3D Printed Ethernet Telescope

3D Printed Ethernet Telescope

I’ve seen¬†PiKon. it’s great. i want make it. not original but add function!! so I made Ethernet Telescope. it’s Project name is¬†WIZKon Telescope¬†!! : ) Step 1: Prepare Material Need these… 3D cad file¬†: i published below site ->¬†Link mbed¬†: i use WIZwiki-W7500 or WIZwiki-W7500ECO ->¬†Link Serial Camera¬†: i use LJ-DSC02, found this site ->¬†Link […]

3D Printed Ethernet Telescope

Wifi controlled TelescopeDSLR With Motorized Focuser

Wifi-controlled Telescope+DSLR With Motorized Focuser

Motivation: I love astronomy and astrophotography very much. I am sure that like me, all amateur astronomers would want a inexpensive personal observatory for taking pictures of the fabulous universe. Astrophotography, especially deep-sky photography, requires high precision in tracking (to counter the earth’s rotation) and focusing. A decent equatorial mount plus autoguider can take care

Wifi-controlled Telescope+DSLR With Motorized Focuser

eVscope ‚Äď Reaching for the stars as never before

Humanity has always been trying to reach for the stars, this lead to huge scientific developments that got the man into the moon, rovers into mars and a lot more. NASA often unveils photographs of space objects with bright colors and high definition, but these photos are taken using millions of dollars in telescopes and

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