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SiC/GaN Poised for Power

PORTLAND, Ore.—Today Yole Development predicted that power transistors would radically shift from silicon wafers to silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) substrates—to achieve higher power in smaller spaces, according to its GaN and SiC Devices for Power Electronics Applications report. One of the big drivers behind the shift is the electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) industrie ...

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50,000V High Voltage Power Supply

DISCLAIMER: This is an extremely dangerous project, and it should only be attempted by people with experience in electronics, and specifically, High Voltage. If it's your first time seek help for your own safety. Homemade High Voltage supplies are unlikely to meet any international standards, the safety and correct operation is NOT guaranteed at all, and will depend on the skill level of the builder, the ef ...

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Do you know, what´s a top-class programmable power supply capable of?

If you need to simulate overvoltage, slow start, fluctuations and other situations, which may occur in real life, then the TDK Lambda power supplies won´t disappoint you. Imagine a laboratory (testing) power supply able to provide a virtually any function. Switching on, drop-out, repeated switch-on and many other functions, by which we can test our product in a „single shot“ – those are programmable laborat ...

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TE Connectivity Power Tripple Lock – locked three times, for ever

What does the „Tripple Lock“ mean? As already the name says, it is a triple locking – protection against disconnection. The basic and the most important is a sophisticated design with exactly mating parts and a reliable lock. Audible click is a discreet but very useful feature contributing to a correct connector assembly. Optional protections are „CPA“ and „TPA“ ● CPA (connector position assurance) is an op ...

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Self-Reliant Power and Data Management System Using Atmega644

Introduction The tags used to monitor wildlife can either be passive or active. Passive tags simply identify an individual, whereas active tags may send out a radio beacon or even collect data. These active tags, more commonly referred to as “bio-loggers”, are typically battery powered, and thus have limited life. This is especially true for birds given their limits on payload capacity. We are interested in ...

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