How To Make A Grounding Wrist Band

In my life i deal with lots of sensitive electronics every day and frying these electronics is a big
concern when touching them. Most people think its hard to fry electronics with static electricity.
Its not, one touch could send your $100 graphics card down the drain if you aren’t properly
grounded. Do you really want to risk it for the sake of ~$2 in parts?
Grounding Wrist Band
In this instructable i will show you how to make a grounding wrist band from some basic
electronics that you probably have lying around, if not, its a few bucks.
Anything demonstrated in this instructable is for educational purposes only.
I cannot be held responsible for any injury or death caused by the information on the
following pages.

Step 1 Materials You Will Need.

The things required for this instructable are:
1. Some kind of wrist band. A piece of paper will do, i used a strip of rubber.
2. Aluminum foil. Not too much, enough to line the inside of the wrist band.
3. Adhesive. To attach the foil to the band, i used double sided tape.
4. Alligator clip. Doesn’t have to be one but it makes stuff easier. Wire will do.
Optional Stuff:
1. Extra wire (to make it longer) Curly phone wire is awesome for this!
2. 1 mohm resistor (for safety if you want it)
3. Mains power plug with wire coming off it.

Step 2 Making The Wrist Strap.

Okay, to make the actual wrist strap we are going to need the strap material, i used rubber and the foil you have.
First cut out a section of foil that will cover the inside of the strap.
Then we need to attach it to the strap, i used double sided tape. Glue would work too.

Step 3 Attach The Alligator Clip To The Strap.

This step is pretty self explanatory, attach the alligator clip to somewhere there is foil, it doesn’t
matter where, as long as it is touching the foil.
For more Detail: How To Make A Grounding Wrist Band

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