6 LED Knight Rider using ATtiny22 microcontroller

Part list:

6x high eff. LED
2x 330 ohm
1x ATtiny22*
2x 1N4007
1x 100n
1x 47uF/16V
1x 78L05 * The ATtiny22 is obsolete, replace with one of the folowing AVRs: AT90S2343 / ATtiny13 / ATtiny45.
History of the back and forth flashers….

In the 80’s the famous TV-series Battlestar Galactica and Knight Rider made the BAFF a well known visual effect. In the series Battlestar Galactica the so called Cylons had one for their eye, in the TV-series Knight Rider it was the car KITT who had one in it’s grill. That time even electronics stores sold different kinds of BAFF kits. Even today people are still building these BAFF gadgets. On this webpage you will be able to build the smallest…
6 LED Knight Rider using ATtiny22 microcontroller
Six LED BAFF example
How to make it work….
Take a small hobby-board or devellop your own PCB. First solder the 8 pin IC-socket on the print, then put the two 330 ohm resistors left and right, and make the connections with little wires, you can also take a breadboard and push the parts on it, and make it start functioning, it’s up to you. This small BAFF can e.g. be fixed in the front of a toy-car, or you can make a disco-broche, etc.
Source code and more…
Here you can download the sourcecode (ASM), which you can assemble to a hex dump with WAVRASM. You can upload this hex-dump to the ATtiny22s flash memory with this simple programmer. Upload the hex file with SP12, and use this DOS line: (SP12 Win2000/XP)
sp12 -wpfC baff.hex
When using WAVRASM do not forget to drop this definition file in the same map as where the assembling takes place: 2343def.inc.
For more detail: 6 LED Knight Rider using ATtiny22 microcontroller

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