3D Printed Ethernet Telescope

I’ve seen PiKon. it’s great. i want make it. not original but add function!!

so I made Ethernet Telescope. it’s Project name is WIZKon Telescope !! : )

Step 1: Prepare Material

Need these…

  1. 3D cad file : i published below site -> Link
  2. mbed : i use WIZwiki-W7500 or WIZwiki-W7500ECO -> Link
  3. Serial Camera : i use LJ-DSC02, found this site -> Link
  4. Lens : i use SSG-B51, found this site -> Link
  5. etc : rubber band, 2mm x 10, 20 screw bolt, wire, black thick paper, plastic support, pin header socket

Step 2: Assembly_3D Printing

Although not shown in the picture, even the lens cover is also required.

Step 3: Assembly_Serial Camera Wiring

Step 4: Assembly_mounte the Camera in the Middle

Source: 3D Printed Ethernet Telescope

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