Using the iRobot Create's Command Module with Linux using avr microcontroller

iRobotSince iRobot hasn’t provided linux users with a way to use the command module, I had to figure it out myself.
Don’t be intimidated, its not hard at all, really. All you need to do is run a couple of scripts.
Lets get started, shall we?

Step 1 Get the goods

For this tutorial, I’m assuming you have an apt-based package manager. (i.e. you use a Debian derivative, or an Ubuntu derivative) Simply because apt = good.
If you don’t, I assume that there are the same packages for yum, but I can’t test that. (Fedora doesn’t like me)
Now, you must run a long and complicated thingymabober:

sudo apt-get install avrdude avr-libc gcc-avrsudo apt-get remove brltty

And yes, removing that package is safe. (Tip from here) If it gives you an error saying its not installed, you’re good, don’t worry.

Step 2 Write/Get a Program

Heres the part where you write your program. But to test it out, lets use a demo program.
The command module comes with a CD, and on it, there are 3 demo programs.To test, use the input program. Copy the folder “input” to somewhere on your computer, such as /home/user/avr/input.
For more Detail: Using the iRobot Create’s Command Module with Linux using avr microcontroller

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