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Embin Technologies Launches ETD140 – Advanced Evaluation Kit With GSM/GPRS Module

(PRWEB) May 21, 2005

Embin Technologies has launched their latest development kit ETD140 that comes with prototyping board ETM140 and Ethernet connectivity board ETM121 and GSM/GPRS module to perform mobile and various other applications such as relay driver, ADC, DAC, stepper motor drive etc.

Keeping in mind the requirement of prototyping boards and development kits which can accelerate the task of designers to run application software on target 8051 hardware and perform various applications on board, Embin launches ETD140. Thus providing a platform for the developers to benchmark their system, save time & expense of building their own application test board and also enabling them to get their designs to market quickly; ETD140 is a general-purpose development board for 8051 with GSM/GPRS module.

ETD140 can be used extensively to test and validate programs. At the heart of the development board is Philips P89C51RD2/P89C668, this provides advance features like ISP and IAP. The microcontroller has 64KB flash memory and 1KB/8KB on-chip RAM. The development board comes with RS-232 interface to allow user to program the microcontroller directly from PC. ETD140 board and related software routines help the system designers to rapidly design and prototype their designs based on 8051. It provides a complete development platform with Different modules’ interface i.e. is a unique hardware and software combination providing designers, the tools to develop most advanced 8051 series Microcontroller applications. The ETD140 hardware reference and software application programs also simplify 8051 based hardware and software development.

ETD140 comes close in line with the previous GSM/GPRS kit – ETD120. But the comparison ends right there, at GSM/GPRS module only. ETD 140 has much more to offer. The Sample C code provided with the ETD140 board are self explanatory with comments that help you understand the applications related to Serial port, LCD, PS/2 Keyboard, Simple keyboard, Matrix keyboard, Seven segment display, LED Display, ADC, DAC, Ethernet module, Relay driver, Stepper motor driver etc programs.

With ETD140 Embin has added one more product to its existing range of development kits and second in line to the basic evaluation kit with GSM/GPRS – ETD120, but at the same time quite advanced with respect to the features it offers to the developers. This development kits and modules will be useful to all the engineering students and R & D engineers, embedded systems developers etc.

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