atmega644
    Overview [top] As avid audiophiles, we wanted to apply our newly acquired knowledge of microcontrollers to build a fun consumer electronic device. Our project is a step sequencer drum machine. The user is able to program a 16-step percussion pattern using one of a wide…... Listed under:
  743. LED-Following K'NEX Car Using atmega644
    Introduction In a Nutshell Our ECE 4760 final project was a car made of K'NEX that follows a LED strip. What We Did For this project we made a K’NEX car that follows a path made by a LED strip. We used two phototransistors to…... Listed under: ,
  744. Rock-Paper-Scissors Sensor Gloves Using atmega644
    For our ECE4760 final design project, we designed and built a two player game system for rock-paper-scissors. Our implementation involved the use of two sensor gloves (one for each player) that tracked bends in the user’s fingers, to determine the symbol put out by each…... Listed under:
  745. Ear Trainer Using Atmega644
    Introduction Our project is a self-contained system that helps people develop the musical skills of perfect pitch and relative pitch. Push buttons allow the user to navigate a graphical user interface (GUI) on a liquid crystal display (LCD). In perfect pitch training mode, a note…... Listed under:
  746. TI Calculator Wireless Chat Using Atmega644
    INTRODUCTION: Our project is a wireless communication link which interfaces to the serial ports on the TI-83 and TI-84 calculators. SUMMARY: Our group created a wireless communication system for the widely popular TI 83/84 calculators. The system interfaces to each calculator through their 2.5mm serial…... Listed under:
  747. Sonar SensCap Using Atmega644
    SensCap is a device that guides the visually impaired around obstacles. Introduction We designed and built a device to be worn on the head and around the hip to aid the visually impaired maneuver around obstacles. It provides information about obstacles near and around the…... Listed under:
  748. A Keyboard Synthesizer Workstation using Atmega644
    Our Keyboard Synthesizer project aims to create a multi-instrument keyboard that can record several different synthesized instruments and play back the track simultaneously. We took a children’s toy keyboard and adapted the printed circuit board within to play a range of notes from various musical…... Listed under:
  749. Ultrasonic Spheroid Levitation Device Using Atmega16
    Introduction The goal of this project was to design and build a gaming device capable of levitating a ping pong ball at varying heights based on the proximity of the user to the device, utilizing a multi-tasking kernel on the ATMega16 platform. The project incorporates…... Listed under:
  750. Compact Guitar Pedalboard Using Atmega644
    Introduction For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and built an electric guitar pedalboard that will take in an analog audio signal from a guitar and add analog effects such as equalization, gain control, as well as digital effects such as distortion, compression, and…... Listed under:
  751. Embedded Foot Pronation Detection Using Atmega644
    Introduction and Rationale Our ECE 4760 design project integrates three different kinds of sensor measurements to track a user�s movement speed, regularity of gait, force on impact, pronation of foot, as well as other information that may be useful to a podiatrist. We believe there…... Listed under:
  752. Human Tracking Fan System Using Atmega644
    For our final project we decided to construct a human tracking rotating platform that supports a fan. The platform, using dual element Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors (PIR) sensors, rotates itself independently to direct air flow to whatever position a person moves to. In addition, the fan…... Listed under:
  753. Invisible band Using atmega644
    Introduction The goal of this project is designing microcontroller operated drum set and guitar which are only consist of drums sticks, pedals, and pick. This is done by implementing accelerometers which are connected to the microcontroller. By swinging the sticks and picking the guitar in…... Listed under:
  754. Sheet Music Notator Using Atmega644
    Introduction We created a system that takes input from a piano and displays the musical notation for it on a television screen. The system uses hardware amplification and filtering of a microphone output with code in C compiled on two Atmel Mega644 microcontrollers. The basic…... Listed under:
  755. ToneMatrix Touch Sequencer Using Atmega644
    ToneMatrix Touch by Jane Park, Michael Chin We can be reached at {jp624 | msc247} at cornell dot edu. ---a touch-based, interactive matrix that plays music corresponding to active grids and displays playback state using LEDs Introduction The ToneMatrix Touch (TMT, aka Teenage Mutant Turtle)…... Listed under:
  756. Automated grapefruit segmenter Using Atmega644
    Part I. High Level Design 1 Rationale and Problem Overview As regular grapefruit consumers, both of us could appreciate the value in automating the cutting procedure. We saw the problem as suitable for a final project because it is [very] challenging while requiring a combination of…... Listed under:
  757. Motion Sensing PowerPoint Controller Using Atmega644
    Introduction For our Final Project in ECE 4760, we built a controller that interfaces with a computer running a PowerPoint display through USB. The device can control slide transitions based on hand motions or button presses as well as play MP3 files when it detects…... Listed under:
  758. Heat Control System Using Atmega644
    Introduction This project was the first stage of developing a controller for a radiant floor heat system. The microcontroller will use inputs from thermostats, thermocouples, a flow meter, and pressure switches to control the operation of the pumps and valves to achieve improved efficiency of…... Listed under:
  759. XBee RF Smart Energy Compliant Power Meter Using Atmega644
    Motivation >A breaker-level power metering device for measuring energy on 4 different circuit lines and wirelessly outputting that energy data onto Google PowerMeter. Useful Links Google PowerMeter Smart Energy Alliance DOE - SmartGrid Energy Efficient Products Similar Projects Zigbee Wireless Relay Control & Power Monitoring…... Listed under:
  760. 3D Paint Using Atmega644
    "A 3D canvas on which the artist can draw using trilaterated coordinates from ultrasonic delays." Project Soundbyte For our final project in ECE 4760, we designed and implemented a three-dimensional paint program consisting of hardware, a microcontroller, and a PC running MATLAB. All three modules…... Listed under:
  761. Hand controller for Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter Using Atmega644
    Introduction Our project is a novel hand held controller in which we use an accelerometer to wirelessly control the motion of a Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter. Rationale: The main idea of our project was building a cool glove controller for a flying platform, a quadrotor…... Listed under: ,
  762. Human Tetris — Video object tracking Using Atmega644
    We have created a real-time video object tracking / shape recognition device, and a fun game library to demonstrate its abilities. For our project, we wanted to push the video sampling and processing capabilities of the ATmega644 8-bit microcontroller. Using a high-speed analog-to-digital converter as…... Listed under: ,
  763. Auditory navigator Using Atmega644
    Introduction Navigation in the past has primarily relied on the use of a map, compass or other devices that must be interpreted visually. This project demonstrates the ability to navigate a user based on synthesized directional audio which allows the user to move to a…... Listed under:
  764. USB wireless tilt mouse Using Atmega644
    Introduction We created a handheld mouse device that measures its tilt and then wirelessly transmits the data to a base unit, which is connected to a PC through a USB cable and can be recognized by certain modern computers as an actual mouse. The purpose…... Listed under:
  765. Automated Rock Band player Using Atmega644
    Introduction For our final design project, we built an automated Rock Band player that can beat any Rock Band song by decoding the Xbox 360 video output and sending the appropriate button push and strum signals to a modified Xbox controller. This project was particularly…... Listed under:
  766. Automated Pavlovian Classical Conditioning of Insects Using Atmega644
    Introduction Several studies have shown that various insects possess learning and memory abilities. One approach researchers use to demonstrate such abilities is to "teach" the insect to exhibit a specific behavior in response to a stimulus. This "teaching" process is called Pavlovian conditioning. Such studies…... Listed under:
  767. CMOS Camera Rock Paper Scissors Game System Using Atmega644
    Introduction We created a rock paper scissors game that utilizes a CMOS camera to determine what hand the human player plays. The player is required to wear a glove that has black tape taped on each finger. When the player plays the hand, the camera…... Listed under:
  768. RFID sales checkout system Using Atmega644
    Introduction The Elevator Pitch We successfully implemented a prototype RFID checkout system that will enable consumers to instantly pay for their entire purchase upon arrival at the register, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing retailer costs, and ultimately lowering consumer prices. Summary Shopping in the present day…... Listed under:
  769. RFID based Mobile Payment System Using Atmega644
    Introduction and Rationale We used our ECE 4760 final project as a platform to develop a proof of concept for Mivo. Mivo is a low-cost, stripped down mobile payment system. Our prototype combines Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Security Pin Authentication and Ethernet Data Transfer to…... Listed under:
  770. Talking voltmeter Using Atmega644
    The Handy Lab Buddy is a tool every ECE should have. The four features of this tool include a talking voltmeter, logic probe, voltage averager, and frequency measurer. As a cheap and accurate device that outputs whatever being measured through speakers, it's one of its…... Listed under:
  771. Heart Rate Display LED T-Shirt Using Atmega644
    Introduction We have designed and built a LED t-shirt capable of displaying the heart rate of the wearer via a pulsing LED heart. Largely, our project consists of two components: the plethysmograph and the LED display. How we came up with the Idea We had…... Listed under: ,
  772. Gesture Based Touchpad Security System Using Atmega644
    Introduction The purpose of the project is to present a new approach on the design of security systems by using a touch sensitive device. Security is a permanent concern in a variety of environments ranging from physical access restriction in home and industrial settings to…... Listed under:
  773. Flexicopter Using Atmega644
    Introduction The purpose of our project is to control a toy helicopter using flex sensors attached to a glove. The flex sensors are intended to replace the remote control that is generally used to fly the helicopter. Additionally we also created another mode which will…... Listed under:
  774. Acoustic Data Modem Using Atmega644
    Introduction For our final design project, we designed and built a prototype acoustic modem to serve as a physical transport layer for digital communications. It converts between a digital communications scheme (RS-232) and an acoustically coupled communications scheme of our own design. Our project consists…... Listed under: ,
  775. Adaptive Alarm Clock Using Atmega644
    Introduction Elevator Pitch / 1-second Description An adaptive alarm clock that chooses the optimal time to wake up the user using an accelerometer that detects his/her body movements. Goals The goal of our final project was to create an alarm clock that is able to…... Listed under:
  776. Zigbee Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System Using Atmega644
    Introduction We designed a system for wirelessly controlling relays and monitoring current. This is used for a home load simulation. By wirelessly turning relays on and off by sending commands from a PC to a microcontroller we can change the total load (current) to our…... Listed under:
  777. Low-Cost Portable Potentiostat for Biosensing Applications Using Atmega644
    Introduction This project involves the design and construction of a low-cost portable potentiostat capable of performing cyclic voltammetry on three-electrode electrochemical systems. A potentiostat is an instrument used in chemical and biological tests that controls the voltage between two electrodes, working and reference, at a…... Listed under:
  778. Point of Sale Terminal Using Atmega644
    Introduction Point of Sale systems typically can cost up to thousands of dollars we do it very simply for seventy. For small stores, point of sale systems can be very expensive. One thousand dollars for a piece of machinery whose functionality is quintessentially simple can…... Listed under:
  779. FM Radio Receiver Using Atmega644
    Introduction The goal of our project was to design a low cost and user-friendly FM radio receiver. Our project uses a FM receiver integrated circuit to perform the pre-processing units that are needed before the desired audio signals can be heard. The radio frequency is…... Listed under:
  780. Mister Gloves – A Wireless USB Gesture Input System Using Atmega644
    Introduction Mister Gloves is a wireless USB gesture input system that enables a person to use a computer by performing intuitive hand and finger motions in the air. While wearing a glove controller on the right hand, the user can move the cursor by forming…... Listed under:
  781. Accelerometer Based Hand Action Recognition using Atmega644
    Introduction We created a wearable game controller that uses accelerometers to acquire action of the hand and then maps an action to an arbitrary keystroke. The types of actions we are trying to recognize should be suitable as input control for video games. We placed…... Listed under: ,
  782. Home energy managment Using Atmega644a
    Introduction Our project implements a smart algorithm in order to power a house with a photovoltaic, batteries or the power grid.  For this project, we worked closely with a research team whose goal is to power a home with minimal power from the power grid. …... Listed under:
  783. Self-Adaptive Hybrid Electro-Magnetic Levitation and Active Balancing System Using Atmega644
    Introduction In short, our project is just an isolated floating plate. Just as our title explained, it is mainly a floating plate that is segregated from all outside vibration using electromagnetic force. This purpose of the project is to design a system that complements common…... Listed under:
  784. Digital Oscilloscope Using Atmega644
    Introduction The goal of our project is to design a digital oscilloscope with 20 kHz bandwidth. The scopes that we use in ECE 4760 lab cost over one thousand dollars. The motivation of our project is to produce an affordable, easy to make oscilloscope for…... Listed under:
  785. Optical eye tracking Using Atmega644
    Introduction We have endeavored to develop a means by which eye gaze can be detected. This goal was achieved using the same principles learned in Lab4, where we recorded the motor speed of a small hub fan using the combination of IR emitter plus phototransistor,…... Listed under:
  786. Guitar Blocks Using Atmega644
    Introduction We present to you, the ultimate guitar -- no strings attached (literally)! This guitar features an infrared strumming system and a fret board with physical buttons. It sounds like a real acoustic guitar and it works like a real acoustic guitar, but in the…... Listed under:
  787. Haptic Exercise Coach Using Atmega644
    Introduction The goal of this project was to assist the user in learning the proper technique for a physical exercise, in our case a dumbbell bicep curl. As our understanding of biology and anatomy improves, the design of physical exercises is improved by the application…... Listed under:
  788. ATmega644 JTAG Debugger
    Introduction The purpose of this project was to design and implement a debugger for the ATmega644 that communicated through its JTAG interface and was capable of controlling program execution by setting breakpoints and accessing registers and memory. We have three main objectives in this report:…... Listed under:
  789. Ultrasonic Haptic Vision System using Atmega644
    Introduction The ultrasonic haptic vision system enables a person to navigate hallways and around large objects without sight, through the use of an ultrasonic rangefinder that haptically interfaces with the user via tiny vibrating motors mounted on the users head.  The idea behind this project…... Listed under:
  790. Haptic appointment manager Using Atmega644
    Introduction The Haptic Appointment Manager manages all of an individuals appointments, ensuring they arrive on time and in the right location by subtly guiding them throughout the day. This system uses a GPS receiver and a compass to maintain awareness of its absolute and rotational…... Listed under: ,
  791. 3D ultrasonic mouse Using Atmega644
    Introduction Ultramouse 3D times the delay of high-frequency sound waves from the unit held by the user to each of three receivers and passes this information along a serial cable to the computer. The accompanying open-source API provides easy functions that let any Win32/C++ application…... Listed under:
  792. 3D scanner Using Atmega644
    Introduction This goal of this project is to make an effective, low-cost 3D scanner. Summary Our project implements the hardware necessary for a laser triangulation 3D scanner as well as a PC user interface for controlling the scanner and acquiring data via an Ethernet connection.…... Listed under:
  793. Gesture Recognition Based on Scratch Inputs Using Atmega644
    Contents Introduction High Level Design Program/Hardware Design Results of the Design Conclusions Appendix A: Commented Code Gesture Recognition Code PC Interface Code Appendix B: Schematics Appendix C: Cost Details Appendix D: Tasks Appendix E: Gestures References Introduction Our project utilizes a microphone placed in a…... Listed under:
  794. LED Sensor Piano Keyboard Using atmega644
    Introduction Our project utilizes an array of LEDs that work as light sensors to generate a musical tone, simulating a piano keyboard. The basic idea is to use LEDs as both emitters and sensors. For our project specifically, we used a total of 63 LEDs,…... Listed under: , ,
  795. Touchpad/Infrared Music Synthesizer Using Atmega644
    Touchpad/Infrared Music Synthesizer "Generate music with your laptop touchpad!" Wei-jiunn (Vic) Jang Kalina Jordanova The Touchpad Infrared Music Synthesizer uses a laptop touchpad and an infrared distance sensor to control tone, volume and decay length of musical notes. Operating in one of six modes, this…... Listed under:
  796. Der Kapellmeister Using Atmega644
    Introduction This project is implemented with a glove, resembling a conducting baton that analyzes gestures and interprets them into musical elements. Der Kapellmeister is a simple tool that tests a user's ability in basic conducting, using a real conducting baton. As a user performs a…... Listed under: ,
  797. IR harp using Atmega644
    INTRODUCTION Wouldnt it be cool to be this guy? Powerful laser shining into the audience, playing strings by sweeping your hands across the beams, rocking out in a room full of fog and fawning girls? We thought so. It turns out lasers are expensive, fog…... Listed under:
  798. Digital Receipts System Using Atmega644
    Introduction Our final project is a conceptual prototype of a digital receipt system. The basic idea is when making a purchase with a credit or ATM card, the transaction information is automatically packaged and sent to a webserver where it can be logged in a…... Listed under:
  799. ODB-II Automotive data interface using Atmega644
    Our goal for this project was to build an OBD-II compliant device that would communicate with any OBD-II enabled car and read back real time data as well as perform basic performance testing and diagnostics. If you've ever had to take your car into the…... Listed under:
  800. Traction control system Using Atmega644
    Introduction For our ECE 4760 Final project we have developed a traction control system that detects wheel slip and adjusts the velocity of the wheels accordingly. Robotic vehicles are becoming increasingly complex and often need high levels of movement control. Specifically, when the wheels of…... Listed under:
  801. ACL Research: Foot Acceleration Sensor Atmega324p
    Introduction This project was designed to aid a research study by Cornell Professors Bob Nafis and Yingxin Gao on the reasons behind the higher rate of ACL injuries suffered by female athletes. This injury rate can be up to three to eight times higher than…... Listed under:
  802. Fart Intensity Detector Using Atmega644
    INTRODUCTION Our project is a fart intensity detector which ranks fart magnitude on a scale from 0-9 according to sound, temperature, and gas concentrations. The inspiration for this project was to determine who could generate the worst flatulence measurable in a personally unbiased manner. To…... Listed under:
  803. Dual-Channel Mobile Surface Electromyograph Using Atmega644
    Introduction For our final project, we built a surface electromyograph to collect and analyze data on muscle activity, which supports two channels, implements wireless transmission, and can be worn as mobile unit. Surface electromyography (EMG) is a noninvasive technique to record the activation signals of…... Listed under:
  804. Tissue Impedance Digital Biopsy Using Atmega644
    Introduction Our project measures and analyzes the electromechanical properties of tissue using a probe containing a microarray of electrodes, to aid as a tool in predicting the health of the tissue sample. “Despite significant efforts to develop early detection strategies for breast cancer, the diagnostic…... Listed under:
  805. GPS Data Logger with Wireless Trigger Using Atmega644
    Introduction The goal of this project was to create a portable GPS logger that could be wireless triggered by an external device, such as a camera. Our device that we have designed operates in two modes. The first works as a basic GPS logger, which…... Listed under:
  806. Self-Adjusting Window Shade Using Atmega644
    Introduction The self adjusting window shade will automatically raise, lower, open, and close your blinds by itself. A computer terminal acts as a remote to broadcast instructions to the window shade via RF. These manual adjustments are stored into the microcontrollers system along with the…... Listed under:
  807. Weather Canvas Using Atmega644
    Introduction The Weather Canvas is a robust outdoor weather monitoring system coupled with an indoor LED display. The outdoor system consists of a microcontroller, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, home-made anemometer, a Hot Wheels radar gun modified to measure precipitation, and a solar panel to measure…... Listed under:
  808. Autonomous Self-parking car Using Atmega644
    Introduction We created an RC Car that can identify a parking space and parallel park by itself. The RC Car drives down a street searching for a parking space to its right using a distance sensor. When the car has identified a space, the car…... Listed under:
  809. The Autonomous Tennis Ball Picker Using Atmega644
    Introduction and Motivation In the tennis and sports equipment market, there are very few advanced electronic devices assisting in the feeding and picking of tennis balls or any other kind of balls. Tennis players do not prefer picking up over five hundred balls after a…... Listed under:
  810. BalanceBot Using Atmega644
    Introduction The Balance Bot is a singular axis self balancing robot that is capable of adjusting itself to changes in weight and position. We developed the Balance Bot (BB or B2) from a single servo and a single accelerometer. This was very much a proof…... Listed under:
  811. Multiple PID motor controller (with Wiimote!) using Atmega644
    Introduction The main idea for our project was to implement an inexpensive solution to the current CU Snake Arm motor-driving system by using a Mega644 microcontroller instead of multiple 3-Amp motor controllers as the snake arm was originally intended to be driven. Since we used…... Listed under:
  812. Wireless Persistence of Vision Device with Realtime Control Using Atmega644
    Introduction We set out to make an easy to interact with, highly custimizable POV display In deciding on a project we looked for a challenge that would have a good mix of hardware and software problems. We ended up primarily concentrating on looking at unusual…... Listed under: ,
  813. Programmable RGB Spinning LED Display Using Atmega32
    Introduction For our final project, we built a mechanism that spun a linear array of seven LEDs at a velocity that made it appear as if a message was being displayed using persistence of vision for the human eye. To accomplish this, we first had…... Listed under:
  814. Alarm clock with speech synthesis Using Atmega32
    1. Introduction We designed an intelligent alarm clock which can be programmed from the computer to speak custom messages and also detect whether the user is on his bed or leaving his room. Sensors are pervasive in industrial, aerospace, and medical fields. Although they can…... Listed under:
  815. Blackout game Using Atmega32
     1       Introduction Black Out is an electronic puzzle game that is a derivative of Lights Out released by Tiger Toys in 1995 but with a few additional twists. The game consists of a 4 by 4 grid of LEDs with each LED having a…... Listed under:
  816. ESD Foam Touch Controlled Brick Blaster Using Atmega32
    Introduction As technological devices become more advanced and a bigger part of our daily lives, the user interface of devices is becoming more important; intuitive and modern interface provides a real means of transferring the pure computational power of a device to the user experience.…... Listed under:
    OVERALL DESIGN GOAL The overall goal of our project was to recreate the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) using Atmel Microcontrollers.  We decided early on the adding audio to the mix was likely going to be too much work in the time that we had to…... Listed under:
  818. Laser Audio Transmitter Using Atmega32
    Introduction This project is a proof-of-concept device that transmits an audio signal using a laser beam, while removing the need for the user to align the beam themselves. For our project, we created a mono-axial transmitter/receiver setup that converts an analog audio signal, via a…... Listed under: ,
  819. Voice Tuner and its Effects Using Atmega644
    Introduction Sound Bite Our project implements a tuner that continuously outputs the frequency of an input microphone signal with a high degree of accuracy. Project Summary This project's goal is to use a sensitive microphone, computer speakers and a properly designed circuit so that for…... Listed under:
  820. Wireless Music Player Using Atmega32
    Our wireless music player allows the user to listen to uncompressed digital audio streamed over a wireless link. The music player reads uncompressed audio data from an SD card in an immobile "base station." A pair of Xbee transceiver modules are used to stream data…... Listed under:
  821. Multisensor Data Transmission Using Atmega32
    Introduction For our final project we built a prototype of a circuit intended for a picosatellite that measures temperature and acceleration, sending the information wirelessly back to a base station receiver. The N-Prize is an amateur rocketry competition challenging groups to launch a very small…... Listed under:
  822. Heliostat Skylight Using Atmega644
    Introduction With the increasing awareness of sustainable and green building, more and more people are concerned with the efficiency of energy use at home and at work. For our ECE 476 Final Project, we developed a microcontroller-based, interior illumination system - The Heliostat Skylight. By…... Listed under:
  823. Wii Conductor Using Atmega32
    Introduction Our project can be described as a simplified implementation of Wii-Music, utilizing a Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) to play a gesture-based music game with the player as a virtual music conductor.             We decided to do this project since it exploited two of the Wiimotes…... Listed under:
  824. Musical Blocks Using Atmel ATmega 644
    ntroduction The purpose of this project is to create musical blocks that output music without requiring some sort of musical talent. Musical Blocks tracks the position of the blocks on a flat surface in a range seen by the Wiimote. The path of the blocks…... Listed under:
  825. Programmable Synthesized Guitar Using Atmega644
    Introduction Our project recreates the experience of playing an acoustic guitar electrically using vibration sensors, push buttons and the Karplus-Strong algorithm. Our basic idea is to model an acoustic guitar as closely as possible and then implement additional functions not available to the conventional guitar.…... Listed under:
  826. Robot Plotter Using Atmega32
    Motivation Deciding a direction of the final project in ECE 4760 can be very difficult. With small Micro Controller Unit, we can build anything and everything. We felt compelled to find something very creative and ingenious and had looked around our surrounding and have found…... Listed under:
  827. PowerBox: The Safe AC Power Meter Using Atmega32
    Introduction We designed a device that measures and graphs various aspects of AC power and acts as a computer-controlled remote switch. With the recent push for green energy and environmental friendliness, more and more people are concerned about their personal daily power usage. We developed…... Listed under:
  828. Rhythm Ring: Interactive Rhythm Sequencer Using Atmega32
    I. Introduction The Rhythm Ring interactive rhythm sequencer is an engaging musical device that enables the user to create a plethora of rhythms and beat patterns with the touch of their own fingers. Besides being fun to play with, the Rhythm Ring provides a tangible…... Listed under:
  829. Trumpet MIDI Controller Using Atmega32
    The Trumpet MIDI Controller allows trumpet players the freedom of synthesizing from and composing on their native instrument. The Trumpet MIDI Controller combines custom hardware and software with the Yamaha Silent Brass pickup mute to convert any standard trumpet into a fully functional MIDI controller…... Listed under:
  830. Air Drums Using Atmega32
    Introduction One Sentence Sound Bite Air Drums is an electronic drum kit played in the air that eliminates the need for tactile drum pads. Summary We created an electronic percussion set with three upright percussion sounds and a floor bass drum sound. The upright instruments…... Listed under:
  831. Dueling Banjos Using Atmega32
    Introduction Our project was to create two individual microcontrollers that can play banjo notes cooperatively to play two-part songs using nothing but sound to communicate and synchronize. Humans have had the ability to synchronize musical instruments together to achieve a single, coordinated multi-part song for…... Listed under:
  832. Intelligent wireless pedometer Using Atmega32
    Introduction For our ECE 476 Final Project, we have built an intelligent, wearable pedometer. This wireless pedometer can calculate many useful statistics such as the number of steps a user has taken, the distance and the speed the person has walked/run, as well as the…... Listed under:
  833. Networked Biometric Authentication Using Atmega32
    Introduction: Due to the increasing need for securing data and places, the biometric authentication industry is seeing large market growth.  We decided to build a scalable, small, and efficient device that can be used to secure doorways throughout a complex.  We use a FingerPrint Cards…... Listed under: ,
  834. Virtual Keyboard Using Atmega32
    Introduction It is becoming increasingly difficult for users to interact with the slew of portable gadgets they carry, especially in the area of text entry. Although miniature displays and keyboards make some portable devices, such as cell phones and PDAs, amazingly small, users hands do…... Listed under:
  835. 5x5x5 LED Cube – Orientation Independent 3D Display Using Atmega32
    Introduction Our project, in one sentence, is an orientation independent 3D LED display. We were inspired by various videos on youtube of similar cubes but also by the idea of creating an interactive 3-dimensional display. We built a 5x5x5 LED cube display and controller board…... Listed under:
  836. BordFree Using Atmega32
    Introduction BordFree is a resurrection of the classic Microsoft hit SkiFree featuring an innovative tilt-control scheme. BordFree places users in the boots of a snowboarder navigating a challenging ski slope. BordFree players will see their character on a color TV scrolling from bottom to top…... Listed under:
  837. High Speed Photography Controller Using Atmega32
    The goal of this project was to build a versatile, yet easy to use, sensor-triggered camera controller for high speed photography. Dan Furie (djf35) Scott Linderman (swl28) High Level Design Inspiration Our motivation came from photographs that captured a very small moment in time, such…... Listed under:
  838. 3D Maze in a Box video game Using Atmega32
    Introduction Maze in a Box is a portable game in which you tilt a TV to navigate your way around a 3D maze as though you were in it. We created Maze in a Box as a challenge to generate 3D looking graphics using the…... Listed under:
  839. 3D Video Game Control Using Atmega32
    Introduction Our project is a 3-dimensional game control for a video game displayed on a black and white television set. Motivation and Overview In the recent push in technology, many new computer and game interfaces have been created, many of which include wireless control. Our…... Listed under:
  840. Gesture-driven Tetris Using Atmega32
    Introduction Our project takes a classic video game and adds a twist with a handheld, gesture based controller. IT'S SUPER TERRIFIC AMAZING TETRIS EXTREEEEEEEEEEEME!!!!!!! We decided to undertake this project because the idea of combining the massive coding required for the Tetris game with the…... Listed under:
  841. Data Acquisition System With Controller Area Network and SD Card Using Atmega32
    Introduction This project implements a high speed data acquisition system using Mega32 microcontrollers and a Controller Area Network (CAN). Recording data is essential to testing and developing a racecar. Recording what each sensor is doing can tell an engineering how the car is performing, and…... Listed under:
  842. Automotive On-Board Diagnostics Reader Using Atmega32
    Introduction Our project is a hand-held device that is capable of communicating with any vehicle that uses pulse-width modulation (PWM) data-link layer. Such devices are commonly referred to as On-Board Diagnostic scanners. Vehicles that typically fall into this category are Fords made between 1996 and…... Listed under:
  843. Adaptive 60 Hz Noise Cancellation Using Atmega32
    An active noise canceler to eliminate the 60 Hz noise found in electrical signals due to AC power-line contamination. 60 Hz noise is frustrating for anyone trying to make sensitive measurements of low voltage processes (eg. Electrocardiogram measurements), record audio from electrical instruments (eg. guitar…... Listed under:
  844. Neural Net Helicopter Using Atmega32
    Introduction and High Level Design Our project was to design a two degree-of-freedom stationary helicopter, autonomously controlled by an evolving neural network. A normal helicopter has six degrees of freedom, which makes any form of control exceptionally hard, let alone autonomous control. What our design…... Listed under:
  845. Accelerometer Controlled R/C Vehicle Using Atmega32
    INTRODUCTION In our final design project for ECE 476: Microcontrollers, we decided to build a vehicle controlled, using accelerometers, by a remote control that wirelessly transmits, using RF technology, data to the vehicle to move in any direction. The accelerometers will be mounted on a…... Listed under:
  846. ROBOT ARM Using Atmega32
    Introduction Our project is a twenty four and half inch aluminum frame robotic arm with four degrees of freedom. In our project we made the arm the second player in the classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe to demonstrate its programmable repeatable motion.  The arm consists of…... Listed under:
  847. Help Quit Smoking Watch Using Atmega32
    Introduction: The Help Quit Watch is a watch that smokers can wear to help them quit smoking. The Help Quit Watch contains a smoke detector that detects whenever the smoker smokes and plays an encouraging clip to help the smoker stop. It then records statistics…... Listed under:
  848. Electronic Impact Vest Using Atmega32
    Our one sentence "sound byte"... *POP* Finally, a fair and balanced way to score Tae Kwon Do matches without the moaning and groaning of everyone. The Electronic Hogu system uses piezoelectric force sensors to determine how much force is delivered by the impact of a…... Listed under:
  849. TriWheeler robot Using Atmega32
    Introduction The TriWheeler is a radio-controlled robot with three wheels. The lack of the fourth wheel is far from the only thing that renders it distinctively different from typical radio-controlled units. In addition to the capability of being freely controlled with a remote control, The…... Listed under:
  850. Music Wand: Real-Time Optical Scanning of Sheet Music Using Atmega32
    Introduction The Music Wand is a device that optically reads printed sheet music in real-time and synthesizes the notes which are read from the page. The device uses a linear image sensor mounted on the end of a handheld wand to scan printed sheet music…... Listed under:
  851. Teaching an old clock Using Atmega32
    While exuding retro style, the alarm clock in its original state lacked many desirable features of today's alarm clocks. The only controls consisted of a single on/off switch. It also lacked AM/PM indication, making it impossible to sleep for more than 12 hours. Our project…... Listed under:
  852. Shark Tag Microcontroller Platform Using Atmega32
    Introduction The goal of this project was to develop a working bench-top microcontroller platform for a shark tag. It is to be used for on-animal, in-situ data logging applications involving sharks and potentially other large pelagics. For this project I used the Atmel Mega32 microcontroller…... Listed under:
  853. Ghost Writing Robot Using Atmega32
    Summary We used two stepper motors to drive a steel ball scavenged from a ball-bearing.  These motors were controlled by a PS/2 mouse wirelessly using the RCR-433 and RCT-433 receiver/transmission combination mentioned in lecture.  We then took the PS/2 protocol, made it compact, modified existing…... Listed under:
  854. Rocket Inertial Navigation System using Atmega32
    Introduction Was that a ... projectile? a rocket? an [XXXXX] missile? That was a dynamically controlled parachute guidance system looking for its target. The purpose of this project was to design a dynamically controlled parachute guidance system using an Atmel ATmega32 microcontroller. A set of…... Listed under:
  855. Guitar Tuner Using Atmega32
    Introduction: Motivation for Design The Mechanix is a motorized guitar tuner for a standard 6-string electric or acoustic fixed bridge guitar.  Named in honor of Megadeth guitar legend Dave Mustaine, the Mechanix is a unique and innovative product which has numerous patent possibilities.  Traditional handheld…... Listed under:
    Introduction The purpose of this project is to create a Scheme interpreter using C language and Mega32 microprocessor. Using limited resource and memory in the microprocessor, the interpreter should function and work for basic Scheme commands. The main target of the project is to use…... Listed under:
  857. Mini-Golf Simulator Using Atmega32
    Introduction This project simulates 9 holes of a minigolf course using the TV to display the course (top down view), an anchored plastic ball containing two accelerometers, and a putter. Summary We used a hollow plastic ball containing two accelerometers for each planar axis with…... Listed under:
  858. Battle Tank – A 3d Atmega32 Based Video Game
    Introduction Our project is a wireframe 3D video game based on the classic Atari arcade game, Battlezone (Copyright Atari Corp, 1980). For those that have never heard of the game, Battlezone is a game in which the player maneuvers a tank through a flat environment,…... Listed under:
  859. LaserSimon – An Innovative Take On An Exciting Game Using Atmega32
    Inspiration Our project was first inspired by our shared enjoyment of classic laser tag. We initially started out with a game in mind that entailed playing two player laser tag with remote-controlled helium blimps. Due to a number of logistical issues that came up while…... Listed under:
  860. Snake Arm Glove Project Using Atmega32
    Introduction For our project, we designed a glove that can be used to control the Cornell University robotic Snake arm thereby enabling a surgeon to remotely operate the snakearm as a colonoscope in conjunction with a vision guide system (aka TV goggles). The glove allows…... Listed under:
  861. Wiimote Crane Using Atmega32
    I. Introduction We used the Wiimote’s IR tracking capability and Bluetooth to wirelessly control a robotic crane arm.  The Wiimote is a powerful gadget and we wanted to build a new hack with it.  Our crane is composed of three servo motors, one of which…... Listed under: ,
  862. Radio Frequency Beacon Finder Using Atmel Mega32
    This project is a radio frequency receiver that will help the user the trace the direction and distance of transmitter beacon(s) operating at 433MHz frequency. In this ECE 476 final project, we have built a radio frequency receiver unit with an LCD screen that will…... Listed under:
  863. A portable, color, tilt-controlled video game system Using Atmega32
    Introduction The Weeboy is a portable color video game system that is not dependent on stationary displays or external power sources and features novel tilt-based control. Our purpose for designing this project was to demonstrate that a complete portable video game system could be implemented…... Listed under:
  864. TouchPad video game Using Atmega32
    Content Page 1.               Introduction 1.1       Sound-Bite Our final project recreates Rush Hour as a video game that is played using a touchpad implemented using 2D electric-field (E-field) sensors. 1.2              Motivation Rush Hour appealed to us as one of the better puzzles out there.  Its level of difficulty…... Listed under:
  865. Laser Pong Using Atmega32
    Wall of Pong is a fast-moving, interactive, laser-based pong game playable on any flat surface. The system uses a digitally controlled laser projection platform to draw a pong ball onto any flat surface. This allows for a large playing area that can be set up…... Listed under: ,
  866. Movement to Music: A Wearable Wireless Motion Sensor system Using Atmega32
    Introduction In this digital age, new interfaces for musical expression provide much broader musical possibilities than have ever existed before. There is a constant quest to be in harmony with one’s instrument so that music can flow freely from the imagination and take form effortlessly.…... Listed under: ,
  867. Music-controlled Puppet Using Atmega32
    Introduction The purpose of this project was to design a dancing puppet which is musically controlled by the microcontroller. This is a simple, inexpensive dancing puppet, which can dance to any tune you want. For as little money as possible, you can bring Pinocchio to…... Listed under:
  868. Line-following car Using atmega32
    Introduction                     Our project is a battery-powered toy car that is able to follow a path against a background of contrasting color. <>             The front of the car is fitted with an array of three photosensors, which allows the car to detect the path…... Listed under:
  869. PeanutBot, The Audio Homing Robot Using Atmega32
    Introduction Sensing in autonomous vehicles is a growing field due to a wide array of military and reconnaissance applications. The Adaptive Communications and Signals Processing Group (ACSP) research group at Cornell specializes in studying various aspects of autonomous vehicle control. Previously, ACSP has examined video…... Listed under:
  870. Model retina: color tracker Using Atmega32
    Objective and Background <> Objective: The gift of sight is precious; that is why we tried to model an artificial retina with the properties of color detection, saccades, and pursuit tracking. Structure of a Retina: A retina lies in the back of the eye and…... Listed under:
  871. Evolving neural robot Using Atmega32
    Introduction Our final project in ECE 476 is a mobile robot with a developed neural network such that it evolves to avoid collisions into a circular vertical white wall while traveling at the fastest speed and straightest line possible without human intervention or external computers.…... Listed under:
  872. MCU MIDI synthesizer using Atmega32
    Introduction Our final project is a music synthesizer that is capable of producing a variety of musical sounds, by modify, the attack, decay, sustain, release times, and applying special effects such as a low pass filter or a halftone shifter. Our original interest for this…... Listed under:
  873. AirJam: wearable air guitar Using Atmega2
    Introduction Why a working, wearable air guitar? Bottom line, it's just that cool. Who doesn't want a machine that will take their jamming and turn it into rock they can hear? With just a glove, a pick and a little practice you can rock the…... Listed under:
  874. UDP/Ethernet Controlled Temperature Regulator Using Atmega32
    Introduction This project implements a microcontroller based temperature regulator which can be controlled via the Ethernet port on any common personal computer. As the world becomes more networked, the power of our ability to communicate with many different systems instantly continues to prove it's worth…... Listed under:
  875. Morse code interpreter, with speech synthesis Using Atmega32
    Introduction This project implements a system that translates Morse Code to text and speech and translates text to Morse Code. With our limited experience with Morse Code, our first task was to do some research on the components of Morse Code and the standards associated…... Listed under:
  876. Complex impedance analyzer Using Atmega32
    Introduction Our device is an impedance analyzer that determines the complex impedance of any R-C circuit within an impedance range. Our original plan for creating this device was to develop a body fat measurer, a portable device that could allow users to monitor their health…... Listed under:
  877. iPod controller Using Atmel Mega32
    Introduction Have you ever imagined, "What does that cable I plug into my iPod every day actually do, and how do I take advantage of it for myself?" We did too, and that's what we aimed to do with our 476 project. The iPod is,…... Listed under:
  878. USB Magnetic Mouse/Touchpad Using Atmega32
    Introduction This project implements Hall effect sensors and a magnet to mimic the function of a typical USB mouse (similar to a tablet pens function). Many digital artists draw with mice on computer or use tablets. However, tablets are often very expensive. Using the mouse…... Listed under:
  879. Braille reader using Atmel mega32
    Introduction BlindAid is a portable tool that reads Braille and signals close objects. It is ideal for those unfortunate people who just turned blind and have not mastered Braille reading and blind cane usage. It can also be used as a learning instrument that helps…... Listed under:
  880. Ultrasonic ParKontroller Using Atmel Mega32
    Introduction Are you afraid that your brand new Hummer is going to get scratched while parking it in a tight space?  Do you have trouble backing your large Mercedez S-class into your small garage?  Fear no more!  Our ultrasonic ParKontroller can sense how far you…... Listed under:
  881. Retractable Alarm Clock (RAC) Using Atmel Mega32
    1.1  Motivation: Alarm clocks are essential in almost everyones daily life.  For most of us, we start our day to the sweet noise of our alarms.  While some people wake up instantaneously to the first chirp of an alarm, some struggle everyday to get out…... Listed under:
  882. Automatic pet feeder Using Atmel Mega32
    Introduction Our project is an automated pet feeder that is controlled by a wireless infra-red remote control. As pet lovers, we understand that the responsibilities of life sometimes inhibit pet owners from properly caring for their pets. Pet care should be fun, not burdensome, and…... Listed under:
  883. Programmable medication scheduler using atmel mega32
    Introduction The Newest Innovation in Patient Compliance The Portable Programmable Medication Scheduler (PPMS) is a modern solution to the century old problem of patient compliance, featuring four medication bins, audio/visual alarms, a graphic LCD, and serial communication with a Java Swing PC GUI. The conjunction…... Listed under:
  884. CalcParser Using Atmel Mega32
    Introduction CalcParser is a command line calculator. Controlled by a serial connection, CalcParser parses and evaluates an arithmetic expression and has the capabilities to perform symbolic polynomial differentiation with respect to a user-defined variable. It can also evaluate the differentiated expression at a given constant…... Listed under:
  885. Firefly synchronization Using Atmega32
    Introduction This project implements a 2D matrix of bidirectional LEDs to simulate how fireflies in a population synchronize their flashing. Fireflies are an extraordinary species of bioluminescent animals which are able to synchronize the timing of their light emission within a flashing population. In places…... Listed under:
  886. Graphing calculator Using Atmel Mega32
    Introduction A perfect tool for high school students that will pursue a career in engineering, the graphing and statistics calculator combines the functionality of a scientific calculator with graphing capabilities as well as being able to compute simple statistics. The purpose of this calculator is…... Listed under:
  887. Speech Recognition Jukebox Using Atmega32
    Introduction For the Final Project in ECE 476: Designing with Microcontrollers, Robbins and Saha developed a Speech Recognition Jukebox, comprised of a speech recognition system that activated a simple music player.   The speech recognition system was capable of recognizing four commands and could cycle through…... Listed under:
  888. Sound Source Triangulation Game Using Atmega32
    Introduction The goal of this project is to determine the time and location of a sound source in all three dimensions (x,y,z) using an economical and easily reproducible setup. To accomplish this goal, we decided to try and triangulate the sound source using a 4…... Listed under:
  889. Touch Screen Controlled R/C Car Using Atmel Mega32
    Introduction For our final design project, we chose to build a touch screen radio controlled car. Essentially, the RC car will follow a path drawn by the user on the touch screen as it is drawn in real time. Speed and direction of the car…... Listed under:
  890. AppleII emulator Using Atmel Mega32
    The goal of this project was to develop a system capable of emulating an Apple II personal computer. This project attempted to reconstruct a functional Apple II emulated on Atmel ATmega32 processors. Due to time constraints, a fully functional Apple II was not produced; however,…... Listed under:
  891. HDD analog clock with LCD touchscreen Using Atmel Mega32
    Introduction The clock is one of the oldest inventions in human history and has been used for centuries as in instrument for measuring time. There are many ways to implement this ancient technology by simple and practical methods. However, si [caption id="attachment_18482" align="aligncenter" width="531"] HDD…... Listed under: ,
  892. CUAUV Voltage Sniffer Using Atmel Mega32
    Introduction The Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle team (CUAUV) is an undergraduate engineering team that designs and builds a fully autonomous, robotic submarine. Over the past year, the team – of which both Manoj Lamba and Ian Wang are members – has had a stringent…... Listed under: ,
  893. CUsat diagnostic board using Atmel mega32
    1 Introduction Our final project is the CUSat Diagnostic Board (CUDB). This board will be used for monitoring CUSat system health as well as performing various functions allowing for easy integration and debugging of CUSat components. [caption id="attachment_18448" align="aligncenter" width="600"] CUsat diagnostic board using Atmel…... Listed under:
  894. SearchBot Using Atmel Mega32
    Introduction The SearchBot is a fully functional model car that can be controlled wirelessly through the PC or autonomously search for red balls scattered on a flat surface. Autonomous vehicles are just now being realized in labs around the world and will soon have major…... Listed under:
  895. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Using Atmel Mega32
    Introduction As our final project, we decided to design and build a robot capable of vacuuming the floor of a room or area without any human interaction other than just starting the unit. We realized the need for a cheap and convenient product that can…... Listed under:
  896. Cooler-Bot Using Atmel Mega 16L
    Introduction Cooler-Bot is an autonomous vehicle that uses ultrasonic transducers to sense distance and direction to a remote ultrasonic mobile unit that it is designed to follow. Our original goal was to design a vehicle that would carry a beverages for the user and follow…... Listed under:
  897. MCU/FPGA color video Game Platform Using Atmel Mega32
    Overview: A system consisting of an ATMEL MEGA32 chip, Altera FLEX10K FPGA, and a library of source code for the Atmel processor to generate 256-color VGA video signals in real time optimized for game development. Introduction: The Nintendo Entertainment System sports 2 KB of RAM…... Listed under:
  898. Musical Water Fountain Using Atmega32
    Introduction: Our final project is a musical water fountain loosely based on the fountain in front of the famed Bellagio hotel and casino. The basic idea of the project is to take an input from an iPod (or any sound source), sample the sound and…... Listed under:
  899. Machine de Karaoke Using Atmega32
    Introduction Sound bite Our project is a karaoke recording machine which is capable of removing the voice component of a music file and storing the users singing voice with the background music to an external compact flash memory.  It can also be used as a…... Listed under:
  900. Dual Control R/C Car Using Atmega32
    The purpose of this project was to take a traditional remote controlled car and create our own control mechanisms. To control the car, we used a dual-axis accelerometer and LEDs (light emitting diodes) configured as photo-detectors. The control mechanism was selected using a single pole…... Listed under: , ,
  901. Guitar Synthesizer and Game Using Atmega32
    Introduction Compose your own virtual guitar masterpiece or follow along with a preprogrammed classic. No experience needed! We developed a guitar synthesizer with video component inspired by the popular video game Guitar Hero. The original game consisted of only reproducing popular rock and roll songs…... Listed under:
  902. Self-powered solar data logger Using Atmel Mega32
    Introduction: My project is a self-powered solar data logger. Put out in the sunlight, it will measure the light level and log this to memory to be later downloaded to a computer. The system is powered by a small solar panel and battery. Summary: The…... Listed under:
  903. Lighting control system Using ATMEL Mega32
    Loucetios™ is a state-of-the-art, self-configuring lighting control system solution for bedrooms, offices and perimeter areas. Under automatic operation, the system senses luminosity inside and outside a room, controls the angle of the blinds and dims the lamps to maintain a prescribed level of illumination inside…... Listed under:
  904. Intelligent Multimedia System Atmel mega32
    Introduction This project implements a multi-function multimedia system that allows the user to sing with the music video and generate some fancy sound effects. In recent decades, multimedia becomes quite popular in our daily life. In fact, multimedia system has existed for a long time.…... Listed under: ,
  905. Ultrasonic spotlight tracker using Atmel mega32
    Introduction A spotlight that follows you on its own! The ultrasonic spotlight tracker is a system that uses a wireless beacon to track a targets location using both RF signals and ultrasound waves.  It then drives a light source to point at the location of…... Listed under:
  906. Galvanic skin response meter using Atmel mega32
    Introduction Our project measures the user's skin conductance for monitoring his or her mental state. Summary Medical experiments have shown that the magnitude of the electrical conductance in a person's skin is directly correlated to their emotional state. The short term changes in electrical conductances…... Listed under:
  907. RFID Security System Using Atmel Mega32
    Introduction and Motivations: For our final project, we designed and built (and exhaustively tested) an RFID-based proximity security system for use with Cornell Identification cards, which have been RFID-embedded since fall of 2003. The idea for this project was sort of spawned from our general…... Listed under: ,
    When we think of programmable speech recognition, we think of calling FedEx customer service call center with automated voice recognition response systems. We also think of PC-based speech recognition Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Now we took that a step further. We are talking about speech recognition in…... Listed under:
  909. SecureLED: Better Access Control Using ATMega32
    Introduction Overview SecureLED is an optical access control device which replaces current RFID or Magnetic Strip technologies with a cryptographically secure, contact-less device which communicates over commodity Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Project Summary This project started with one central premise: current physical access control systems…... Listed under:
  910. Capacitance sensor MIDI keyboard Using Atmel mega32
    Introduction The objective of this project was to build a keyboard based on capacitive sensors and then use the MCU to create MIDI encodings for all notes played. The output from the sensors is detected by the MCU using its ADC capability. The sound is…... Listed under:
  911. The Grillzilla Using ATMega32
    Introduction: One Sentence Sound Byte: “Grillzilla - A wireless meat grilling thermometer which alerts the user whether their entrée is cooked according to USDA recommendations via LCD and voice feedback.” Summary of what we did: As the weather starts to get warmer a common type…... Listed under: ,
  912. Sign language coach Using Atmega32L
     Introduction Objective The goal of this project is to design a useful and fully functional real-world product that efficiently translates the movement of the fingers into the American Sign Language. Background The American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language based on hand gestures. It…... Listed under: , ,