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AZIZ: LED Microscope Illuminator (2013)

AZIZ is an LED microscope illuminator that I designed and built from scratch.  It is designed around a Texas Instruments TLC59116 constant-current PWM LED driver chip, and an Atmel ATTiny1634 8-bit microcontroller.

DIY LED microscope illuminator

Features include:

  • 64 LED illuminator, comprised of an inner ring of 32 super-bright white spotlight LEDs (25,000mcd) and an outer ring of 32 diffused white LEDs (8,000mcd).
  • Intuitive user interface controls, designed to be used while your eyes are busy looking through the microscope.
  • 10+ light patterns, with adjustable brightness, rotation and mixing controls.
  • Smooth fading between patterns and adjustments.
  • Soft power control, with extremely low power standby mode.
  • Adapable for left-handed and right-handed use, with two separate DC power input jacks for neat cabling.

I have released the firmware under the Mozilla Public License 2.  I have not yet released the complete hardware design, but the schematic is available in the repository in PDF form.


For more detail: AZIZ: LED Microscope Illuminator (2013)

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