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Video Accessories Roundup

Buying a nice display is only the beginning of creating a home theater -- you've got to buy something to pump in the movies and television programs. Get the right video accessories and source equipment for that new HDTV and surround sound system, and you'll be ready to start enjoying your home theater. From VCRs to Blu-ray players, we'll teach you all about the technology behind various video accessories so ...

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How Futurology Works

Forecasting Future Trends Futurologists predict likely futures through refined and systematic versions of the same methods we use every day: brainstorming ideas imagining situations (gaming, scenario building) considering the past (historical analysis) gathering opinions (polling) following trends (scanning, trend analysis and monitoring) picturing desirable futures (visioning) Of course, they take a wider ...

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How Thermal Fax Machines Work

Meltdown: Thermal Transfer Fax Machine Though thermal paper is still useful for thermal printers of receipts and bar codes, a different kind of thermal method has taken over for most modern thermal fax machines [source: Sems]. Whereas thermal paper allows for direct application of heat to the paper, the thermal transfer method uses a third agent between the heating element printhead and the paper. This midd ...

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How are cell phones cloned?

Cell phones are complex electronic devices, sensitive to heat, cold and excess moisture. But a cell phone's sensitivity isn't limited to extreme weather conditions. Analog cell phones, as opposed to the newer digital phones, can be cloned. This means that someone can tap into your cell phone's personal identification number and makes calls on the same account. In other words, with a little technical know-ho ...

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How Reality TV Works

Reality Show Structure So, just how real is reality TV? While it certainly varies from show to show, consider this: All of the concepts were created by someone (usually the producer), the people who populate the show were auditioned or hired in some way, and, while the footage may be real, it is usually extremely edited. For example, the first season of MTV's "The Real World" was shot over a three-month per ...

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What is a speaker tweeter?

Traditional speakers produce sound by using an electromagnet to move a flexible cone back and forth. They use drivers to help translate electrical signals into physical vibrations so that you can hear recorded sounds. A tweeter is the type of speaker driver that produces the highest range frequency. The other two main drivers are woofers and midrange. Basically, a driver moves a flexible cone, or diaphragm, ...

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5 Restaurant Apps for Serious Foodies

Price: free Device: Android, iPhone Food lovers and serious foodies alike can find quick, delicious, and unusual foods at local food trucks, and the Eat St. app. helps you track down the best of the best. A spin-off from the Food Network program of the same name, the app uses your current location to find food trucks near you, and you can check out what people are saying about the carts on Twitter, peek at ...

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