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Self-Reliant Power and Data Management System Using Atmega644

Introduction The tags used to monitor wildlife can either be passive or active. Passive tags simply identify an individual, whereas active tags may send out a radio beacon or even collect data. These active tags, more commonly referred to as “bio-loggers”, are typically battery powered, and thus have limited life. This is especially true for birds given their limits on payload capacity. We are interested in ...

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Catch the wind into a net (or into a battery)

With the new AIR 40 wind turbine it is possible to gain 40 kWh monthly – easily and safely.  Advantages / Features: high quality wind turbine with 12, 24 or 48V output voltage 40 kWh monthly at an average wind speed of 5.8 m/sec operation at 3.1-22 m/s wind speeds microprocessor based controller aluminium body composite blades optimized for a quiet operation 1.17m rotor diameter electronic overspeed p ...

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Teardown: The power inverter – from sunlight to power grid

This teardown article will delve into the architectural design and components of a solar inverter card starting from the Solar panel DC inputs and working our way through the DC to AC conversion process to the AC output that is sent out to the power grid. We will show what features need to be implemented into such a design to meet various safety and other performance standards as well as stringent power com ...

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bq51050B – Integrated Wireless Power Li-Ion Charger

Integrated Wireless Power Li-Ion Charger Receiver, Qi (WPC) Compliant  Texas Instruments has launched a pair of ICs designed to simplify wireless power solutions for mobile devices, consisting of a single-chip wireless power receiver with integrated battery charger and a ‘free-position’ transmitter that enlarges the charging area by a factor of four. The bq51050B is the industry’s wireless power receiver co ...

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