Bioelectrical Body Fat Analyzer


For our final project, we have decided to use the microcontroller provided to make a device which would measure body fat percentage of one’s body. The basic principle behind this project is known as bioelectrical impedance analysis. This technique uses a small alternating current flowing between two electrodes attached to skin surface to determine impedance. By determining the opposition to the electric current through body tissues, we can estimate the water content of the human body and use it to estimate fat-free body mass. The IV response characteristics of these tissues can provide a good estimation of percentage body fat.

High Level Design

Rationale and Source of Our Project Idea

It has always been easy to record one’s weight loss. However, it is more tedious to measure one’s body fat percentage. Certain methods include skin calipers and hydrostatic underwater weighing which are not simple. One can also roughly estimate their body fat percentage by looking in the mirror. However bioelectrical impedance analysis provides a quick and easy method to estimate one’s fat content. The inspiration of this project is to promote personal health and to track workout progress.

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