ISP 6 pin to 8 Pin Socket Using ATTiny45

The reason i mainly built this project was to program the ATTiny45, which has a 8 pin connection, while my USBtinyISP (from Ladyada) only has a 10 pin and 6 pin connection. After snooping around the internet for about 3-4 weeks i found nothing what i really found was that i needed more stuff, so the cheap indian i am i decided that i would build a converter. This is mainly for 8 Pin AVR chips not really anything else, that is my assumption with the knowledge i have currently, for me this is a way i can program the ATTiny45 for the FireFly Jar.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
Soldering Iron (15-40 watt)
Solder $4
Flux (pen) $4
Helping Hands $1.99
IC Socket 8 pin $0.69
Pin Headers (single row) $1.99
Project Board $1.99
USBtinyISP $22
this can be used or someway for the computer to recognize the chip.

Step 2: On The Board

this picture ill show you the way to place the IC socket and the Pins
(note this is with the ground and the +VCC connected in the second image)

 Step 3: The Rest of the Wires

his is with the rest of the wires first the Diagram

Step 4: Finished Product

Finished Productso yeah thats the finished product a cheap way to make em, i might start building and selling them feel free to email me at [email protected] if there are any questions or unclear parts of this, but please place the subject as Pin Converter otherwise im not gonna open it.
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