With Atmel series (AT89C2052, AT90S2313, AT89S8252, etc..) Was very spacious with quality archive PIC series microcontroller atmel version of the circuit can find a lot. Usb, alarm, LCD, nokia 3310, nokia 6100, display, LED,… Electronics Projects, 8051 Bascom AVR Projects Atmel Circuits Archive “avr project, microcontroller projects, “


With Atmel series (AT89C2052, AT90S2313, AT89S8252, etc..) Was very spacious with quality archive PIC series microcontroller atmel version of the circuit can find a lot.

Usb, alarm, LCD, nokia 3310, nokia 6100, display, LED, sms, phone, etc.. protel pcb circuit has a lot of schema files in some projects have Visual Basic program atmel interested persons should visit a site you should look at using the PIC though there are many interesting projects such as “the transfer of data on Excel”

Bascom AVR Project, circuit list Bascom 8051 Project, circuit list
EEprom programmer (Part 2)
RC2 sound / Voice playback (Part 1)
Radio Range Detector
The Graphic logotype on text LCD
Camera project with M162
Rheobas four-channel
LED Runstring
Implementation of IR NEC protocol
VGA AVR – BASCOM Video controller
Digital Melody Player
Useful modding – spectrum’s analyzer + watch
MP3 Player
Led 3D-ball matrix
Nordic nRF24L01 with BASCOM-AVR
PID motor controller
Sony Remote Control Decoding
LCD display with touchscreen
Car Windscreen Wiper Control with ATtiny13
Loopback test
Transfer data between MS Excel & MCU
CodeLock AVR
MCS Bootloader
Using MAX1668 with BASCOM-AVR
M8 Bootloader
IR touch panel
Using MCP23016
RPM meter and rotational speed sensor KMI15/1 with AT90S2313
Valentine Heart
SmartCard4 Electronic Lock
FlowMeter for ULM
FAT32 WAVE Player
90S2313 Alarm Clock
Interfacing external I2C EEPROM T6963C Graphical Display
Pseudo Multitasking Real Time
Using the AD7895-10 Bipolar AD converter
Graphical Clock
Moving LED messaging Waver with BI-colour LEDS
FAT16 File System Driver for CompactFlash
Network programming with the NE2000
How to set up zero crossing software trigger Triac
SMS on Nokia 5110/6110 via microcontroller
Accessing a Compact Flash Card from BASCOM
Showing custom fonts on the T6963C
Sony IR receiver using the SIRCS protocol
RC LapTimer
I2C LCD and Keboard library
Sending an SMS with the Siemens GSM M1 module
Reading the SHT11 Humidity sensor
Quadrature Decoder/Counter and Display
Getting started Data Transmission and Error detection with Correction
Green House controller
Speed controller for model boats
Dual Thermometer with the DS18b20
Dutch BASCOM-AVR course, AT90S2313 PDF in Dutch
PID Controller
BASCOM-AVR Hotchip cable
Logarithmic bar graph (LED and LCD)
A RealTime RTOS
Sending RC5 and SONY IR codes
Measuring temperature with 90S2313 and BASCOM-AVR
Serial to GPIB converter 1
Bit twiddle outputs 74HC595 daisy chained shift registers to control relays
BASCOM-AVR example that demonstrates SNAP protocol
555 calculator using 89S8252
Microcontroller-Based automatic flush system
Micro Controller based Code Lock
Low cost LCD frequency meter
Digital Thermometer-Cum controller with DS1821
ADC using TLC549 serial 8bit IC
Micro Controller based alarm clock with DS1307 & MAX7219
Infrared Proximity Distance Measurement
Micro Controller based Countdown Timer
SMS driven automat
Realtime clock with LED display
DCF 77 clock 15519
Sending SMS using Siemens GSM C35i
RS-485 Master Slave Communication
Remote Control car by phone
DCF 77 clock
Count up/down timer
Using the T6963 based GRAPHIC DISPLAY
How to increase resolution of DS1821 temperature sensor
Reading and writing the Dallas DS1991 secure I-button
Two examples about Multi Tasking
ASCII input with 3×4 keyboard matrix
How to decode SONY IR remote control signals
Using the LM75 temperature sensor
Page scanner
Telephone card reader
Using the Sharp GP2D02 distance sensor
LCD VU meter
How to implement flow meter using the 80552
Keyboard decoder
Using the TIMER interrupt to make a clock with LED-display
Using an I2C clock device with the PCF8583
BASCOM-LT and BASCOM-8051 Hardware simulation
Controlling the X9CMME
Flash Programmer
Big Digit ThermoMeter
Reading the DS1820 Temperature Sensor
Reading an AT-PC Keyboard
Reading the Dallas temperature sensor DS1821
A Garden Watering Program
Reading the TLC2543 A/D converter
Evaluation board for the AT89C2051 and AT89C4051

Source: https://320volt.com/en/atmel-bascom-avr-8051-proje-devre-arsivi/

Alternative File Download LINK list (in TXT format): LINKS-8249.zip

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