ATTiny2313 Board RS232


This board is a small controller board on which you can build your projects. It is suited for educational use, experiments or prototyping. The board uses the AT2313 microcontroller with a 10Mhz crystal. The board contains the ISP 10-pin connector for in circuit serial programming. It has also a push button reset switch for resetting the microcontroller. The I/O pins of the microcontroller are also available on two ML10 connectors for connecting for example the LCD-Interface board. The power can be connected via the DC connector which has a pin of 1.1mm. The power regulator supplies the microcontroller with the 5V DC power it needs. The DB9 bus connector can be hooked to the serial port of your PC for communication between the microcontroller and the PC. The MAX232 IC takes care of the voltage conversion of the RS232 voltage levels and the micrcontroller voltage levels.
ATTiny Board RS232


The microcontroller on the board can be programmed via the 10-pin ISP connector. The following AT microcontrollers can be programmed with this board:

  • ATTiny2313
  • AT90S2313 (obsolete)
  • AT90S1200 (obsolete)

Connector pinout

In the table below you see the pins of the connectors.

PORTB pin AT2313 pin
1 PB0
2 PB1
3 PB2
4 PB3
5 PB4
6 PB5
7 PB6
8 PB7
10 VCC
PORTD pin AT2313 pin
1 PD0
2 PD1
3 PD2
4 PD3
5 PD4
6 PD5
7 PD6
8 NC
10 VCC
ISP pin AT2313 pin
1 PB5
2 NC
3 NC
7 PB7
9 PB6
10 GND


There are several projects on this site that you can try and use with the ISP-board:


1 Bu1 DC Conn 1,1mm pin
2 C1 47µF 16V
3 C2 100nF
4 C3 100nF
5 C4 100nF
6 C5 1µF 63V
7 C6 1µF 63V
8 C7 1µF 63V
9 C8 1µF 63V
10 C9 100nF
11 C10 100nF
12 C11 100nF
13 IC1 7805
14 IC2 AT90S2313
15 IC3 MAX232
16 K1 ML10
17 K2 ML10
18 K3 ML10
19 K4 DB9 female
20 Q1 10MHz
21 R1 10k
22 S1 Switch
23 PCB

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