Online Courses to Learn ATMega32 AVR Programming

Listed are highly recommended online video training & courses to learn all about ATMega32 AVR.

Coursera Online Courses:


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List of Suggested Courses:

Click on the image to see which university / institute is offering the course with their detailed specs.

CourseCourse NameCourse Offered ByInstitute LogoPrice
Motors and Motor Control CircuitsUniversity of Colorado Boulder99
Sensors and Sensor Circuit DesignUniversity of Colorado Boulder99
An Introduction to Programming the Internet of Things (IOT)University of California, Irvine345
A developer's guide to the Internet of Things (IoT)IBM79
Programming for the Internet of Things ProjectUniversity of California, Irvine69
Introduction to Programming in CDuke University316
The Arduino Platform and C ProgrammingUniversity of California, Irvine69
Introduction to Embedded Systems Software and Development EnvironmentsUniversity of Colorado Boulder99
Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded SystemsUniversity of California, Irvine39
Introduction to FPGA Design for Embedded SystemsUniversity of Colorado Boulder99
Development of Secure Embedded SystemsEIT Digital226
Embedded Hardware and Operating Systems EIT Digital49
Embedded Software and Hardware ArchitectureUniversity of Colorado Boulder99
Web Connectivity and Security in Embedded SystemsEIT Digital49
Interfacing with the Raspberry PiUniversity of California, Irvine69
The Raspberry Pi Platform and Python Programming for the Raspberry PiUniversity of California, Irvine69
Robotics: CapstoneUniversity of Pennsylvania49
A Developer's guide to Node-REDIBM79
Architecting Smart IoT DevicesEIT Digital49
Internet of Things V2: Setting up and Using Cloud ServicesUniversity of California San Diego49
Introduction to Architecting Smart IoT DevicesEIT Digital49
Internet of Things V2: DragonBoard™ bring up and community ecosystemUniversity of California San Diego49
Industrial IoT Markets and SecurityUniversity of Colorado Boulder49
Capstone: Autonomous Runway Detection for IoTEIT Digital79
FPGA computing systems: Background knowledge and introductory materialsPolitecnico di Milano49
System Validation (3): Requirements by modal formulasEIT Digital49
System Validation (4): Modelling Software, Protocols, and other behaviourEIT Digital49
Introduction to Complex AnalysisWesleyan University49
System Validation (2): Model process behaviourEIT Digital49
Development of Real-Time SystemsEIT Digital49
VLSI CAD Part I: LogicUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign79
VLSI CAD Part II: LayoutUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign79
System Validation: Automata and behavioural equivalencesEIT Digital49
Equivalent Circuit Cell Model SimulationUniversity of Colorado System99
Linear Circuits 1: DC AnalysisGeorgia Institute of Technology49
Linear Circuits 2: AC AnalysisGeorgia Institute of Technology49
Converter CircuitsUniversity of Colorado Boulder79
Semiconductor DevicesUniversity of Colorado Boulder297
Battery Pack Balancing and Power EstimationUniversity of Colorado System49
Advanced Converter Control TechniquesUniversity of Colorado Boulder79
Pressure, Force, Motion, and Humidity SensorsUniversity of Colorado Boulder99
Games, Sensors and MediaUniversity of California, Irvine49
Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and ControlNorthwestern University474
Power Electronics SpecializationUniversity of Colorado474
Install and Manage Google Cloud's Apigee API Platform SpecializationGoogle Cloud's147
Engineering Systems in Motion: Dynamics of Particles and Bodies in 2D MotionGeorgia Institute of Technology49
Introduction to Systems EngineeringUNSW Australia (The University of New South Wales)49
Software Development LifecycleUniversity of Minnesota236
Software Development Processes and MethodologiesUniversity of Minnesota59
Java Programming: Principles of Software DesignDuke University79
Java Programming and Software Engineering FundamentalsDuke University355
Java Programming: Arrays, Lists, and Structured DataDuke University79
Engineering Practices for Building Quality SoftwareUniversity of Minnesota59
Applied Machine Learning in PythonUniversity of Michigan79
Introduction to Programming with MATLABVanderbilt University49
Introduction to Cyber AttacksNew York University Tandon School of Engineering49
Materials Science: 10 Things Every Engineer Should KnowUniversity of California, Davis49
Code Yourself! An Introduction to ProgrammingThe University of Edinburgh, Universidad ORT Uruguay49
Data Processing Using PythonNanjing University29
Fundamentals of Computer Network SecurityUniversity of Colorado316
Cybersecurity and the Internet of ThingsUniversity System of Georgia79
Cyber-Physical Systems: Modeling and SimulationUniversity of California, Santa Cruz49
Introduction to Cyber Security NYU Tandon School of Engineering196
Introduction to LogicStanford University95
Tinkering Fundamentals: CircuitsExploratorium49
Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: From Nand to Tetris (Project-Centered Course)Hebrew University of Jerusalem49
Introduction to Thermodynamics: Transferring Energy from Here to ThereUniversity of Michigan49
Big Data for Data EngineersYandex275

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