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Embedded World Exhibition. Feb 18-20 2003. Nürnberg Press Preview Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe Hall 12. Stand No 567

(PRWEB) December 18, 2002

Embedded World Exhibition. Feb 18-20 2003. Nürnberg

Press Preview

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe

Hall 12. Stand No 567

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe will be showing its latest MCUs, graphic display controllers, biometric fingerprint sensors and BluetoothTM communication modules.

Fujitsu will present two new 16-bit MCU series to be introduced from Q3-Q4 2003. The new MB90340 series will feature single and dual CAN devices with LIN interfaces and on-chip debug support. Devices with operation frequencies of up to 24MHz and Flash memories in densities of 64KB to 384KB as well as SRAM sizes from 2KB to 30KB will be offered. I2C variants will also be available. The MB90350 series will feature the same resources and performance as the MB90340 series, but will be offered with smaller packages. The single CAN MCU MB90F352 for example features 128KB Flash and 4KB SRAM in a small 64-pin package. These new 16-bit microcontrollers will take their places alongside the current F2MC-16LX family members, which have a proven track record in automotive applications covering dashboard, climate control, car entertainment, CAN processing and body control.

Also on show will be an expanded range of Fujitsu’s successful MB91360 FR series of high-performance 32-bit CAN microcontrollers. In addition to the recently introduced MB91F364G, which supports LIN-UART and on-chip debug, the MB91F376G high-end MCU offering 768KB of embedded Flash will be available from Q2 2003. The MB91360 family features many devices for a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications.

Fujitsu’s new FRlite series will also be presented. The new compact 16/32-bit FRLite core is developed especially for applications outgrowing the 16-bit world. This core merges the new 16-bit architecture and well-established 32-bit features from the existing FR families. It combines the proven EMC qualities and low power consumption of Fujitsu’s 16-bit MCUs with object compatibility to Fujitsu’s 32-bit FR family. The objective is to give 16-bit MCU customers a migration path to the 32-bit world with performance of up to 200 MIPS.

The first FRlite MCUs, the MB91F233 and MB91232L, integrate many resources including LCD controllers, making them ideal for use in mobile and digital consumer devices. Another FRLite series featuring CAN as well as LIN-UARTs dedicated to automotive and industrial applications is currently under development.

Demonstrated will be Fujitsu’s new generation of ‘Coral’ P, Q and B graphic display controllers. Software compatible with previous generation controllers, Coral P is specifically designed and qualified for use in demanding high-end navigation, dashboard and head-up display, and multimedia infotainment systems in vehicles for the European automotive market. Fabricated in 0.18 micron technology, Coral P offers a host of enhancements over previous generation controllers including a higher operating frequency of 166MHz,

a 64-bit memory bus and a new rendering engine.

Further provided is support for six independent layers to allow simultaneous display of multiple high-resolution images in variable sizes and positions, advanced alpha-blending to enable each screen element to be viewed at different levels of transparency and a new video up-scaling facility for the display of high-resolution full-screen mode multimedia pictures. Coral supports PCI and embedded host interfaces. First samples and evaluation boards are now available together with software drivers for the key automotive operating systems.

Additionally featured will be Fujitsu’s rugged MBF200 fingerprint sensor offering a 256 x 300 pixel array, which produces clear 500 dpi resolution images. The 0.14 cm ultra-thin device provides a large sensor surface approximately 1.5 cm square, which allows single touch fingerprint authentication in automotive and industrial physical access systems, POS terminals, PCs and PC peripherals, and card readers. The MBF200 also features a patented ultra-hard scratchproof protective coating and integrates USB and serial peripheral interfaces in addition to an 8-bit Flash A/D converter and an 8-bit microprocessor bus interface.

Fujitsu has developed an entire range of sub-miniature Bluetooth specification version 1.1 compliant modules encompassing both Power Class 1 and Class 2 units. On show will be the MBH7BT02A, a Class 2 module providing UART, USB and PCM hardware interfaces and an HCI software interface. This module is suited to PCMCIA, Mini PCI or embedded solutions. Also featured will be the MBH7BT09 Class 2 surface-mount type Bluetooth module, which integrates a UART hardware interface and a high rank protocol stack (L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM, GAP), and the serial port profile (SPP) to reduce the burden on the host CPU and to save significant time and cost in software development.

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