Tea Timer using ATTiny2313 microcontroller

I usually drink a lot of tea, and sometimes the tea tastes a lot better than average, which means that most times I make tea I fail at least partially.
Tea Timer

The taste of the tea depends on a lot of variables:
  • The make of the tea. I buy my tea at Simon Levelt and they have approximately 200 different tastes of tea.
  • Temperature of the water.
  • Amount of tea in relation to the amount of water.
  • The way the water is poured over the tea or the tea is put in the water.
  • The time the tea is in the water.
  • If the water is stirred while the tea is in the water.
  • Whether the bitter tea dripping from the tea container is allowed to mix with the rest of the tea.

I always have the problem that if I make my tea I forget to take the tea out of the water at the right time because I’m always distracted by a multitude of things after putting the tea in the water. To take care of this I had a simple to make but effective idea. Above the kitchen sink under the cupboards I mount a little motor with a little winch which takes the tea out of the water after a pre programmed time.
For more detail: Tea Timer using ATTiny2313 microcontroller

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