4 Wire Touch Screen Based Digital Magic Slate

Ever played with magic slates in your childhood? Well this project will show you how to make a digital magic slate using a PC, a touch screen and few other components.

 4 Wire Touch Screen Based Digital Magic Slate
Components Required
     1.      4-wire resistive touch screen with connector
     2.      ATMega16 development board with 16MHz
     3.      4 X 10kohms Resistor
     4.      Serial to USB converter or (Serial to RS-232 + RS-232 to USB converter)
     5.      PC/ Laptop
Software Required
     1.      Processing 2.0 or above (download at http://www.processing.org)
      2.    Java Development Kit 7 or above
 4 Wire Touch Screen Based Digital Magic Slate schematic
Basically the project converts the analog voltage coming from the resistive touch screen into a two co-ordinate integer value and sends it to the PC through the microcontroller. The processing code takes these co-ordinates as inputs and draws a white dot for each co-ordinate, on the output screen.

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