3D Color LED Graphics Display using ATmega32 microcontroller

This 3-dimensional graphics display system which named as MaJaTron consists of 125 RGB LEDs arranged in a cube of 5x5x5 dimension. Each LED is a multicolor Red, Green and Blue LED and the control circuit of the system can individually control the intensity of each color, thereby, creating a full color, graphics system. Each LED is independently controllable. To control these 125 LEDs, a control circuit consisting of 13 AVR Microcontrollers ATMega32 is used.
3D Color LED Graphics
Each ATMega32 controls 10 LEDs. All the microcontrollers are networked together in a pseudo-RS232 network. This network gets the pixel color and intensity information from a PC. The Mega32s are programmed to operate at a rate of 230400 bps, thereby providing a frame update rate of more than 30 frames per second. This 3D Led Animation project is inspired from Cubatron.
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