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Wake-U-Up System

This project is aimed to design a ‘Sleep and Wake-up Assistant’. Different from a normal alarm clocks which can only make noise, this alarm clock is designed to wake up a person in a comfortable and effective way by involving sound, light stimulation, motion detection and vibration. The functions of this alarm system are: ( i ). This system has an LED light. Before the user sleep in the night, the LED can b ...

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A Connected Lamp to Wake Me Up

The Idea So for some reason I bought 2 IKEA lamps at a flea market. As IKEA furniture has a long history of being hacker-friendly, I figured they shouldn't be an exception to the rule. My plan? Fit a few 10W RGB LEDs in there together with an ESP8266 to use the final result as an alarm clock. The Schematics When you are dealing with a LED consuming that much current, you can't simply use a series resistor a ...

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