Playing video on nokia color LCD using an ATmega32

video Playing video on nokia color LCD using an ATmega32
I am introducing my new video player made using an atmega32 microcontroller and nokia color LCD. I got a 65K color LCD from an old nokia 6030 mobile phone.  I directly soldered 10 thin enamelled coper wire from the 0.5 cm square area of the thin flexible pcb of the LCD to a berg strip fixed on another board. For me it was the most difficult part of this project because I don’t have any tiny tip soldering iron and an lcd connector (5×2) socket with me.

After that I interfaced the lcd with atmega32 via SPI. Then initialized the lcd and displayed some color patterns and confirmed the LCD is working.
Now my next step is to display a still image on the LCD. I used python image library to extract pixel information from any image file (jpeg, png etc) and I streamed it to avr via uart using pyserial and displayed the image successfully on the LCD with 16bit color depth.
After that I used an SD card to store the converted pixel information (132×132*2) bytes/picture. Then I interfaced the SD card with same SPI of atmega32 and displayed the image stored on it. I used FAT16 filesystem. The sd card part is not a problem for me because I have already done more projects on SD/MMC cards and I copied my previous code for that.
So after displaying the still image, I thought of making a slide show on the lcd. For that I wrote a python script to convert all images in a folder (on my pc) to a 132x132x2 byte files which is nothing but the uncompressed pixel information stored as new files. Then I copied all these converted files to SD card (file.lcd) and displayed them as an image slide show with 1 second time gap between each image.
Since I successfully did the image slide show, then suddenly the idea of making a video player came to my mind. Because video is nothing but a slide show at high frame rate.
From here this project begins.
Then I started to search in google, how to convert a video to still frames. I came to know about ffmpeg program. I am using linux always. I have downloaded ffmpeg and converted a sample video to frames at 15 frames/second & 132×65 resolution. Then I used my python script to convert each still images to pixel information at 16 bit/pixel. Here instead of making small small files,
For more detail: Playing video on nokia color LCD using an ATmega32

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