Oscilloscope using AVR microcontroller

Designing a professional digital oscilloscope is a pretty complex task wich makes them also pretty expensive. Therefore I concluded it’s nothing more than a daydream to design one of those.
It’s far more realistic to limit the design of this instrument to something a bit more realistic. If you connect something like the JYE Tech Oscilloscopeto the network then you still have a pretty usefull instrument.It’s basic specifications are:

  • Single channel.
  • External trig available.
  • Max sample rate 5Ms/s.
  • Analog bandwidth 1MHz.
  • Vertical sensitivity 100mV/Div – 5V/Div.
  • Input impedance 1MOhm.
  • Max input voltage 50Vpp.

It’s also an affordable product. A kit can be bought for EUR30 to EUR35. For example at: Watterott in Germany. On the website of JYE Tech you can find a worldwide distributor list of this simple but useful instrument.
For more detail: Oscilloscope using AVR microcontroller

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