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Cyber security recruitment

Cyber security is the future and the now. It has become quite apparent in this Technology era that we need to keep up with the times.  The first time I remember any one talking about cyber security recruitment was the year of Y2K, 2000. Everyone thought that the world was going to come to an end and that all our systems that we rely on would self-destruct. We would be helpless. This obviously did not happen but are we in the clear!?cyber security recruitment

There are new threats now such as Hackers, Viruses and Dangerous Organisations that main purpose is to create civil unrest and provoke change in any way possible. These are real threats not like the fictitious threat of Y2K. Everyone needs to be prepared, questions such as, is my company hackable? do I have the correct firewalls? Need to be asked on a continuous basis as Cyber threats are continuously evolving.

Everyone needs to be prepared from the individual to the company level. We need to be careful with the information we put out into the Ether. Any content that you publish, post, send etc. is now effectively public domain. There is a view that people’s privacy is disappearing due to social media and a mix of hacking but this doesn’t not have to be, with the correct Cyber security defence you can control what people can view and access and on the company level you can stop any intrusive activities completely.

I believe that we are aware of the Cyber threat now, companies are heavily investing in their Cyber Security and are aware of the threat of hackers. My aim as a cyber security recruitment to educate and facilitate these individuals and companies.

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