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Edmund Scientific’s ScientificsOnline Web Site Has Added Over 300 New Products Just in Time for the Upcoming Holiday Season.

(PRWEB) November 4, 2004

The holiday season is fast approaching and in preparation, Edmund Scientific ( has added over 200 ( new products to its latest catalog and over 300 online.

Edmund is traditionally known for its service to science enthusiasts and hobbyists. Over the years, the scope has broadened to include fun discovery and exploration kits, toys and games for all curious minds.

One of this season’s hottest items is Star Showers ( its hypnotic light show. The “star showers” that are produced are contained within a hand-blown hourglass-shaped chamber.

With one simple turn of the hourglass, Star Showers creates a magical display of light, as the “stars” begin to fall. These mysterious stars are actually glass beads that have a special phosphor coating. Phosphors are substances known for giving off light, or fluorescing, after being exposed to light. This creates a warm and attractive glow that the stars radiate, even after they have fallen. As the fallen stars begin to accumulate at the bottom, the intensity increases creating a radiant shine.

Part of the attraction to Star Showers is that every turn of the chamber results in a unique display of lights and afterglow, the beauty of which is only to be challenged by the next turn. The free-pivoting design of the chamber allows for easy rotation of the glass chamber, both backward and forward. In addition, the attractive designer base is the perfect accent to any home or office. Star Showers is conveniently offered in both black and silver to achieve the right effect. This amazing light show is controlled by and on/off selector switch and includes an AC adapter.

Star Showers is just one example of the unique new products that Edmund Scientific is proud to offer. Among other fun and thought-provoking items are:

Robosapien, Robot with Attitiude(

R/C Wright Flyer – Anniversary Collectors Edition (

Jensen Steam Engine Model Kit


Electronic Snap Circuits 300 (

And museum-quality dinosaur replicas like the Tyrannosaurus rex Skeleton Model.


Visit Edmund Scientific at: for the entire selection of new products, Best Sellers, and Web Specials.

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