AttoBasic HOME using Atmega168 microcontroller

This is the central location for resource for all versions of AttoBasic for Atmel AVR controllers and Adurino computers
Devices directly supported include ATMEGA328, ATMEGA168, ATMEGA88M, ATMEGA32U4, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA163, ATMEGA8515, ATTINY2313, AT90S8515,  AND AT90S2313
AttoBasic HOME using Atmega168 microcontroller
Versions of AttoBasic run on several AVR controllers with 2K or more of Flash
AttoBasic is a on-chip resident interactive Basic interpreter loosely based on memories of NASCOM Tiny Basic. AttoBasic interpets single lines from a terminal or an entire program stored in memory without the delay of compiling and loading an entire program. It is an excellent tool for debugging and experimentation on hardware.
AttoBasic controllers can be used with a serial terminal or terminal emulator, or as part of a larger system to provided one-chip digital and analog data acquisition and output as a BASIC programmable peripheral interface controller for other microcontrollers or computers via unidirectional or bidirectional serial communications, and they can also be used as the core of instruments.
The ability to save to and recall programs from EEPROM memory allow automatic execution of the program when the controller comes out of reset.
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