Graphical LCD with KS108 controller


The Graphical LCD 128×64 controlled is with the ATMega16, the graphic LCD GLCD HG1286418C-VA with a S6B0107/S6B0108 controller is used. See below for the pinout of the display. The display has 8 data bits and 5 control bits. The databits are hooked to PORTB and the control bits are hooked to PORTD of the Mega16. A small PCB board is made for easy connection to the microcontroller. The programs are made with the BASCOM-AVR compiler. The program shows text and a picture on the display. A library file needs to be included in the program, the library contains commands to control the display like:

  • Setfont – Sets the current font which can be used on the graphical displays.
  • Lcdat – shows text on the display
  • $BGF – Includes a BASCOM Graphic File in the program.
  • Showpic – shows a graphic file on the display
  • Line – draws a line on the display
  • Circle – draws a circle on the display
  • Pset – Sets a single pixel on the display

If you want to show text on the display you need to include a font file. There are several fonts available like a 8×8 font and a 16×16 font, but the font file consume memory, the larger the font file the larger the program becomes. You can also create your own font, there are applications on the web to create your own fonts.
To show a picture on the display you need to include a picture file, they also consume a lot of space.
Left you see a picture with the characterset that uses the smaller font set 8×8. It has 255 different characters.
Graphics LCD
And a picture with big text that uses the bigger 16×16 font, displayed on the GLCD, progams made in BASCOM-AVR.
For more details, click: Graphical LCD with KS108 controller

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