Gesture based MIDI glove


Musical Instrument Digital Interface, or MIDI, is a standard that describes a protocol, digital interface and specific physical connections that allow electronic music devices and computers to communicate with each other. For our final project, we created a MIDI glove that is capable of connecting to a virtual synthesizer on our computer and controlling it. Additionally, we used a piece of software called “Hairless MIDI to Serial”, which aided in changing the serial data from the glove into a MIDI stream that we could output to the computer (which was our virtual synthesizer). The glove has the functionality to play a specific instrument while being able to change the pitch, change the instrument you are playing, change the key of the notes being played, and turn pitch bend on or off, causing vibrato. When your pointer finger is pressed one, the MIDI note is turned on and stays on as long as the finger is held down. The pitch of the note is changed by tilting your hand left or right about the X axis. To change instruments, you flick your hand to the right. To change keys, you flick your hand up or down. When your middle finger is held down, wiggling your hand about the X axis causes vibrato in the note.

High Level Design

Rationale and Source of Our Project Idea

We chose to do this project as both my partner and I had an interest in music and have had experience to MIDI controllers in the past. It seemed like a realistic project that would have some cool outcomes when we were done. We thought it would be a perfect idea to combine the extracurricular interest with the academic course to make this really cool device! Inertial Measurement Units have come down in price and have become very viable for musical instruments. We have always wanted to work with accelerometers and gyroscopes and this was a great way to apply it to music.

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