Thermometer using DS1621 and Nokia 3310 LCD interfaced with ATmega8

I am presenting one application with the Nokia 3310 LCD: Designing a thermometer using DS1621 temperature sensor IC. DS1621 is 8-pin sensor from Maxim, with temp range of -55 to +125 degree C, which can be interfaced with microcontroller over two-wire serial i2c bus. It has operating voltage range from 2.7 to 5.5v. I’m operating it here at 3.3v, same as the one driving the LCD and ATmega8. DS1621 doesn’t require any external components to measure temperature. It has got continuous or one-shot temperature reading capability to save power.
Check out the schematic:
thermo schematic
Here is the Proteus ISIS simulation result:
I’m using here LM317 for getting 3.3v supply, any 3.3v rgulator can be used to replace it. The LED is only for checking the health of the circuit incase nothing comes up on display. The circuit is programmed to update temperature appx. every second.I’ve taken help of LFG application for generating different sizes of fonts for the LCD, thanks o the author M.Ebrahimy. The application can be downloaded from here:
LCD Font Generator
I’ve created library functions for DS1621 interface with AVR using ICCAVR compiler. This functions can be used with i2c base routines discussed in my earlier posts. You can download the project source code here.
For more details, click : Thermometer using DS1621 and Nokia 3310 LCD interfaced with ATmega8

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