VGA monitor tester using ATTiny2313 microcontroller

If you are a computer technician and want to avoid the need of a PC on your desk to generate test rasters, this is something you need to build. This is an embedded monitor tester that you can use to test if a VGA monitor is working or not. You don’t need a bulky computer on your working desk anymore.
Moniter tester
It uses an ATTiny2313 microcontroller from Atmel running at 20MHz. Synchro H and Synchro V signals are driven directly from uC ports. The analog R,G,B signals are derived using simple D/A converter using resistor network. The software for AVr is written using AVRStudio and assembled with AVRASM V2.x.
For more detail: VGA monitor tester using ATTiny2313 microcontroller

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