White 7-segments clock ATtiny26

Part list

1x ATtiny26
1x xtal 4.096MHz
2x 27pf ceramic
4x 7-segment white CC
2x pushbutton
1x 78L05
1x 47uF/16V electrolytic
1x 0.1uF/16V tantalium
1x 10k
1x 100n multilayer
8x 150 Ohm
4x 6k8 Ohm
4x BC327-25 PNP

Features (BETA)
1. Select Hrs/Min or Min/Sec
2. Time set/ready (single/fast-auto increment)
3. Adjustable intensity (12 steps)
System information
ATtiny26 fuses: sp12 -wF11101111
Refresh rate: 62.5 Hz
Timer1 @ ck/64 (4.096 MHz)
Timer overflow: 4 msec
Software code: 403 words
White digital clock
A white seven segments digital clock based on the AVR ATtiny26 microcontroller. On the right you see the diagram of the clock, and below a picture of the prototype. The diagram is straight forward design, eight resistors to the segments, four small signal transistors with four basis resistors. The four 7 segments displays are multiplexed, the white LED in the middle of the displays is for indicating the seconds.

white clock
Download: avrclock.zip (BETA version! (update: 24 FEB 09)
Upload the *.hex file inside the avrclock.zip file into an ATtiny26 AVR microcontroller with this programmer, and build the circuit, and you have a digital clock.

For more detail: White 7-segments clock ATtiny26

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