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Elan Microelectronics Corporation opens European Headquarters

(PRWEB) May 29, 2003

With headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan and subsidiaries in China, Hong Kong and the United States, Elan Microelectronics Corp. has now launched an ambitious expansion programme to build up the European market for its microcontroller-based products. Elan Europe’s offices are operative as of January 2003. The goal is to provide European customers with high-quality commercial and technical support combined with reliable and quick response times.

Elan Europe has already appointed distributors for Switzerland/ Liechtenstein, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Benelux and Eastern Europe, while discussions with potential distributors in UK, Germany and France are ongoing.

Cost-effective RISC-based microcontrollers (MCUs), the core of Elan Microelectronics business, are the “embedded intelligence” for a multitude of consumer and industrial products including telephones, PDAs, home appliances, industrial control, PC and play-station peripherals, remote controllers, and toys.

The product line offered to the European market includes General Purpose microcontrollers with consumer and industrial grade versions, Telecom ICs for Caller Identification and SMS for analog PSTN telephone, Speech and Sound Synthesis ICs for applications requiring synthesized voice, music, or sound effects, a complete STN and TFT Display Driver family and PC Peripheral ICs for PC mouse and keyboard, among others.

In recognition of continuous innovation, Elan Microelectronics has been granted the highest number of patents among its Taiwanese peers in the industry and Forbes Global magazine listed it in its “Best Under a Billion 200 Companies for 2002” edition, one of only nine Taiwanese companies to receive this honour.

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