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Applications of Microcontroller

Microcontroller is an electronic chip, capable of decision making based on its instigated peripheral modules or devices attached with it, using logic/instructions stored within its memory.

Applications of Microcontroller

Daily Life Control Devicesmicrocontroller applications gsm phone interfacing

– Interfacing with other devices and control e.g. interfacing with GSM modem and controlling

– Temperature sensing and control

– lightening sense & control devices

– fire detection & safety devices

Industrial Control Devices

-process control devices

– industrial instrumentation devices

Metering & Measurement Devices

-Hand-held metering systems

-Volt Meter

-Current Meter

-Measuring revolving objects

Motor Speed Control Devices

– AC 3 phase and 2 phase motor control

– DC motors controls

– Stepper motor controls

– Servo motor controls

Medical & Health Devices

– Medical laboratory devices

-Surgical & Analysis equipment devices

Automotive Industry

Automotive satellite tracking systems

Engine & transmission control

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