circuit schematic symbols

circuit schematic symbols:

Download High Quality circuit schematic symbols images of common electrical and electronics  components, for creating any schematic diagram.
Basically Electrical components can be divided in two categories Passive components and Active Components. This post will have following schematic symbols.

circuit schematic symbolsClick on Image to Enlarge Circuit Schematic Symbols

-Schematic Symbols for Terminals and connectors

  • Terminal
  • Connector
  • Socket
  • Screw terminal, Terminal Blocks
  • Pin header

-Resistors schematic Symbols

-Capacitors and variable Schematic Symbols

-Led , Photo Transistor, Photo Diode,Zener Diode,Schottky Diode,Vacuum Tube Led On Led Off Schematic Symbol:

Led , Photo Transistor, Photo Diode,Zener Diode,Schottky Diode,Vacuum Tube Led On Led Off Schematic SymbolBattery,Resistor, Fuse,Transformers,Coils, Thermistor,switches, antenna and other passive Component Schematic Symbols:

Circuit Schematic Symbols for Battery Coils Transformers passive components

Operational Amplifier, Speaker, Audio, Bridge Rectifier,Analogue Comparotor, Coils Schematic Symbols:

Circuit Schematic Symbols for Diodes Conduct electricity easily in one direction, among more specific behaviors. Standard Diode, Rectifier, Bridge Rectifier Schottky Diode, Hot Carrier Diode – super fast diode with lower forward voltage drop Zener Diode – Passes current in reverse direction to provide a constant voltage reference Transient Voltage Suppression Diode (TVS), Unipolar or Bipolar – used to absorb high-voltage spikes Varactor, Tuning diode, Varicap, Variable Capacitance Diode – A diode whose AC capacitance varies according to the DC voltage applied. Light Emitting Diode (LED) – A diode that emits light LASER Diode – A semiconductor laser Photodiode – Passes current in proportion to incident light Avalanche Photodiode Photodiode with internal gain Solar Cell, photovoltaic cell, PV array or panel, produces power from light Diode for Alternating Current (DIAC, Trigger Diode, SIDAC) – Often used to trigger an SCR Constant current Diode Peltier cooler – A semiconductor heat pump Transistors

Real World Diode Images with their Different Types:

Types of Diodes
Diode Images from the real world.

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