DS1802 Digital Volume Control using microcontroller

Part list:

1x AT90S1200
1x DS1802 (Dallas)
1x 78L05
1x 8MHz ceramic resonator
1x 22pF
1x 47uF/16V
1x 47n polycarbonate
4x 100n multilayer
1x 100 ohm
1x 10k ohm
1x 820 ohm
1x 100k trimpot
1x 10k lin. potmeter

ds 1802 pot
Digital Controlled Potmeter:
(also known as XDCP ‘s or Digipots)

With this circuit you’re able to control a Dallas DS1802 digipot with a normal potmeter. The DS1802 has 64 wiper positions (6bit), each step is -1dB attentuation, and is controlled by serial data, thus easy to steer with a microcontroller.

The software….
Here you can download the datasheet of the DS1802.
Here the hex-dump (GNU). You can upload this hex data into the AVR with this programmer.

For more detail: DS1802 Digital Volume Control using microcontroller

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