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DipCortex – ARM Cortex in a Dip Package with USB

This week we have been playing with another new product, the DipCortex. It’s an ARM Cortex M3/M0 in a 40 pin dip package and USB socket. It has two versions a NXP LPC1347 M3 and a LPC11U24 M0, the pin out roughly follows a certain range of 40pin 8bit micros.




It’s perfect for quickly prototyping a product on a bread board. Both have USB peripherals and a USB stack in ROM saving flash space. Updating the code can be performed by plugging it into the computer, holding both buttons and then releasing the reset button. A mass storage device then appears and firmware can be drag and dropped on to this drive. Press reset and the new code is executed. Have a look at the product page for more info.


For more detail: DipCortex – ARM Cortex in a Dip Package with USB

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