LCD Date Time Application using AT89S52 microcontroller

This application can be installed at the same time an alarm indicating the date and time produced by Atmel with 8051 -based microcontroller AT89S52 tasarlanm─▒┼čt─▒r. Uygulamam─▒z─▒n using the Keil compiler using the C programming language using codes written in different types of intervention. Proteus simulation of the application program, Isis┬áhas been part of the program and the printed circuit board of Proteus Ares still drawn.
LCD Date Time Application 1
If we mention briefly the work of the application that is connected to port P0 mikrodenetleyicimizin 3-key and 5-button operation to be selected.┬áFor example, if the alarm is to be installed after the boost switch that is connected to P0_7ÔÇÖe Increase the key is to be switched off and the minute, hour by pressing the alarm buttons installed.┬áThe alarm was installed at the top of the circuit-sary and connected to P2_4 pin LED will light up.┬áThis allows the user to set the alarm circuit remote observing Sheddadis understand.┬áAutomatic and manual reset of the circuit are the two kinds.
LCD Date Time Application 2
Timer / sayıcı0 (T0), automatic loading (mode2) mode counting the value of 100 corresponds to the board-solidated and has every 10,000 count 1 sec. Later, a second increase control by traveling minute hour, day, month, and year values increased.
Year or month is changed automatically varies day. Changing these values are shown on the LCD 2 x 16 to the text. Than 10 s first line of the LCD text in a range of values.
Text on the LCD can be seen in Figure 2 ├Ś 16.┬áToday, LCDs are used in the standardized principles of operation and end connections.┬áThe LCD will read and write data from external data was delivered out of the data path between rebilmesini provides D0-D7.
The end of the number 1 to work on the LCD (VSS) and 2 end of frame (VDD) +5 volt supply voltage pin of the LCD image sharpness setting the number verilir.3 (contrast) is used for.┬áIn addition, register select (RS, Selected Register) end of the 8-bit data giri┼čilerinden information, determines that it is a character code, or command. (RS = 0 data ÔÇô RS = 1 command) Read / Write (R / W Read / Write) bit LCD to be used for data transfer or read data on the LCD. (R / W = 1, the data read operation R / W = 0, the process is carried out veriyazma.) Entitlement (E, Enable) bit operations for the realization of the desired logic level 1 established a single bit entry.
EA (External accsess): microcontroller (AT89S52) 31 The three terminal active low level. Or +5 volt supply voltage is connected to the chassis. +5 Volts is connected to the built-in software programs, external memory is connected to the chassis rum works.
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