Fish: Video Controller


The basis of this project is to create the game fish on the Atmel board. In the game fish, the big fish eat the small fish, so your job is to eat the fish smaller than you while not getting eaten by those bigger than you. You �eat� a fish by moving close enough to touch the fish, and if a larger fish gets close enough to touch you, you will be eaten. Furthermore, much like your mother told you in kindergarten, if you eat, you�ll get bigger.
Fish Video Controller
For this project I wrote the display driver and game logic in VHDL on the Altera UP1 board. I wrote the controller input decoder and the game state logic in C to be put on an Atmel board. The other components needed for this project are the display and the controller.
I have decided to attempt to generate an VGA signal to use as the display for this device. This will make it possible to play fish on any household Computer Monitor. The signal generated will have 3 bit color.
I have decided to use a SEGA Genesis control pad due to the availability of the controller and it�s ergonomic design. The pinout is also readily available and simple to use.
Fish Video Controller
High Level Design:

The Controller communicates to the Atmel board through a 9-pin connection shown here. I connected this to Port D of the Atmel Board. The Atmel board uses this information to modify the current state of the fish you are controlling, then randomly changes the states of the other 3 fish. The controller can also send a Reset signal which will reset the Altera board. Activated by pressing the Start button.

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