Computer controlled marquee at90s2313 74hc595

With all the details on a circuit different from that to which the shared a marquee computer control program atmel at90s2313 source software image format you have the source schema and pcb, orcad drawings.

Marquee on a circuit different from that to which

Marquee in 350 LEDs used micro-controller atmel¬†at90s2313¬†led 7¬†74hc595¬†are apparently taking the pc serial port with computer fonts information program works with windows xp, you can also program‚Äôs sourceBorland C++¬†dosyalarńĪda.

Computer controlled marquee

Specifications (software v 1.0)

  • 50 x 7 LED
  • PC connection rs232 (serial port)
  • According to the static text or dynamic text (computer)
  • Automatic text source selection
  • The maximum length of the static text, 768 characters
  • Programmable fonts, 256 different characters
  • Character width 0-5 pixels (+ optional column blank)

LedDisp. c software content

typedef uint8_t byte;
typedef int8_t sbyte;
typedef uint16_t word;
typedef int16_t sword;
#define DATA		PIND2		//Siirtorekisterin data
#define SHCLK		PIND4		//Siirtorekisterin shift-clock
#define LCLK		PIND5		//Siirtorekisterin latch-clock
#define OE			PIND3		//Siirtorekisterin output-enable (ei käytössä)
#define EE_DATA		PINB7		//EEPROM data
#define EE_CLK		PIND6		//EEPROM clock
//Rivien ohjaus (rivi ykkösellä aktiivinen):
#define ROW0      PINB0
#define ROW1      PINB1
#define ROW2      PINB2
#define ROW3      PINB3
#define ROW4      PINB4
#define ROW5      PINB5
#define ROW6      PINB6

 Through the computer Article Submitter program

Electronic circuits¬†combining computer with a very nice event, unfortunately, but my knowledge about c++programming¬†dealing with electronic information will be very useful for people who have different practices developed a marquee program or can be arranged for micro controllers pic series I think.¬†We also have a very good useful features on the Moon‚Äôs face also ‚ÄúPlay from web‚ÄĚ option may be sent to a site on the web with post devredeye.
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