Advance Fire Alarm through Mobile Phone using microcontroller

An automatic fire  alarm system is designed to detect  the unwanted presence  of  fire  by monitoring  environmental  changes  associated  with combustion.  In  general,  a  fire alarm  system  is  classified  as  either automatically  actuated,  manually  actuated,  or both.
Advance Fire Alarm through Mobile Phone
Automatic  fire  alarm systems  are  intended  to  notify  the  building  occupants  to  evacuate  in  the event  of  a  fire  or  other  emergency,  report  the  event  to  an  off-premises location in  order  to  summon  emergency  services,  and  to  prepare  the structure and associated systems to control the spread of fire. A  key  aspect  of  fire  protection  is  to  identify  a developing  fire emergency  in  a  timely  manner,  and  to  alert  the  building’s  occupants and fire  emergency  organizations.
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