Linkit ONE: Flame Sensor

This instructable will guide you to use a flame sensor with the Mediatek Linkit ONE. A flame sensor is a device that can detect the presence of fire nearby.

A buzzer connected to linkit one beeps when fire is detected by the sensor.

So let’s get started…… ☺☺?

Step 1: Parts Required

The following parts are required for making this project:

• Linkit one
• Flame sensor module
• Buzzer module
• Lithium Battery
• Jumper Wires
• Breadboard

Step 2: Connect the Battery

The first or the very basic step is to connect the lithuim ion battery provided with the linkit one to the board. Do so by directly connecting it to it’s respective socket.

Step 3: Connect the Buzzer

Next step is to connect a buzzer which will beep and give you an alert of fire nearby. It can be connected either directly to linkit one which will not be too loud or through a transistor which will be comparatively louder.

For connecting it, you can refer the image given above. The digital pin that I used was pin no. 2 which is connected to the base of the transistor.

Step 4: Connect the Flame Sensor

Now you have to connect the flame sensor. It can detect flames through a photodiode present in the front. Connect it as per the follwowing:

• Vcc ————- 5v linkit
• Gnd ————- Gnd
• D0 ————- A0

Step 5: Upload Code

Now the last step is to upload the code to linkit one. You should make sure that the switches are in SPI, USB, UART positions respectively.

void setup()
pinMode(2, OUTPUT);
void loop()
if(analogRead(A0) > 600)
digitalWrite(2, HIGH);
digitalWrite(2, LOW);

Step 6: Test

After uploading the code, test the device by first switching it to battery mode and then bringing a lighted matchstick near the sensor. The buzzer would now beep indicating the presence of flame near the sensor.

That brings this instructable to an end. Thanks for watcing!!

Source: Linkit ONE: Flame Sensor

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