Atmel’s products and practices related to application notes prepared for the asm code source c c language prepared by the majority of the samples. 138’s application List: 1-Register and Bit-Name Definitions for the AVR… Electronics Projects, Atmel application notes and source c asm code “avr project, microcontroller projects, “


Atmel’s products and practices related to application notes prepared for the asm code source c c language prepared by the majority of the samples. 138’s application


1-Register and Bit-Name Definitions for the AVR Microcontrollers
2-Accessing the eeprom
3-Block Copy Routines
4-Setup and Use the Analog Comparator
5-Multiply and Divide Routines
6-16-bit Arithmetics
7-BCD Arithmetics
8-Bubble Sort
9-8-point Moving Average Filter
10-Half Duplex Interrupt Driven Software UART
11-Low Cost A/D Converter
12-In-System Programming
13-Half Duplex Compact Software UART
14-8-bit Precision A/D Converter
15-Understanding the AVR ICEPRO I/O Registers
16-External Brown-out Protection
17-Linker Command Files for the IAR ICCA90 Compiler
18-Software SPI Master
19-CRC Check of Program Memory
20-Step Motor Controller
21-Modifying AT90ICEPRO and ATICE10 to Support Emulation of AT90S8535
22-8-bit Microcontroller Multiplexing LED Drive and a 4 x 4 Keypad
23-4 x 4 Keypad – Wake-up on Keypress
24-Setup and Use of the LPM Instruction
25-Mixing C and Assembly Code with IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR
26-Interfacing the PC AT Keyboard
27-Real Time Clock (RTC) using the Asynchronous Timer
28-Long Delay Generation Using the AVR Microcontroller
29-C Code for Interfacing AVR® to AT17LVXXX FPGA Configuration Memories
30-Using the AVR® UART in C
31-Digital Sound Recorder with AVR® and DataFlash®
32-Modification for Rev. B to Rev. C
33-Xmodem CRC Receive Utility for AVR®
34-RC5 IR Remote Control Receiver
35-Getting Started with IAR Embedded Workbench for Atmel AVR
36-Accessing 16-bit I/O Registers
37-Efficient C Coding for AVR
38-EMC Design Considerations
39-Getting Started with ImageCraft C for AVR
40-Using the AVR® Hardware Multiplier
41-Software LIN Slave
42-Self Programming
43-Battery Charger for SLA, NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion Batteries
44-Accessing an I2C LCD Display using the AVR® 2-wire Serial Interface
45-DTMF Generator
46-Embedded Web Server
47-Upgrading AT90ICEPRO to ATICE10
48-Quick Start Guide for the Embedded Internet Toolkit
49-Getting Started with the CodeVision AVR C Compiler
50-Replacing ATmega103 by ATmega128
51-Setup and Use the AVR® Timers
52-High-speed Interface to Host EPP Parallel Port
53-Zero Cross Detector
54-Reducing the Power Consumption of the AT90EIT1 – AVR Embedded Internet Toolkit
55-Replacing AT90S4433 by ATmega8
56-Replacing ATmega161 by ATmega162
57-Replacing ATmega163 by ATmega16
58-Replacing ATmega323 by ATmega32
59-Replacing AT90S8515 by ATmega8515
60-Replacing AT90S8535 by ATmega8535
61-AVR Hardware Design Considerations
62-JTAG ICE Communication Protocol
63-STK500 Communication Protocol
64-High Endurance EEPROM Storage
65-Digital Filters with AVR
66-STK502 – A Temperature Monitoring System with LCD Output
67-LCD Driver for the STK502 and AVR Butterfly Matrix Keyboard Decoder
68-RC5 IR Remote Control Transmitter
69-Migrating between ATmega8515 and ATmega162
70-Migrating between ATmega8535 and ATmega16
71-Migrating between ATmega16 and ATmega32
72-Migrating between ATmega64 and ATmega128
73-Buffered Interrupt Controlled EEPROM Writes
74-DES Bootloader
75-Using the AVR’s High-speed PWM
76-Power Efficient High Endurance Parameter Storage in Flash Memory
77-AVR UART as ANSI Terminal Interface
78-Conditional Assembly and portability macros
79-Using the Enhanced Watchdog Timer
80-Replacing ATmega8 by ATmega88
81-Migrating between ATmega48, ATmega88 and ATmega168
82-Calibration of the internal RC oscillator
83-Software Universal Serial Bus (USB)
84-SPI-UART Gateway
85-Characterization and Calibration of the ADC on an AVR
86-Using the USI module as a I2C slave
87-Using the USI module as a I2C master
88-Run-time calibration of
89-the internal RC oscillator
90-Using the TWI module as I2C master
91-Using the TWI module as I2C slave
92-Single-Phase Power/Energy Meter with Tamper Detection
93-AVR Open Source Programmer
94-Direct driving of LCD display using general IO
95-ADPCM Decoder
96-Replacing AT90S4433 by ATmega48
97-C functions for reading and writing to Flash memory
98-Migration between ATmega64 and ATmega645
99-Using the Master SPI Mode of the USART module
100-Using the EEPROM Programming Modes
101-Dallas 1-Wire® master
102-Migration between ATmega169(P) and ATmega329
103-Migration between ATmega128 and ATmega1281/ATmega2561
104-Using the USI module for SPI communication
105-SMbus Slave Using the TWI Module
106-Migration between ATmega165(P) and ATmega325(P)
107-Setup And Use of The SPI
108-JTAGICE mkII Communication Protocol
109-AES Bootloader
110-Replacing ATtiny15 with ATtiny25
111-STK500 Communication Protocol
112-Control of High Voltage 3-Phase BLDC Motor
113-Replacing AT90S/LS2323 or AT90S/LS2343 with ATtiny25
114-Interfacing AVR serial memories
115-Sensorbased control of three phase Brushless DC motor
116-Smart Battery Reference Design
117-Replacing ATtiny11/12 by ATtiny13
118-Replacing AT90S2313 by ATtiny2313
119-Replacing AT90S1200 by ATtiny2313
120-Half Duplex UART Using the USI Module
121-Migrating from ATmega128 to AT90CAN128
122-Brushless DC Motor Control using AT90PWM3 AC Induction Motor Control Using the constant V/f Principle and a Natural PWM Algorithm
123-AC Induction Motor Control Using the Constant V/f Principle and a Space-vector PWM Algorithm
124-LIN v1.3 Protocol Implementation on Atmel AVR Microcontrollers
125-USB Generic HID Implementation
126-USB Keyboard Demonstration
127-USB Firmware Architecture
128-USB Mouse Demonstration
129-Migration between ATmega16/32 and ATmega164P/324P/644(P)
130-Using a 32kHz XTAL for run-time calibration of the internal RC
131-Enhancing ADC resolution by oversampling
132-Intelligent BLDC Fan Controller with Temperature Sensor and Serial Interface
133-PC Fan Control using ATtiny13
134-Sensorless Control of Two-Phase Brushless DC Motor
135-Sensorless control of 3-phase brushless DC motors
136-Code Lock with 4×4 Keypad and I2C™ LCD
137-Using Timer Capture to Measure PWM Duty Cycle
138-AVRISP mkII Communication Protocol

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