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Check the risk of your heart every time and everywhere

Medical diagnostic systems such as personal health assistants, designed for the home care environment would be economically, and socially beneficial. As the result, early disease treatment by detection of abnormalities could reduce hospitalization costs, doctor visits, health care labor force and improve the quality of life.

Continuing the previous research, we build the multi-functional device, developed for home surroundings, with similar methodologies found in hospitals.

check the risk of your heart every time and everywhere

Heart Risk Warner is unique as it employs multiple medical methods and assesses the risk of your heart. It is rather small and lightweight so you can have it in your pocket.

Using this device you can benefit of knowing about possible heart risk existence and prevent future heart risk. Risk of possible heart disease or heart problems like stroke, coronary artery disease, hypertension, heart failure or heart attack, they are main disorders of the heart and blood vessels.

Main features of Heart Risk Warner or what it can do:

After university project, it took a long time to build this device, which can finally give reliable readings of vital signs. However, to increase accuracy of algorithm and create more sophisticated software we started looking for funding. That is how we came to Indiegogo. Your funding can help a lot. We can continue work on practical tests and algorithm improvements. With enough funding, we can move our software from a desktop to a Smartphone application. In exchange for your contribution, we offer you the best our prototype version.


For more detail: Check the risk of your heart every time and everywhere

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