AVR Touchpad Handwriting Recognition using ATmega644 microcontroller

This ATmega644-based project implements a touchpad input system which takes user handwriting input and converts it to a printed character. Currently, the device only recognizes the 26 letters of the alphabet, but it could be easily generalized to include any figure of completely arbitrary shape, including alphanumeric, punctuation, and other symbols using available training system.
A stylus is used to draw the figure/character on the touchpad, and the result is shown on an LCD display. Pushbutton controls allow the user to format the text on the display.
Touchpad Handwriting Recognition
The program is fairly linear and follows a rather logical structure. Steps of operation are as follows.

  1. User writes a character on the touchpad when the MCU indicates that it is ready.
  2. The MCU captures the data and cleans it up (see Software section for more details).
  3. The captured drawing is passed through the neural network. This requires many sequential accesses to flash memory.
  4. The neural network returns the classified character and it is printed on the LCD display.
  5. Repeat from Step 1.

At any time during this process, the user can also interact with the three pushbuttons to change the contents of the LCD display.
For more detail: AVR Touchpad Handwriting Recognition using ATmega644 microcontroller

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