Token number display system using microcontroller

Bank token number display project is build using ATmega8 Microcontroller and ULN2003 for driving large LED display, PCB layout, Circuit diagram are self explanatory. It is capable to display three digits, its simple project using microcontroller.
Token issue systems are ideal for banks, airports, public dealing offices, hospitals,doctor’s clinics, restaurants and other such places where people have to wait in line for their turn. These systems allow customers to wait without having to stand in line, oncetheir number is displayed then only will they have to get in line for their turn. No need tomake your customers stand in long queues in sunlight or rain and wasting time. Justdistribute tokens on first come first serve basis and as soon as any counter is ready to provide services the person there just has to press one push switch to show the tokennumber in displays. All models are easy to install, operate & maintain. Any ordinaryelectrician can do the installation quickly.“A digital token is issued by cashier in bank to display the token number (etched on thetokens) which is issued to the customers against cheques for facilitating cash withdrawnfrom the bank. The cashier operates the display to show the token number against whichhe is ready to make the payment. The customer having the displayed token number canreport to the cashier’s counter to receive the payment. In this way payment is madesystematically to all desire customers without letting chaos to be created at the paymentwindow. In this way the device serve the purpose of improving the performance of the banking system.Circuit Token number display system using microcontroller
Step 1: Components Required
1. Atmega 8 Microcontroller
2. LM7805
3. 1000uf/16V Capacitor
4. LEDs
5. BC558
6. 100,10K Ohm Resistors
7. Tectile Switches

Step 2: Circuit Design and PCB Manufacturing
Download Requires Files
1. Try Simulation Click Here to Download Proteus Simulation File
2. Download pdf PCB LayoutToken number display system using microcontrollerFor more Detail: Token number display system using microcontroller 

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